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Through the long closed window of before.

Updated on January 5, 2017
looking back throigh time.
looking back throigh time. | Source

Through The Long Closed Winow Of Before.

Hopscotch chalk dust
coloring the winds of time
sing song jump rope ditties
echo in tiny leaps free
now a prisoner of the past.

The smells of bubble gum
and bologna still linger
deep in nostrils flaring.

Giggles and hiccups
and squeals in breathy sopranos
play a melody in my yester-ear.

Bubbles that never broke...
blown years ago still hold
shimmering dreams of the
what ifs that became whatever's.

A tattered old teddy bear
still looking bewildered
at where I've gone....staring out
from some landfill pocket
deep beneath yesterday's
treasures compiled.

Bike rides still thrill me
with the rush of wind
the unpedaled free falls
and the swoop...swoop..
of the front wheel
in wide arcs dancing before me...

Playing house was easier
when it was only make believe
and mud pies tasted
a whole lot better then crow.

Snowflakes were edible delights,
falling prey to waiting tongues extended.

Raindrops made puddle-licous stages
where bare footing
Fred and Ginger Juniors
danced lightly across
rainbow-tinted oil slick water.

Back when memories

were much fresher

then these stale recollections

now squatting in

the cupboard of my mind.


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