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MAKING A DIFFERNCE IN A CHILD'S LIFE:parents versus teacher's

Updated on September 21, 2009

Because the child is most of the day in the teacher's care,  i think the teacher has a big influence on the child plus the teacher can see things the parents can't and vise verca. If the child's not happy @ home he will not participate in calss, be mean to the other kids and even disturb in class this is a red flag for a teacher that this child is troubled..and then the teacher can make really big and good changes in the child's life. You can have the opposite too a child that get's verbally or physsicaly abusd by his teacher will behave very diferent than a normal child at home . and then it's the parents job to realize something is wrong .. you can't make a statement which (parents or teachers) make more of a difference for a child because every home and every teacher is different.

You have the working parents and by that i mean the type that 's almost never home the child is most of the time in nanny-care, now if that child has problems at school with the teacher or another kid, the child will be miserable and the parents will noot realize that untill very late when the child will need psychilogical help already.(no offence to working parents i am working to and stil my home is a happy and loving place!)

You have the type of parents that are loving and are there for the kids but are like the old fashioned -dominant way; here again if the child has problems @school they will not know because they do not talk with their child about these things(feelings) the only thing they 're intersted about school is their child's grades.

You have parents that are problematic like drugaddicts or psych- problems or abussive verbal even; here the child will seek for love from the school staff and it's very important for the teacher to realize that because then, it is in the teacher's hand to save the child 's life. I have a friend who got verbally abussed by his parents.They had more kids @ home but only he got verb. abused. Now of course he turned into to a troubled boy and so the years passed.. You can imagine how this teenager turned out HIS SELFESTEEM was 0/10 he longed for some love..Untill one of his teacher's saw what's going on in the boy's heart..AND SAVED HIM.It took along time to work on him but today he's 24 and perfect! So you see here The teacher obviously had more influence on the child than his parents.

You have the type of parent who is very involved in the child's life at school and friends which is very good . Their home is a good and happy place for the child to be and he likes coming home. He can like his teacher too then it's an equul influence from teacher and parent. And if the child here has problems at school his parents will see it immediately and HELP HIM!

Teacher's can change a child's life for good but also for bad (another friend was killed off by one teacher and that's it he was broken by it and left his family and "life" and went wandering the streets looking for others like him to be loved...) Parents however have the upper hand here what the child sees at home this is how he will act so as for influence the parents have a very big part in that. The best is when the parents and the teacher have a good relationship..


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    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago


      It is a parents responsibility to create a safe secure loving healthy balanced home environment for their children.


    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      A child is happy when he or she feels safe. Good info.