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Choosing a name for your baby

Updated on September 28, 2015

Ten Tips for Finding the Perfect Name

1) Consider a name's meaning. Maybe you would like a name that tells when baby was born (Summer, June) or their position in the family (Winona - 'first born'). Many baby-name books will tell you meanings.

2)Take into account any family traditions. Are all first sons given the same name? Are daughers named after their godmother? Will both parents have traditions to consider? How important is this to you both? If a child is named after one grandfather, how will the other feel?

3) Think about initials. What will the first letter of each name spell? Be sure it is nothing that could cause a child to be embarrassed later.

4)Nicknames and shortened names are always possible. You like the name James but how do you feel about Jim Jem or Jamie? Your child's peers may well decide on what they want to call him. Indeed, James himself may well have his own ideas.

5) Just a thought- unusual spellings might look cute/cool/quirky/fashionable but imagine your child at twenty five years old on the phone trying to spell out his name for the seventh time. Will he thank you for it?

6) Following on from this - unusual names are also cool/quirky/fashionable but anything too weird/silly or startling is too much. Just think of the names some celebrities give to their offspring!

7)If you have other children involve them. They will no doubt enjoy coming up with names and you might find that you like the names theylikee. It is an extra bond and older siblings will enjoy the fact that they played a part in naming their little sister or brother. If no decent names are keep on until they do or bite the bullet and include the most suitable for a middle name.

8) While on the subject of siblings themes might work well (Amber and Jade, Rose and Lily). However, names that begin with the same letter could cause confusion. Having three 'Miss G Smiths' in the hose could be problematic.

9 If you have to/want to consult with others, keep this to a minimum. Too much input could confuse or stress the situation.

10) If you are really stuck, have a list of names, write them on cards. You can then play around with combinations.


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