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Co Sleeper For Bed | Best Co Sleeper for Babies | Baby Co Sleeper in Bed, Bassinet & Crib

Updated on September 18, 2012

Find the Best Co Sleeper Bed for Baby to Feel Secure

There is nothing like watching a baby sleeping. A baby co sleeper for a bed allows you to sleep with your infant and keep them near, without fear of hurting them or making it difficult for them to sleep alone.

Buying an infant co-sleeping bed keeps your baby near, without the dangers that are inherent to an adult bed. Soft blankets and crevices where little hands or feet can become lodged are found in most parents beds. The co-sleeping bed keep babies in a safe zone, while still bonding with mom and dad.

Co sleeping with a baby is often much easier for exhausted moms, who may run across a house to soothe their baby, only to find themselves exhausted after being away from their bed so much.

When newborns are brought home, they simply cannot soothe themselves, and having your baby right next to you can calm your nerves and lessen your fears for their well-being.

They can lay in a co sleeper cocoon style bed right next to you, or very near you in a mini convertible crib or bassinet. This way, you will be close enough to hear them breathe, while allowing them their own safe space.

Co Sleeper for Infants - Types of Baby Co Sleepers for Sleeping with Baby in Bed

A baby co sleeper in bed is normally a cocoon style bed that lays right in bed with mom and dad. Unlike a crib or bassinet, it does not grow with baby. It is for short term use, about 3-6 months, to keep your newborn near. It is completely portable, and makes sharing the bed with infants safer. Many in bed co sleeper pads fold up for even more portability.

It is like a mini mattress pad or cot, with raised sides, which make babies feel enclosed and secure. Popular options for infant co sleeper beds include the Snuggle Nest, First Years Close & Secure Sleeper, and Summer Infant Rest Assured.

Below, you will find great deals on baby co sleepers for bed and cribs. These models received the highest ratings, to help you choose the best products.

Summer Infant Rest Assured Heavy Duty Baby Sleeper

Summer Rest Assured Sleeper
Summer Rest Assured Sleeper

Metal sides to protect baby

Vibration & sound built in

Storage pocket

Easily folds for travel

Nightlight built in

Sleeper Size: 29.5"L x 13"W

co sleeping bassinet for baby
co sleeping bassinet for baby

Best Co-Sleeping Bassinets & Cribs

Mini Convertible Co Sleeper Crib - Bassinet

A co sleeper bassinet is usually a mini crib that butts up against your bed. There are leg extensions sold for some models that raise the height to conform to your bed size.

These mini co sleeper beds allow baby to be close without being in your bed, for easy diaper changes, feeding or nursing, and soothing. With baby close, you sleep better too.

They are also larger in size, more portable for moving around the house, and some can be used as a playard. Because they are mini in size, they still are not a long term bed solution. You can expect about 8-18 months of use, depending on the baby crib model you choose. You'll find Arms Reach mini cosleepers to be well reviewed products.

Theses baby bedside sleepers attach to the bed with straps. Your bed must have a separate mattress and base/box spring. They include a lip to keep your baby as safe as possible. A mini portable crib will do the same thing, without attaching to the bed. It is smaller and can be fit into smaller places, and normally includes a drop side for ease of use.

Below are some top co-sleeping bassinets for baby.

Arms Reach Cosleeper Bassinet

Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Natural
Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Natural

Bassinet or attached co-sleeper ideal for small spaces

Includes wheels and storage

On Board storage space

Does not become Playard or have diaper changer

Designed for infants to 5 months old


Baby Co Sleeping Bassinet Video

co sleeping bed for baby
co sleeping bed for baby

Is Co Sleeping Safe for Your Baby

A better question may be, is putting your infant into your bed without a cosleeping baby bed safe? Although we do not often think about it, our comfortable beds with soft mattresses, designer headboards, and cozy comforters are very dangerous for babies.

Infants do not immediately have the strength to move away from dangers should they roll onto their stomachs while sleeping.

With their head facing downward onto a soft mattress, they could be unable to breath. That is the reason for firm mattresses for babies. They keep them safer and allow them to sleep and breath without the fear of rolling over.

The Great Benefits of Co-Sleeping With Baby

  • Helps moms and dads to bond with their infant
  • Makes breast feeding easy and convenient
  • Helps moms to sleep better all night
  • Gives parents and babies a sense of security

With great benefits, and great reasons not to put your infant directly onto your bedding, a co sleeper for bed that lets them lay in your bed but in their own mini bed or a bassinet that attaches to the bed makes lots of sense. Keeping your baby safe is the top priority, so enjoy the bonding by co-sleeping safely.

Do You Use A Co-Sleeper For Your Baby?

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      6 years ago

      No, I guess I felt that when they were (are) sleeping with me, I want to hold and cuddle them. We tried one of the smaller ones when my son was an infant, but it didn't really seem to work too well, or we just felt it was too much of a nuisance. Good idea, though!


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