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Updated on October 8, 2014

Well behaved children? Myth or Reality?

Welcome to parenthood! If you think your baby is an angel, read no further...

If you are still here, then it means you want to know more. As a new parent, I would like to understand and learn why children misbehave and how to stop out of control kid? Why do children scream, yell, hit back, throw things, talk rude or pull hair? Children do this for many different reasons. A parent's goal is to analyze and implement simple techniques and a lot of PATIENCE.

child , temper,  tantrums,  child behavior,  raising children
child , temper, tantrums, child behavior, raising children

Child temper tantrums...

Can range from crying, whining, screaming, kicking, hitting etc. It's a basic problem which has nothing to do using the child's gender. Mostly between the age group of one to three kid's temperament fluctuates dramatically. In few cases it is a normal frequent issue that the parent need to deal with although in few other kids rarely misbehave. Its a normal part of their growing up and not be seen as damaging. A kid can't hold his or her emotions nor have the same level of inhibition as our adult do hence child temper tantrums are some most typical problem that parents have to deal with.

The best way to deal with child temper tantrums would be to merely ignore or avoid him/her at the very first place. Let us take a brief look at the numerous strategies that may help in to manage the child's behavior.

It is important to realize the child psychology here. He or she may just be performing it to get sufficient consideration. And should you give them even your negative consideration, it is better than no attention at all which can encourage them to repeat it. Hence, it's essential that you simply reward your small ones for their great behavior or positive behavior.

Give them small freedom to manage over a couple of small points. This will fulfil their need for independence. Don't be authoritative as then there will be repulsed. Offer them minor choices such as asking them if they would like apple or orange juice? Or if they would wish to take a shower prior to or after the breakfast? If you are being forceful or authoritatively the answer will always be a "no".

  • Make sure you maintain off-limit objects out of reach to avoid struggles. But this isn't usually feasible, especially whenever you are out inside a store or shopping.
  • Child temper tantrums can also be dealt with distracting the child and engage him in a new activity. Just move him to a different room and change the environment.
  • To offer those games and toys as per appropriate age. When teaching them new tasks start with simple points and then slowly and gradually increase the degree of challenges. Should you begin using the difficult task, it will frustrate the child and lead to child temper tantrums.
  • Listen to your child's request, as they may not usually be outrageous. To accommodate his request when they're genuine.
  • Understand why the kid is behaving in such a manner as sometime they're just too tired. Realize that it is not the best time to go to grocery or shopping.

Child temper tantrums need to be controlled if the safety is involved. Be strict and let the child know that you simply are not flexible on safety issues.

The Most Important Facts To Remember

Child behavior or misbehaviour is a form of communication.There is always a reason and solution for kids misbehavior.Children's challenging behavior can be improved but takes time and patience.

Play a little bit of detective

Ask your kid few questions like:

Are you afraid of something?

Are you uncomfortable, hungry, tired, or may be not feeling well?

Are you angry, sad, anxious, or scared of something?

What is bothering you?

Later analyze it and take action.

How to stop misbehavior of your kid?

What could you do?

Be calm and smile. Never loose your cool! Talk & spend some time with a kid. May be play your kid's favourite game.

If child misbehaves, be patient. May be change a surrounding, go to another room, play another game.

Introduce behavior charts like "I Didn't Hurt Anyone Today", "Not a pick yeater", "No Arguing/Confrontation", "I Didn't Bite Today" or "No Tantrums Week". Create your own and don't forget to reward your kid.

Why Do Children Misbehave? - Do they?

Why Children Misbehave?

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Feedback is always appreciated.

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What is your solution to child's misbehavior? - Please share your stories with us...

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    • Sheryl Polomka profile image

      Sheryl Polomka 6 years ago

      I don't have a solution yet that's why I'm reading this :) I do find though that getting involved in an argument with them just doesn't work, often it is best to just say your piece and then walk away. They usually come around if they realize that you aren't biting!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I always listen. If my child is doing something that I find unacceptable. First of all I listen to myself - why is it unacceptable, is it just pushing my 'buttons'. Secondly I listen to my child - something is causing them to behave in a certain way. They are trying to get something to happen and sometimes they go about it in the wrong way. Even if it seems intentional it may be out of frustration, fear, anger, worry or inner conflict.

      I generally get to the bottom of what is causing the behaviour in the first place and I never have to discipline. My son is 12 and we discuss what happened and I treat him kindly and with respect, even if he makes a mistake.

      That's what I would want if I stuffed up.

      I've used this approach since birth. His needs and my needs are of equal importance, but he's still learning and sometimes he needs my guidance and help to get through it.

      I'm not permissive by any means but I'm not the controller either.

      Hopefully when he steps into adulthood he'll have a strong sense of who he is, what he likes/dislikes and will treat others with the same regard that I have treated him.

      I've used Parent Effectiveness Training as a guide as well as How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. I practiced attachment parenting but it doesn't work for everyone.

      Trust that your child's behaviour is transitory and trust that you as the adult have the skills to help.

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 7 years ago from Iowa

      Well I'm not a mom so I have no thoughts to offer. I have very well behaved dogs. Does that count? :)

      You've given some good advice here. Well done.