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Cheap Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Outside

Updated on April 27, 2011

Cheap Kids Party Ideas

With this lens, I am definitely going back to my child hood. I have always loved to play outside and enjoyed nature. I remember all the fun games me, my brother and friends have played outside.You will probably find, that there are ideas, that you have never heard of. I grew up in Germany, and I am sure that things vary a little bit between countries. There are too many games to name here, but I will share my all time favorites with everybody in this lens!



Outside Games for Kids

Here are some great ideas for outside games, to make your kids Birthday Party a success! Don't forget about the Theme of your party, finger foods (Hot Dogs, Chips etc.) and maybe some decorations.

1. Tag (Please Help!)

This is a whole new spin on playing tag. Make sure, that you have plenty of room available for this game. One child is "it" and has to try to tag one of the others. The child, that is close to being tagged, has the option to yell "Please Help" to one of his/her fellow players. Now that child can join hands with the one that was being asked for help and they are safe. The child that was "it" has to go after somebody else and the other two have to let go of each others hands again.

2. The Bear is Loose!

Take some chalk and draw a large circle on the floor. One child gets chosen to be the bear. The circle is his/her bear cave. He has to run after the other kids and catch one. Once he catches somebody, that child has to follow him into the cave and turns into a bear. Now there are two bears chasing kids. The last one left wins.

3. Catching Fish

This game is best for playing on a square field. You could also use something like chairs etc. to mark the corners. Three kids will be the fishermen. They will have to join hands and form a net. Everybody else has to stand on the opposite side of the square in one line. When Mom says "go" those kids have to run towards the side of the fishermen. The fishermen will start to run towards them and try to catch children in their net by surrounding them. Whoever is caught, will have to join hands with the fishermen to form a bigger net. The longer the net, the harder it will be for the "little fish" to escape!

4. Stealing Toys

All kids are sitting in a circle. One child will be the "Security Officer" and sits in the middle of the circle. Place some toys around the Security Officer and then blindfold him. The kids sitting in the circle will each have a turn on trying to steal one of those toys. Mom will silently point at one child to sneak towards the toy, so there is no confusion. The security officer has to listen carefully, since he cannot see a thing. Then he has the choice of pointing towards the direction he believes the thief is coming from. If he is right, and the little thief did not have a chance to grab the toy, then that child is "out". If the thief had already stolen the toy before the officer pointed, or the officer pointed wrong, then the thief will get a treat. Then it is somebody elses turn!

5. Poor Little Kitty Cat

Everybody sits in a circle. One child will be the Kitty Cat. The Kitty Cat has the option to choose one of the other children and kneel in front of him/her. Now he/she will start meowing as pittyful as he/she can. The other child has to pet the Kitty's head and repeat saying: Poor Little Kitty Cat"! The fun part about this game is that the child petting the cat is not allowed to laugh. If he/she starts laughing, it is his/her turn to be the cat and the "winning kitty" gets a treat.

6. Blinking

One child is chosen to be the "Blinker". He/she will sit on a chair facing the other kids. The kids will be split in half. Half of them will sit in a row on chairs, the other ones will stand behind them. One child per sitting child. The "Blinker" has the option of blinking at one of the sitting kids. That kid has to get out of their chair and run towards the Blinker as fast as possible, while the child standing behind the escaping one has to hold on to their shoulders to make them stay. Once the shoulders are being touched with both hands, the escaping child is caught (nobody needs to get hurt). It makes it even more difficult for the "Catcher", since he has to keep his hands behind his back until the blinking begins. If the "Catcher" missed, it is his/her turn to blink at somebody.

7. All Birds are Flying High

Everybody sits in a circle. One child begins by saying: "All ducks are flying high!". Everybody raises their hands up high, since ducks can fly! All airplanes are flying high! Everybody raises their hands high again. The object of the game is to fool the other ones by saying things like: "All horses are flying high!' If somebody raises their hands now , they are out.

8. Picking Apples

This game is great at the end of your party, when usually handing out treat bags. Take some clothes pins and hang up treat bags on a string or rope. Have a couple of taller kids or adults hold on to each end of the rope. One child has to try to get a treat bag off the rope while the rope is being raised and lowered. then it is the next ones turn.


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