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Car Games And Travelling Games

Updated on February 11, 2012

Car Games And Travelling Games

We all know that travelling with children can be very stressful, but if you plan for some interesting activities and games to play on their journey, you will never again hear those words "Are We There Yet???"

Use these traditional and novel travel games to keep your kids busy on long car journeys, on the train, or while travelling by bus or coach.

There are some games you may remember from your own childhood, and ones you may not have heard of before, but sound like great fun for keeping the kids entertained! And most of all, they are either free or very low cost, so these ideas will not put a dent in your pocket either :)

travel games for kids
travel games for kids

Travel Games - No Equipment Needed!

20 Questions:

Everyone writes down a secret word, which must be a noun (the name of an object). The others try to guess your word by asking questions about it.

Take turns until everyone has tried their word. You could have playoffs between the ones that stumped the lot, until only one was left.

Think Of A Word:

This one is really good for older kids who are learning to read, write and spell.

Take it in turns to say a word. Any old word will do, the next person then has to take the last letter of the first word and think up another word and so on.

So say person one said "engine" person 2 would need to find a word beginning with the letter "e", let's say "elephant" next person in line would then have to find a word beginning with the letter "t", such as "toys". The winner is the last person to be able to think up a word.

Memory Games - I Went To The Market:

This is another memory game, which is really popular with my kids. Everybody takes it in turn to say "I went to the market and I bought ___" and add what they bought, an apple for example. Next person has to say "I went to the market and I bought an apple and a pear"

This carries on until nobody can remember the list of things that got bought at the market. Again, the last person to remember the whole list is the winner.

Car Spotting!

Car Spotting!
Car Spotting!
kids car games
kids car games

No Need To Get Bored In The Car

I Spy Map:

Make a map of where you are going, but make it simple for the kids to understand. Write down names of cities, towns and villages that you will pass through on the way to your destination. Give the kids a pen so that they can tick off each place as you reach it. It'll make the journey seem a lot shorter for them.

Spot The Car Colours:

Give each child a pen and piece of paper and tell them to choose a colour. From then on they have to mark down every time they see a car of the colour they have chosen. The first person to spot say 15, or 30 cars of their chosen colour is the winner.

Alphabet Word Game:

This is a game where everybody takes it in turns to come up with words beginning with the various letters of the alphabet. First person comes up with something for the letter "A" (apples), next person finds something with the letter "B" (boat) and so on.

X, U and Z are the most difficult, so it might be an idea to drop those letters. You can make the game harder by choosing categories such as famous people, or places or even animals and fruit.

kids travel games
kids travel games

Get Kitted Up For Travel

Activity Sacks:

Let each child pack a small bag of their favourite toys and games to take with them. Make a rule that they are only allowed to take out one thing at a time, and they can only play with it for a certain amount of time, depending on the length of your journey.

Also encourage the kids to swap their toys/games if the journey is a long one so that they get a bit of variation in what they're doing.

Travel Diary:

This one is extremely good for longer journeys, especially when you stop off at various places on the way. Each child will need a notepad and pen. The older ones can have disposable cameras and the younger ones can have art books and crayons.

Let them document the trip by taking pictures (or drawing) and writing notes about where they are, what they've seen and what they have done on the journey.

Not only will this keep them occupied, but it will also give YOU something to read on reflect on in time for the next journey.

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Kids travel games
Kids travel games

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Kids travel games
Kids travel games

Summing Up

So there you go! Lots of ideas for games to keep your children busy and entertained, at minimal or no cost.

You can take these games and adapt them to suit your circumstances, and what's available to you at any particular time.

If you have your own tried and tested games that you play with your children that help to keep them occupied on long journeys, then please do share them with us and other readers by leaving a comment below :)

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Great videos

Amazon MP3

Here are some great lively tunes to have in the car to keep the kids entertained!

Leave me a comment - or a share a travel game!

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    • profile image

      Parvel 6 years ago

      fab lens :) My kids get bored on car journeys so thanks for the ideas

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 6 years ago

      I like the idea of keeping up with the map and cities along the trip. That can make it educational and fun.

    • profile image

      Donnaonline 6 years ago

      Love these games! Will come in handy for me.

    • profile image

      Sophiebright 6 years ago

      Fab game ideas - especially like the fact most of these use imagination :)