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Children are a gift from God. Handle with care

Updated on July 24, 2012

Handle with care and love!!!

Their innocent questions, laughter and their huge amount of energy which brings happiness to me and everybody who are around them and i enjoy working with children. Children are a lovely bundle of joy they make me feel like a child and fill me with a lot of joy that i want to share with everybody. This is why i am writing this i want to express my feelings in how children and babies bring joy to me their sweet smile and well i can go on. Am glad i chose a career that i can be happy with that why i wanted to work with children as i can relax and have fun while am working.

Children of all ages up to 16 years are young and innocent they need a lot of care and attention as they are like young flowers that still need to be bloomed fully this can be done with love and care by family and also in school by the teachers. I work in the toddlers room where children are left in the nursery full time from 8am till 6pm and they don't get to spend much time with their family as they spend more time with their key workers in the nursery. They feel more attached to their key workers and get a lot of love, care and attention from them that when they go home some children don't act the same at home as they do in the nursery. Some time when i am working i feel sorry for the children that their parents work full time and leave them in the nursery so they can work some do it to earn money for the family some just love to work not caring much for the children. Children should be handled with care and love as it will help them grow and be more confidence especially they need their parents love and support through the early years from newborn till at least 5 years old.

Children should be respected and love not the opposite from what i hear in the news when some children are abused and because of this neglect they lose their lives so young and it is not fair that some parents don't treat them right. We forget that once we were children and we were loved a lot and still are i know some people go through hard time but their are social services to help but sometimes they ignore the situation of the child. Well overall i can say i love working with children and love playing with my nieces and nephews as children are innocent and a joy to be around with and want to share my views on how children keep everyone happy with their innocent questions and actions. Children should be handle with care and love.

good friends
good friends


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    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Good advice and good hub. I love children too and they are one of my greatest joys in life, the little boogers. I sometimes have a house full or yard full of them and mine are all grown up. Haad to replace them with pups, cats and birds.