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childrens cutlery

Updated on July 6, 2011

Childrens Cutlery Sets

Are you looking for cutlery sets for your toddlers to use to feed themselves?

Then you are at the right place, take a look at the latest innovative designs for children's cutlery, from utensils to feed your baby to fun sets of Cutlery to use for toddlers.

Take a look at the table manners video to give you some tips on teaching your child to hold their knife and fork correctly, it is important to work on getting your kids to hold their cutlery correctly once they are comfortable feeding themselves.

There are also lots of products available to help parents whose little ones are not interested in using a knife and fork, take a look at my list of the best products! Enjoy!!

Construction eating utensils
Construction eating utensils

Great Products to help interest your child at the dinner table

Products that will spark your childs interest in eating their food properly

If you are having problems getting your toddler to even have any interest in using cutlery, you can of course use themed cutlery sets, something that sparks their interest, I usually get something that they like, mine love Thomas the Tank Engine so they both have their own Thomas the Tank Cutlery Set.

Here are some items that can aid you into getting your kids to use their cutlery and enjoy eating their meals properly.

Construction Cutlery Set

I just had to highlight this set which is perfect for boys who are being difficult and don't want to use their knife and fork at the dinner table.

This product is a genuinely fun kids utensil, unlike anything you have seen before. It has an extra utensil, a pusher which your child can use to push the food onto his fork and spoon

Fred and Friends Air Fork One

Aeroplane cutlery Set

This aeroplane is ready for landing...... into your childs mouth! Its easy for your child to hold and is a good product for turning eating at the table into a fun and exciting game.

Food Face Ceramic Plate - make faces at the table

make faces at the table

This is my personal favorite, you can get the male and female version of this plate, create nice earings, a hat with peas, a beans necklace, this plate is great fun and encourages your childs creative side, you never know you might have a budding artist!

Toddler Knives and Forks Sets - Get some great themed cutlery for your toddler

Try to find a set that your toddler would like, mine have the Thomas the Tank Engine themed cutlery set and they love them!

Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon, Elmo
Munchkin Sesame Street Toddler Fork and Spoon, Elmo

The Sesame Street toddler fork and spoon helps to put the fun in mealtime by inviting Elmo to dinner. The toddler fork and spoon are safe for kids and easy for little hands to use. Designed for self-feeding.

Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Spoons in Assorted Colors, 3-count
Gerber Graduates Kiddy Cutlery Spoons in Assorted Colors, 3-count

These spoons are neither too small nor too big for the little mouth.

they are "just right". As goldilocks would say! ;)


Baby Feeding Utensils - Get the best utensils to feed your baby

Your baby may not be ready to feed themselves yet, but you can get some great utensils for feeding them, these also encourage them to feed themselves!

Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Spoons
Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Spoons

These spoons take the guess work out of feeding your baby, if the food is too hot the tip of the spoon turns white!


Table Manners for Children : Teaching Kids to Use Utensils

Table manners including utensil use are very important throughout a child's life.

Learn how to teach them to use utensils at the table

Has your toddler transitioned to cutlery?

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