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Employee turnover in daycares is detrimental to a child’s development

Updated on August 15, 2016

About one-quarter of families in the United States have their children in a daycare, or an organized childcare arrangement. Unfortunately, daycares are fraught with turnover, the and the changes may be detrimental to the child’s development especially in the child’s first five years of life.

There are many different reasons for quick turnover in the daycare industry, but the main reason is low wage jobs generally always have high turnover. There is also a lack of career prospects in the daycare industry, unless the daycare employee is considering a career in early childhood education.

Less consistency means less bonding

In a daycare the workers aren't there long enough to really bond with the child. With an Au Pair they are under contract with the Host Family for a year or two. The Au Pair is also going to love the children they care for like their own because they live with them. Because the Au Pair is around more consistency than daycare workers, the Au Pair often becomes like an older sister(or brother) to the children.

There is a lot employee turnover in daycare

Childcare costs comparisons

For many families, despite this inherent challenge to daycare, the alternatives still don’t make sense. An Au Pair, or live in nanny, could seem like a really big jump especially where cost is concerned. The cost isn’t as expensive as parents might assume, especially when two or more children are a part of the equation.The cost of daycare doubles and triples whenever additional children are included in the care. With an Au Pair the cost is set, no matter the number of children.

Once all is said and done the Au Pair childcare is about $7.85/hour, where other nannies are well over $10 to $20. The Au Pair is also signed into a contract for a year or two, so they will stick around longer during the children’s critical developmental years.

Building Self Confidence

The final difference to having an Au Pair is culture. Au Pairs provide an extraordinary cultural exchange. The kids get to interact with someone consistently from a completely different country. Their Au Pair will expand their minds, strengthen their sociability and sometimes even help them learn another language. In a daycare, the caregiver switching out every half year is not going to help the child with building self confidence.

Unfortunately, because there is less information or misinformation about Au Pairs in the U.S., there are plenty of families - who would be happier with an Au Pair, because they offer more consistency, at a lower cost and with an added cultural exchange – but instead stick with sending their child to a daycare because perhaps that is all they know.


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