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Chrissa Maxwell American Girl Doll, Accessories, Books, and DVDs

Updated on July 28, 2009

Chrissa American Girl of the Year for 2009

Check out all Chrissa's outfits, accessories, dolls, friends, books, DVD's and more about this years American Girl of 2009.

I just know that Chrissa is going to be a huge hit this year for American Girl fans everywhere. She has an intriguing story that girls can relate to and her doll is just as cute as can be.

Chrissa faces some mean friends at her new school as she attends the fourth grade, even though she is as nice as can be to them. Her story is one of courage as she stands up for her friends as they are being bullied at school as well.

Chrissa's American Girl Doll - Her dolls come in all kinds of outfits and clothing accessories

The Chrissa doll is 18 inches tall and is nice and soft and huggable. She comes in her flower print floral dress, some purple ankle-strap shoes, a nice floral bracelet on her wrist, and some lovely lavender undies.

She has beautiful blue eyes that really stand out and make her life-like and she has dark brown hair with highlights.

Her story is all about friendship and she is one of the friendliest girls around. Even though this Chrissa American Girl doll just came out, she has already sold out in many places, so it might be a little tough to try to find her. So get her while you still can, as she won't be available forever.

American Girl Chrissa's Outfits and Clothing Accessories - From swim team gear to pj's Chrissa has all kinds of get-ups. Check them all out here.

In the picture above you see Chrissa's floral dress in the middle, but there are many more outfits that you can get for her.

Chrissa's Swim team Gear

On the left is her swim team outfit gear. She is an active girl but drama even follows her to the pool as she faces her mean friends from school. Chrissa is driven in her swimming and you can get the whole set of swimming gear as seen in the picture below.

Chrissa's Sundress

This sun dress outfit comes with matching shoes and couple of hair clips as well. She wears this dress to eat with friends or have birthday parties with them. It's an adorable little outfit for this doll.

The Warm Up Set

Her Warm-Up Set is for heading out to the pool. The red jacket keeps her warm and the slip-on sandals are perfect for walking around the pool to get ready to jump right in. Comes with a tank top as well and a visor that I think looks just delightful on this cute doll. Check out this outfit in the pic below.

Chrissa's Pjs

This pajama set is just too cute. With a purple tie-dye shirt to sleep in, Chrissa also has fuzzy slippers and pj pants. The look is perfect with her hair in pig-tails like it is the pic below too. This outfit is perfect for her sleep-overs with her two friend at school, Gwen and Sonali.

Chrissa Has Many Accessories to Go Along With Her Too - From parties to pets, she has plenty to keep her busy.

She is a bright young girl with many aspirations and her collection of hobbies and toys reflect that. She has a party table and treats set for her get-togethers with her friends. The set comes with a sort of picnic table and all kinds of goodies on it, so when her friends come over they can have a great time chatting and eating wonderful goodies.

There is also a craft studio that comes with her collection and it includes a sewing machine, some yarn and spools, a pincushion, a tape measure, and even has a bowl that her father made especially for her.

And yes, she even has a pet llama whose name is Starburst. A llama is not a typical pet, but then again, Chrissa is no typical girl and she loves to spend time grooming and taking care of Starburst. You can buy her pet llama to go along with the set too. She is nice and soft and makes a great pet for any child as well.

The Books: American Girl Chrissa's Story

A Wonderful Read for Girls

The Book that Introduces you to Chrissa is 130 pages long and is authored by the brilliant Mary Casanova. As stated earlier, her story will teach children how to speak out for truth and have courage to stand up for friends in spite of bullying. Her grandmother, who she lives with, also encourages her to be friendly to everyone, even if they are a little mean once in a while. or like Tara, one of the "mean bees" is mean all the time.

Check out the Chrissa Movie on DVD

Chrissa's Movie: Sneak Peak Preview

What do you think about Chrissa, Girl of the year 2009? - Give us your thoughts below.

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      You have everything here to give Crissa Maxwell a hppy home.