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How to Create an Inspirational and Unique Baby Name

Updated on October 27, 2019
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Toni is a strong believer in enjoying life with family and friends—appreciating the little things and acknowledge blessings with gratitude.

How To Choose An Awesome Baby Name

It's time to make one of the most major decisions affecting your child their entire life, but are you ready to choose a baby name? It's such an important decision that some soon-to-be parents may find themselves having a hard time committing to naming their new family member. You want it to be a cool, unique, powerful and awesome baby name; yet, you also want to choose a personal and inspirational meaning. You want to choose the perfect baby name!

When my daughter was born, I couldn't decide on a name for her. I didn't know the gender beforehand to start preparing, and the list I had come up with didn't seem to fit her at all. It was quite a dilemma. The hospital sent me letters for weeks requesting I name "Baby Girl" so they could complete the birth certificate. I needed some help choosing a baby name. So, I certainly understand the commitment issue. Here are some ideas for creating your own unique baby name.

Ideas for creating your own inspirational and cool baby name -

1. Names create sound and energy. Many positive affirmations have become names such as Joy, Grace, Faith; and spiritual names such as Trinity, Gabriel, Angel; or names from nature such as Forest, River, and Summer.

There is a belief that the sound of your child's name being used over the years will echo into the universe and attract energy to it. So, let the name be something positive and from within you that creates a loving heart and a great feeling each time the name is used or mentioned.

2. Inspired baby names from great legends or role models can be twisted in using the last name first such as Lennon, Presley or Bach. Inspiration from travel or specific memories can create a name such as London, Vail or Branson. We now know of a couple of Paris' (Hilton and Jackson). Ron Howard said he gave his daughter the middle name of Dallas, as that was the city she was conceived.

3. Acquire uniqueness by combining two names together or using family surnames as first names; or Mom may like one name and Dad may prefer another - try putting them together into one unique baby name.

4. Cool baby names can be just a slight deviation from other common names. Jimi Hendrix changed the Jimmy to Jimi. It was cool then and 40 years later, it's still cool. Sometimes just a little adjustment in the spelling can make a name super cool.

Imagine the signature, spelling, and pronunciation of the name.

5. Historically, favorite song lyrics and poetry inspire baby names just as the name inspired the writer or the poet. I'm not sure Annabelle Lee would be the first pick, but Bronte is unique and so is Jude.

6. Futuristic baby names of visionary parents. We've all heard of Neo "The One" - what will life be like in your child's future? Beyond today's technology and modern medicine of which we can only imagine comes other names associated with a planetary and galactic origin.

7. Stuck on which direction to go, consider this: if you could change your name to anything you wanted - what would it be? What would you want your friends and family to call you? What would be a nickname you once had or would like to have?

Beware of Nickname Possibilities

"Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive." -Thomas C. Haliburton

Rock and Roll Baby Names - Want to find out your baby's name in Rock N Roll history.

Rock and Roll Baby Names: Over 2,000 Music-Inspired Names, from Alison to Ziggy
Rock and Roll Baby Names: Over 2,000 Music-Inspired Names, from Alison to Ziggy
Great book gives origin of names and the song, artist or trivia behind that name. Super Cool! A complete encyclopedia of Rock and Roll baby names. I think even if you're not having a baby this would be an awesome book to look through - it's also be a great gift for a baby shower.

When Choosing An Awesome Baby Name - Keep It Simple

No matter how cool or inspirational the baby's name is, make it simple and easy for the child to pronounce or spell. You also want to be aware of various nicknames, acronyms or other various factors such as rhymes and cliches.

Sometimes the coolest and most inspirational name of all is after a cherished loved one. Go ahead and make that commitment to your baby's first name because, after that, it's time to work on the middle name.

Tip: When you are brainstorming about a middle name, be sure to keep the initials of the first, middle and last name into consideration. You don't want the three letters to spell out anything embarrassing.

Why not use your own dream name? That's a sound you'll never tire of hearing.

Do You Already Have A Baby Name?

What Did You Name Your Baby?

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Reflect Great Moments

Capture the reflection of great moments and memories forever in your child's name.

Baby Name Update!

We have a new member of our family. The latest addition (a healthy boy) was named "Ocean Knox." Thinking this name was inspirational, original and cool for a boy (and meaningful to the parents), we hear of another "Ocean" - a teacher friend has a boy in her classroom named "Ocean."

Welcome Ocean Knox!


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