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Choo Choo Soul Music for Kids

Updated on April 4, 2013

Choo Choo Soul - Funky Music for Kids on Playhouse Disney

Choo Choo Soul is a children's music act featuring singer Genevieve Goings as a singing, dancing train conductor and her partner D.C. as a train engineer. My daughter absolutely loves their short music videos on Playhouse Disney, so this lens is for her! Learn where to get the Choo Choo Soul CD and DVD and learn more about the history of Choo Choo Soul.

choo choo soul concert
choo choo soul concert

Choo Choo Soul History

More about Genevieve and DC


Choo Choo Soul began as a collaboration between video game developer Greg Johnson, recording engineer and sound designer Burke Treischmann, and vocalist Goings during dialogue recordings for ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth, the first Xbox installment of the ToeJam & Earl video game franchise. Johnson created the concept and recorded melodies and accompaniment tracks onto his cellphone and e-mailed them to Treischmann to develop. Once in the studio, Goings provided vocals.

The act debuted in 2004 as a 16-track CD Baby studio album that described itself as "kids' music that won't drive parents crazy." It is now out of print.

On October 31, 2006, Walt Disney Records released Choo Choo Soul, a 12-track album that features most of the same songs as the 2004 release. In May 2008, Disney released a second CD/DVD with an expanded collection of songs.

Disney Channel series

Beginning in May 2006, a series of Choo Choo Soul interstitial programs began airing in the United States during the Playhouse Disney programming block on the Disney Channel. The music-video style shorts feature Goings and D.C. performing Choo Choo Soul songs with a group of young children in a blend of live action and computer animation.

-Source: Wikipedia

Photo credit - I took this photo at the California State Fair in July 2011 at a Choo Choo Soul concert.

More Playhouse Disney Music

Choo Choo Soul Music CD and DVD - Audio CD and DVD feature popular songs

The CD/DVD my daughter was waiting for! This two-disc collection features a collection of Choo Choo Soul songs and music videos.

Choo Choo Soul [CD/DVD Combo]
Choo Choo Soul [CD/DVD Combo]

All aboard! Genevieve Goings is the urban music sensation singing about ABCs, 123s, trains, and dancing for the preschool audience. Set under the backdrop of Choo Choo Soul, Genevieve plays the manager of a train station and with each song she, her DJ DC and the kids board the train for a musical adventure. Enjoy the videos of this DVD with the whole family. One low price includes a CD to enjoy the music and take with you wherever you want to go on your magical adventures!


Music Videos - Choo Choo Soul videos on YouTube

Playhouse Disney offers four Choo Choo Soul videos on the official Disney site. You can also find a few others on YouTube, including these.

Choo Choo Soul Behind the Scenes - More videos on YouTube

Genevieve Goings has posted a few short "behind-the-scenes" Choo Choo Soul videos on YouTube. They give you a glimpse into what she experiences when they film the Disney shorts. In the final version that airs on Playhouse Disney, live action is mixed with animation. When Genevieve is performing, however, she and the kids who appear with her are performing in front of a plain green screen. It's kind of interesting to watch these videos and then watch the final version with animation.

Genevieve and D.C. in Concert

Choo Choo Soul performed live on several occasions in 2007, including September and October shows at the Disney-MGM Studios theme park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and a performance at the Boston Globe Children's Book Festival in Boston, Massachusetts.

Neither the official Choo Choo website nor the Playhouse Disney page for Choo Choo Soul mention any upcoming performances.

Love it or Hate it?

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Playhouse Disney Music Play Date - Also features songs by Choo Choo Soul

Music Play Date
Music Play Date

Playhouse Disney Music Play Date is the perfect companion for Play Dates! CD features songs from the most popular shows from Playhouse Disney Channel like Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Choo Choo Soul, Imagination Movers, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and more!


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