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College Textbook Rentals

Updated on December 28, 2014

Rent College Textbooks

The system is a great way to get by the school year for cheap!
The system is a great way to get by the school year for cheap!

Rent Textbooks Now

Textbooks prices are ridiculously high for many reasons that dont even involve the content in the book! Ways have been evolving over time to provide the college textbooks for cheaper and cheaper to almost no avail. Now though you can rent your textbooks for a fraction of the full price. Think of it this way, most of your textbooks you would sell back anyway - you really only need them for the course your taking then what? This way you pay the amount you would get back upfront and you get the book. Keeping it in the condition it came in means when you return it you will not be charged anything else. Its information lent to you for awhile. Sure, many textbooks arent available though rental and you always stand the risk of paying the full price of the book if its stolen or destroyed but why not give it a shot?

Advantages of Textbook Rental

  • Cheaper - Save money, live better...wait a second this reminds me of something.
  • Quick - Books come normally between 3 days and a week standard.
  • Easy - All you need is the ISBN number, author, or title to search for them.
  • No Mess - Your textbooks are mailed back to them for someone else!

Disadvantages of Renting your Textbooks

  • No Write - Cant take notes or highlight your books, bummer.
  • Destruction Policy - If your book is destroyed, you pay amount of book+amount of Rental!
  • No Keep - If you have a textbook you like and you want to keep it as a reference...too bad
  • Jetlag -You need to wait to get your books, not instantly off the shelf!

Renting college textbooks should be considered mostly if its a book you will never want to keep or need. See normally you get the choice to keep the book or sell it back, that is of course taken from you so think hard and long, if your going for an English Major you might want to keep all your grammar books to reference later on!


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