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Child Killers, Child Murders and Child Abuse

Updated on December 14, 2014

Killers Without Control

Child murderers and authorities who fail to stop it are of equal status as far as some of us are concerned.

Australia has several child murder trials now that are uneasy to see or even hear about. From the day when a man threw his four year old daughter off a bridge to the mother who murdered her two day old baby to hide it and compete in the Olympic Games there are ongoing horrendous stories.

This lens may not be too easy to read but it is essential to put it out there in the hope that at some stage society will do something to stop child abuse. No country is without it and some completely ignore it. But it is far worse when the abuse is brought to the attention of authorities who fail to act on it and later a child is murdered.

Look at the baby above and tell me how anyone could smash her head, belt her black and blue, or throw her over a bridge or anything else. A child is part of your body and it carries your genes so why do parents abuse and/or murder them?

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Metting baby
Metting baby

When a Baby is Born

A child born affects many. Family, friends, government and politics, the environment as well as resources and space are all part of its presence and future. But does it have a future? Or will it die of disease, malnutrition, abuse or something else?

The feel of a newborn baby is one thing but the tiny frame placed in your arms for the first time is something else. This is your baby, you have carried it inside you for 40 weeks, you put up with the discomfort, the extended belly, the heartburn, morning sickness and a million and one other things while it developed. Finally you suffered the pain of labour, often for hours, and then felt the sharp tearing feeling of your body ripping apart as it passed out into the world.

Now you lay eyes on it and something special happens. There is an infilling into your heart as it jumps with recognition and love. The tiny face, the unbelievably small fingers and toes, the remarkable desire you now have to protect and cuddle it forever is overwhelming. For the time you were pregnant you have provided clothes, furniture and special gifts for your baby and now you see it dressed in something you have lovingly made. It is you, an extension of yourself, it has your looks, your genes, your body fed it and now it goes forth into the world with you as its guide, protector and teacher.

There is nothing more special than the birth of your baby. At least that is how it was for me when each of my three children arrived.

Unable to express how it is for the father but surely he feels something along the same lines as the mother. The beam on his face as he lays eyes on his newborn and takes it gently into his arms for the first time says a lot. At least that's how it should be. So why are we killing children in ever increasing numbers and making them suffer unbelievable pain and torture?

But it is not the same for everyone, as I am finding out with pain in my heart and lack of understanding for the things some parents do.

Mothers who Kill

With all that is involved in pregnancy and childbirth it is impossible to understand the violence against and then murder of babies and toddlers. Australia has been treated to a number of child murders and court cases during the first weeks of April 2011.

The first was of a woman who murdered her two day old baby so she could take part in the Olympic Games. Although the crime happened some 15 years ago it has only recently come to light through the alertness of an employee in the social security section of the government. About six years ago the woman in question sought to have a baby adopted and on checking her background he found that she had produced a live infant some 10 years earlier but had not declared it in the documents submitted.

When he questioned her further about the record of the birth through the hospital she denied it. The police were called in to investigate and she was able to fool them by stating she had given the baby to its father, whom she could not correctly name. This sent them on a wild goose chase and a lot of time and money was spent trying to get to the bottom of it. Finally they arrested and charged her with the child's murder.

By the end of the first week in April she was found guilty by a jury and is awaiting sentencing - in jail

It turns out that she had concealed her pregnancy even from lovers, a feat in itself, and had attended a wedding the day after leaving hospital secretely with the infant. She then represented Australia in water polo in the 1996 Olympics.

Her trial had barely finished when the media was full of a report of a teenager who stabbed her new born baby several times in the chest with a pair of manicure scissors. The baby died but it would have been a very painful death. She is in jail awaiting her judgement day.

The Sydney Morning Herald, April 10th. "An autopsy confirmed the baby had died from six stab wounds to the chest, including one that pierced his heart. The baby had also suffered from asphyxiation, possibly from being placed in a bucket after birth. Police have found a pair of bloodied scissors in her house."

Fathers who Kill

During the same week as these last 2 episodes a man stood trial for the murder of his four year old daughter. He had access to his three children for a week-end visit and was returning them home when the incident happened.

In the car were her 2 brothers, 7 and 10 years old. It was to be her first day at school and no doubt she was excited as she anticipated this. Suddenlly he pulled up his car in the middle of the bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne, seized the girl and threw her over. Her tiny body crashed onto the cement at the foot of the pylon, where it lay motionless. One can only imagine the horror that little girl faced.

He claimed mental incapacity but the jury found him guilty of murder and the judge gave him life. In summing up the judge noted that this was a public murder and it offended everyone who live in the city and most of the country.

Also on trial a few days before was the man who had his three sons for a week-end visit. On the Sunday night while driving them back to their mother, who was eagerly awaiting their arrival, he drove his car off the road and into a dam. He escaped and swam to shore and failed to raise an alarm. Instead he went to the mother's house to tell her that her children were all dead. They were 2, 5 and 8 years, thereabouts.

Found guilty of murder the judge was more lenient and granted him the likelihood of a parole after serving part of his sentence. In this case you wonder about the judicial system that can find a reason to release such a monster.

Both these men killed their children in cold blood to punish their wives for divorcing them. Neither could have had much love for them in the first place.

Can such Atrocities be Prevented?

There is a psychological trigger that must go off in the minds of killers who act against their own children. While we wonder how they can do this the media is full of such stories world wide.

This report from Pravda in Russia (no date) "A 17-year-old girl stabbed her newborn baby 135 times in a "panic state" and then tossed her body in a garbage can outside her home in this Midwestern state, authorities said."

This from The Missippii Link News: "PANOLA COUNTY - A 16-year old girl is behind bars after authorities said she allegedly stabbed her newborn son to death. Linda Nash was arrested last week and charged with murder for reportedly stabbing her infant son in the stomach, Panola County Sheriff Otis Griffin said."

This from Digitakl Jounal: "A 17-year-old mother, Nicole Marie Beecroft, has been accused of stabbing her child 135 times and dumping the baby in a garbage can outside of her house. Oakdale, MN police have charged her with 1st-degree murder and the bail has been set at $1,000,000. Read more:

There are many other reports avilable through the search engines, should one care to loook them up. So what is going on in our communities that is bringing these murders on and why cannot they be stopped?

One wonders if child killers are aware of the process that creates life or of the pain inflicted on everyone concerned when the life of a child is taken. Do they have any feelings for the unborn, the newly born or the growing children they murder off?

Not so long ago we watched in horror as young children starved to death in places like Ethiopia and the Sudan. Yet it is happening today, right now in countries where poverty and a lack of social support allows children to be born in an uncontrollable way, such as in many Arab countries, India, and Mexico to name but a few. These countries would not accept family planning or contraception but they will accept a painful death for their children.

This is not a debate about abortion, which I stongly support as one way of stopping children from being born to suffer at the hands of people who don't want them, or to prevent more poverty and starvation. We are living with finite resources and every child born will add to the stress of food production and dwindling stocks.

Preventable death from starvation, disease and poverty is also murder and the killers are governments and world authorities who allow overpopulation beyond what the resources allows.

A radio news story today on the Australian Braodcasting Commission (ABC), April 12th, 2011, highlighted the research taking place into genetic manipulation of canola for the production of Omega 3, because fish stocks are being depleted at such a rate that this vital product will not be available before long. It mentioned that this will be a multi-billion dollar industry for companies like Santos. naturally that company will not want family planning controls put into practice.

So why are fish stocks and food production reaching a crisis? The climate change alone will see the end of many food products and fish are not going to survive in a heated ocean and where over fishing is rife. So this brings up another point. Family planning is being hotly debated in the United States right now and the religious die hards oppose it. So should children and uncaring parents be allowed to bear children they obviously do not want, as in the case of Kelly Lane and the teenagers mentioned?

We cannot have it both ways. We have to make choices and start thinking in a constuctive way about what society allows and how to protect the children for whom we are responsible.

What choice would you make?

Is it better to have family planning or poverty and starvation?

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Is there a Way?

Is there a way back from the destruction of the environment caused by man?

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    • profile image

      aishu19 6 years ago

      It is shocking to see such atrocities happening around the world. I do hope that articles like yours brings more awareness and reduces their unneeded demise.

    • profile image

      tssfacts 6 years ago

      Powerful article Norma. Thank you for bring more information on this subject.

    • pheonix76 profile image

      pheonix76 6 years ago from WNY

      This is a sad lens, but it sends a powerful message. Thank you for being a voice for those murdered and abused children. Thanks also for the lesson on sustainability and species extinction.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love this wonderful lens .. dearest Norma :) It's so powerful with awesome facts I've never know before. Well done beautifully. 5 stars and 5 hugs for you.. my dearest lady. Have wonderful times ;)

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

      Well done

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Reading this lens made me aware of the horrible deaths that infants and unborn babies have to face, it is disgusting and I am horrified how people could commit such acts of violence. A very thought provoking lens that makes you shiver throughout.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

      This is an extremely powerful lens - what a fabulous speech to the UN.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      You truly have to be sick to be able to hurt a child, especially if they are your own flesh and blood. I just do not understand people sometimes.