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Your Child and the Cell Phone: The Controversy and the Facts

Updated on August 23, 2017

Children Want Cell Phones! Parents Have Concerns...What to Do?

Younger and younger children are clamoring for cell phones. Companies like Disney have plans to market to the 8 year old market. Disney had to change their phones to make them 'more grown up' as kids get more sophisticated. It s whole new world.

My intent is to discuss the hazards and the advantages of buying children cell phones as well as the most efficient, inexpensive and healthiest way to do it.

I hope that this lens will encourage thought about this issue, give parents some support in making the decisions and provide information to make this a safe, inexpensive and happy experience.

Explore the Issues With Cell Phones for Kids and Teens: Find Solutions!

1. The parental issues, with suggestions and a solution.

2. The economic concerns about kids and cell phones including a great solution!

3. The health dangers with kids and cell phones with a solution!

Unbridled Cell Phone Use Has Psychological Concequences Also

Unbridled Cell Phone Use Has Psychological Concequences Also
Unbridled Cell Phone Use Has Psychological Concequences Also

Parenting and Cell Phones

One of these things is true: Either your kids have cell phones or they are begging you for cell phones, or you live on Fiji in the 20th century.

There are several parenting pros and cons.


1. Your child will always be able to reach you. No mistakes about who is picking them up or worry about getting home from an inappropriate party.

2. With modern phones you can track where your kids are, assuming the phone is on them.

3. Learning how to manage the pre-paid minutes is a way to learn budgeting and responsibility.


1. Kids get thing so easily today that they don't appreciate much at all.

2. They spend too much time on the phone and even less time with the family.

3. Predators have yet another way to reach your children.

4. Kids brains are especially vulnerable to the electropolution that comes from the cell phone. (See below, I tell you how to fix that!

Take a look at the picture. This is a common scene. I just hope this mother has a protected phone

Cell Companies Are Marketing To Younger and Younger Children and Parents Allow

Cell Companies Are Marketing To Younger and Younger Children and Parents Allow
Cell Companies Are Marketing To Younger and Younger Children and Parents Allow

Some Cell Phone Issues - Informative videos give food for thought and a great idea to solve some of the problems.

1. Advice from a prominent psychologist

2. A funny video I couldn't resist

3. The phone that will please parents!

Yes, dear children, you can have a cell phone.

Here are our the rules!

Parent Tips

The basics for cell phones are the same as for other parenting decisions.

1. Parents must be in charge.

2. It really doesn't matter if everyone else has them (and believe it or not, that isn't true anyway).

3. Cell usage is a privilege and kids need to earn it.

4. Since it is a privilege any misuse results in the loss of social use, no ifs and or buts (see the phone advertised here. They can be programed to only call parents! Making it a total win for parents).

5. Be consistent with the rules.

6. The rules should fit in with other rules that you have in your home.

7. Cell phones can be used by predators just like the internet. Be alert; monitor use and especially incoming calls.

8. You are the boss.

Meet With Kids:

Make sure they are following the rules and earning their cell phone privileges!

Check this periodically. Nothing worse that having rules you don't enforce.

The Answer to 1/2 of Your Cell Phone Problems - Amazing Price on the Kajeet!

This phone puts you in control of your children's cell phones.

You can program it to only call you, great when they are on restriction for overuse.

Since it is prepaid, there are no unpleasant, expensive surprises at the end of the month.

Prepaid, it can be programed where parents only pay for calls home or to 911, and the kids pay for everything else!

Program it to block certain numbers! Use the GPS system.

The possibilities are unlimited!

Get This Phone, Then Go to BioPro to Make It Safe!

Samsung SGH-M300 Prepaid Phone, Red (Kajeet)
Samsung SGH-M300 Prepaid Phone, Red (Kajeet)

This phone solves several of the parenting issues as you can program it to do or not do just about anything.

It solves the money problem as it is prepaid. Additionally it can be set up where the parents pay for only what they want, while the kids pay for all those tect messages.


One of the Advantages for Parents

Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

There are many questions about kids and cell phones. The cost, the exposure to radiation, the social problems on the no side and the convenience, safety and fun on the other.

Should kids have sell phones?

Parents and Cell Bills

These humorous videos may seem familiar, but they are not good examples.

Don't do this at home!

The Cost of Cell Phones.

Kids Just Don't Get It!

Remember how you couldn't wait until after class to tell your best friend something so you passed a note and maybe got into trouble?

Well, kids today are no different. They can't wait either. They just have the technology to do it without getting caught! The other problem is that every message, unlike the note, costs and usually costs the parents.

Set boundaries from the beginning.

1. Decide what part of it the kid will pay for based on age and ability to pay. But don't give them too much. This is a chance for them to learn about money.

2. If they break the rules, pay only for calls to yourself (you can do that with Kajeet phone).

3. Only get a pay as you go phone to help control usage, that way they don't get a bill they can't pay that you end up paying.

Some parents are getting everything covered plans to avoid expensive overuse charges. That is certainly your choice, however, they are missing a chance to use the phone to teach their children finances and fiscal responsibility. For that reason I recommend that you consider the pay as you go phones. This adds a 'pro' to having the phone.

Children's Brains Are Undeveloped...

that makes cell phones more dangerous for them. They must be protected.

Cell Phones and Kids' Brains

Here is a variety of videos about the health dangers of cell phones. The last one shows how three cell phones popped some corn!

While researching for videos I found many more about the dangers of cell phones and what they can do to children, even more than adults.

I was concerned that they were interspersed with cute little homemade videos of babies and toddlers playing with and talking on cell phones. I wanted to call all the parents. Hopefully they will see this.

I wouldn't scare you about this, if there weren't a solution.

Have You Read About the Radiation Dangers of Cell Phones

See results

Some of the Downside to Cell Phone and Kids.

Along with a link from Good Housekeeping about the pros and cons of different phones for different ages.

Meet With Kids:

Check all incoming numbers on their cell phones!

Make sure their BioPro cell chips are there.

Your Kids Want Technology? Surprise Them with This New Technology - Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading With This Gadget

They love uploading and downloading things...give them this and they will have a library with them at all times. Who knows, maybe the next time they are bored they will read instead of text!

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