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Child care cost challenges

Updated on April 5, 2016

How much cost matters when it comes to child care?

People always think childcare should be low cost. Quality care costs money. Teachers in the field pay as much for an education as everyone else but they are expected to make the lowest pay in the field. People don't realize that a child learns more in the first three years of life.
The money spent on childcare is for the provider to care for your children!!!! It is not an easy job and comes with a huge responsibility. A good childcare provider invests a lot both emotionally and financially (that includes training classes, home safety, healthy meals, etc.). There is no more important of a job than somebody who cares for your child with love!

Difference between child care center and learning center

Child care centers and learning centers are two different things. Child care centers are generally operated for small preschool children and a degree is not required to work there. At the most the employees are required to pass background checks and be certified which is very different than a degree therefore the employees are not paid the same as teachers. These jobs are perfect for students planning on going into the education field, retired people, or mothers who have young children in school
It depends on where you live and what they are called. I don't know of any childcare center now that is a babysitting business which is what is implied by your statement. If you look at many state regulations you will see that most require minimum standards and more than the need for uneducated and inexperienced. My experience and education is worth as much as any other teacher in the educational fieldThis is not about child care, it's about privileged one per centers taking advantage. Barry Bonds ran the clubhouse over 10 years ago with his personal masseuse and steroid provider having full access to the clubhouse. At a workplace, you just can't do that. He's laughing all the way to the bank anyway

child care challanges
child care challanges | Source

What important other programs will be sliced and diced?

How about this: if you can't afford a kid or if you are not married, then don't have a kid. Otherwise, take responsibility for your own actions and stop claiming that everything should be a right just because you don't want to take responsibility for that action Oh and notice that child care is more expensive where Democrat policies of high taxations and high regulations of businesses is prevalent
States are complaining that they can't fix their roads, pay for their police force, pay monies owed to hospitals, can't fund food programs, cut and wage freeze social workers sticking them with exceptionally high case loads etc. What else would have to be cut for this? One of these days people are going to realize that money has to come from somewhere, that is, until people start voluntarily putting enough money into social programs that they can be funded entirely (people who know and care do contribute but most of them barely have enough money for themselves much less a large program, and usually they donate because they have benefited from a like program and know how important they are) tax dollars that are lost are lost from programs that need them desperately. The money has to come from somewhere.

I have always said if you have to work to put your child inchild care dont work. I use to have a family day care and one of my mums was struggling to pay my fee's i said to her do you really need to work can you afford to live on 1 wage until your child is at school. Think about it mums and dads why pay someone to look after your child when it might be cheaper to just corve your spending a little for a few yrs until they are school age

Is that a problem! are you agree?

What we have is a problem. And then people who likely don't even have kids yelling how nobody should have kids if they cannot afford to. Realistically, only 1% of the population can afford kids -- to raise them in an appropriate way with tutors, private school, nannies, lessons, college and grad school. Perhaps the rest should just not get married or have kids. Is that the answer? It's a shame really that we live in a country that is so divided and fueled by anger.

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