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care for kids

Updated on August 30, 2017

Reliable Sitters for Children

Parents have to go out and there is not always a sitter on hand to take care of their young ones. Also some children are disabled and the need for respite is overwhelming when one person takes on the caring role.

Years ago I was left to take care of a grandson who had major problems. He was anti-social, bowel incontinent, low self esteem and almost suicidal if upset. The strain on me was quite horrendous and if I did not get a few days of respite here and there the result may have been quite tragic.

Stress and frustration can drive people to anger and even violence if not relieved. This is a lens dealing with such issues and how to get the carers you need when the sky falls in or there is a chance for a lovely break with a partner or friend.

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Our Children are Precious

They are also worth every penny spent on their upbringing

Not until one has children can the full appreciation of the great gift they are really sink in. That is why this lens is important. There are different types of care and products available to make a parents job easier and the child's life better.

Take in the main points of what you want your child to be when he or she grows up. Is it someone with good prospects for a healthy happy life or someone who is going to struggle on a daily basis because the important things are not given at the right time? There is no way that one can put into a child the benefits of a good education once they reach a certain age and early learning is essential.

Reliable Sitters

Sometimes they are easy to find.

Baby sitting may not appear to be a skilled occupation but it is very challenging when children have behavioural or anti-social behaviour or when the person sitting for the first time does not know them. There may alsoo be a senior person in need of care while you go out or are away.

Should you put a teenager in charge of your most precious possession if you don't know them or if they are new to your home? This is probably not the wisest thing to do but many parents take this step because they cannot find another person to take on the job.

Good care such as this Company provides came about because they saw the need and responded to it. Their employees are specially chosen for their intellect as well as their ability to look after people in special needs situations. You can meet the entire team through their web site.

Rules for Babysitter - Make sure yoy give adequate information

No Matter Your Location

You can find sitters and nannies here

You may just find the right sitter for you in any of these locations, Houston, Texas; San Diego; San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Philadephis, San Francisco. In fact why not check out the availability of carers for yourself.

At least give this Company a try. I am sure they will bend over backwards to help in your situation.

Perhaps you need a nanny for full time care while you work. That is also one of its specialities

It is Hard to Find Good Sitters

So would you trust just anyone to sit your child?

Sitters for Animals

They are also hard to find

When you need to go on holidays or even away for a couple of nights it is often expensive and hard to find a place to care for your pet(s). House sitters for pets will come and feed the animal, give it some love, change the litter trays, and check on your house at the same time. They can cme twice a day.

Over the long weekend in Canberra it is impossible to get pets into shelters and owners are more than happy to make contact with a sitter who will do these things. It generally works out a lot cheaper, your animals never leave home and the house is attended to so it looks lived in. That is essential to stop thieves robbing your house while you are away.

In the case of dogs it is good to know they are walked every day, sometimes twice. As they are less able to look after themselves in a domestic situation (well cats can always find food) they need that extra attention, even when food is left out for them,

If you do that the dog most likely will eat it all in the one go and then vomit it back. In the case of fish you have to have someone who undrstands how to feed them and, if necessary, change the water in the tank

Tutors are Also Available

When your child needs special help

Children are under a lot of pressure to succeed. But often they are failing because the stress placed on them when they simply do not get it often leads to suicide or, at best, behaviour problems and violence.

The ones who slip behind at school are many times the target of bullying and it doesn''t stop there. But parents aware of the situatio can get the right kind of help when needed from reliable tutors who are usually doing university degrees and are working for extra money. So don't just pick anyone to trust your child with.

This Company already has a number of great people lined up to fit exactly the situation you are in. They are trustworthy, screened, intelligent and guaranteed to do the right thing by you and your child and vailable in many areas in the USA.

Do You Know What it is Like - When you just don't get it?

Kids in school may just sit and let things go over their heads because of fear or the pain of falling behind,. Miss a lesson and nothing else will make sense, in most cases. If you can't determine how things are done then any amount of assignments won't help.

Is tutoring outside of school a good idea.

A Great Way to Teach the Alphabet

House Cleaners Too

Must be reliable and efficient

My experience with house cleaners ranges from having superb, intelligent help to someone who put metho over my highly polished designer furniture. So people can advertise themselves as cleaners and have virtually no knowledge of what they are doing.

All too often cleaners are illegal migrants or are of a background where they tend to steal just about everything not nailed down. You can't trust people these days so you are in a bit of a fix if you need a cleaner in a hurry. Also how much does it cost to advertise over and over and do all the interviewing and checking of references and so on?

This company screens its people and provides good reliable help in the home. Whether its once a week or once a month get someone who is trustworthy and who knows how to clean properly and can run your home as well as you do.

Have you Ever Relied on a Housekeeper - Or had the need for one in a hurry?

Would you prefer to advertise and get someone yourself or use an agency?

Plan Ahead to ensure Your Child's Future

Book into schools and child-minding centers early

Parents must have the right tools for child rearing as well. If they are tired, disinterested in what happens in their baby's life or simply hand the job over to someone else then the results can be disastrous. That means that parenthood needs to be planned for and if both adults need to work then have the child booked in early for child minding services, such as a day care facility, nursery, creche, or whatever.

Don't leave things to chance because you may not get things sorted out when the time comes. When my babies were born they were immediately enrolled into several schools and child-care centers even though we were not sure where we would live when the time came. As it happened we moved well away from our first location but were still able to transfer our booking between schools. If we had not done that then the children would have been left out.

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

© 2010 norma-holt

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    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 

      6 years ago from Royalton

      Sitters should be members of your own family who you know and trust.

    • myneverboredhands profile image


      8 years ago

      Very informative lens, thank you for sharing.


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