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Digital Coin Counters Help Kids To Learn About Money

Updated on March 9, 2013

How Coin Counters And Piggy Banks Help Teach Kids About Money

My kids love to have a little money of their own as do most kids. Instead of just handing them over a few coins as they are earned they put them in a coin collector. Kids coin counters or a personal piggy banks are a great for kids to be able to see their money and watch it grow little by little as they save. As they decide to take out a little bit for something they want they also see how their money drops. With a little encouragement they will begin to understand that it takes a lot of work for the money they earn and learn to spend it wisely.

Without kids having their own money, it is hard for them to learn how to save it and spend it correctly. However, giving handing them over cash may not help them either. A digital coin bank in their room where they can see it everyday will help them start to understand how the importance of saving and smart spending really is.

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Boy Putting Coins Into His Piggy Bank
Boy Putting Coins Into His Piggy Bank

Things To Consider When Choosing A Coin Counter For A Kid:

Coin Counters For Kids

*Digital or not digital? A digital coin counter makes it easy to keep track of the coins. However, some rather have the surprise of finding out how much they earned when they count their change.

*Do you want the counter to fun? Or do you want to keep the money topic serious?

*What size do you want the coin counter to be. A really large counter can be overwhelming for a young kid that does not feel they can ever feel it up. while a small sized bank might get filled up to fast.

*When buying a digital coin counter make sure you are buying what you are looking for. Some digital coin counters only count coins not regular bills.

Pink Piggy Bank With A Digal Coin Counter - Coin Counters For Kids

A classic touch to any kids room is a large piggy bank. A more modern piggy bank with a digital lid that tells them how much is in their piggy bank will keep them from having to dump the change all out to see how much they have saved. The modern piggy bank comes in pink, clear and blue.

Blue Hat Money Farm Piggy Bank Digital Counter
Blue Hat Money Farm Piggy Bank Digital Counter

With the classic piggy bank design I thought this kids bank was a great mix of classic style and modern technology.


Sports Coin Counters For Athletic Kids - Coin Counters For Kids

A sports designed coin counter can fit right in a kids room that loves sports. A sports coin counter can also be a great inspiration if your child is saving to go to football camp or if they want to buy a signed baseball card. There are digital coin counters for kids who love football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, golf and many other sports.

Basic Jar Digital Coin Counter

Yes you can save money in a coffee can, but if you want to step up a little with digital abilities try out the basic jar digital coin counter.

Emerson Digital Coin Bank
Emerson Digital Coin Bank

This simple auto count digital coin bank has a large capacity money jar with a removable lid. It makes it easy for a child to see their savings and watch it as it grows.


Atm Style Banks For Kids

ATM style banks keep track of how much money is put in the "bank". Some styles will keep track of when money was put in and when money is taken out and how much.

The Importance Of A Piggy Bank: - Coin Counters For Kids

Youn Girl With Piggy Bank (Photo By Shutterstock/Yuri Arcurs)
Youn Girl With Piggy Bank (Photo By Shutterstock/Yuri Arcurs)

Do You Think Piggy Banks Encourage Financial Responsibility?

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The Importance:

A regular piggy bank can help a child keep their money but a coin counter help them under stand how much they have. If they understand how much they have it is easier for them to know how much they spend. They also will have a more general understanding of the importance of saving when they know how much they have.

When To Start The Money Talk:

What Age Should A Parent Teach Their Children About Money?

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Family Size Coin Counters - Coin Counters For Kids

While I think every child should have their own piggy bank or coin counter, I think that it is also important for the kids to see their parents do the same thing. A family coin counter is great to save up to go on a family outing or to buy something the whole family enjoys.

Zillionz Counting Money Jug
Zillionz Counting Money Jug

This is a see through unbreakable jug that has a digital easy to open mouth.


Did You Have A Piggy Bank Growing Up?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i've used it before.. but with traditional piggy bank.. :D

      thanks for share

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 

      7 years ago from New York

      Yes, I did. I also nailed a tuna can into the corner of my closet to hide money so that my sister couldn't find it. LOL. She use to rob my piggy bank.


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