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Conserve-Save Money and the Environment

Updated on February 24, 2016

Conserve-Save Money and the Environment Too

Get your kids involved early in learning ways to conserve and save money! There are many ways a family can save money and also help save the planet. Re-use items for craft projects and create some fun family time. Minimize your footprint by learning what you can purchase used, and what you should consider repairing.

Easy Handmade Bank
Easy Handmade Bank

Handmade Penny Bank for Pre-Schoolers

Get your kids interested in saving money by helping them make their own penny bank!

Next time you run out of coffee, don't throw away that can! It is a perfect container for a penny bank. First, remove the label from the can. Then have your child color on a strip of paper. Next, tape the paper around the can. Lastly, carefully cut a slit in the top of the lid. (This step should be done by an adult.) Voila!, a unique penny bank made from recycled materials.

Once the penny bank is made, give your child opportunities to earn money by doing certain chores. My children began folding the towels while I did laundry, and they were picking up all their toys by age 2. When your child has earned his or her money, sit down and discuss how much each coin is worth. Have your child name each coin as they place it in their special, homemade penny bank. This was always very exciting for my kids.

In my opinion, young children have no need to spend this money for several years. I taught my kids that it is best to save their hard earned money, and watch their earnings grow over time. Once they began asking if they could spend their money, I established guidelines for how much they should consider taking out, and how often. It is important to talk to your children about how important things they want to purchase are to them. This establishes the idea of being intelligent with money at an early age, or at least it did for my children. I recently took this concept a step further and gave them separate containers to divide their earnings into. They have the opportunity to think about saving some for charity and some for future college or car expenses as well. I have left it up to them to decide, but I frequently ask them questions regarding their decisions, causing them to think more carefully about their choices.

I'd love some feedback from my readers about what they have done to teach their children about the importance of money and conservation.

Product I Recommend - This is an excellent book!

Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth/25th Anniversary
Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth/25th Anniversary

This is a wonderful book to read with the whole family. Lots of great ideas!

Neale S Godfreys Ultimate Kids Money Book
Neale S Godfreys Ultimate Kids Money Book

This is such an interesting book that really engages the kids!

Grocery Sack Gift Bag
Grocery Sack Gift Bag

Grocery Sack Gift Bags

Save Money and Trees by Making your Own Gift Bags.

Besides saving and reusing the gift bags you receive throughout the year, you can make your own gift bags. Next time you are at the store, just ask for paper sacks instead of plastic. You will be helping the environment, not to mention stocking up on bags that are perfect for that next gift that needs wrapping! The paper sacks with handles are always a plus!

Making gift sacks is so easy, and it is a great family project to do with your kids! If your bag does not have a handle, you can punch holes at the top and create ribbon handles. The sky is the limit as far as what you can use to decorate the sacks. Some suggestions are glue, stickers, tape, markers, crayons, glitter, ribbons, and foil. You can also have a scavenger hunt outside and find leaves, twigs and flower petals for a more natural theme.

Instead of tissue paper, you can use your old newspapers. Homemade gift bags are unique and special, and they will make your gift stand out from among the others. Happy crafting!

Save and Conserve
Save and Conserve

Ways to Save Money and Conserve

Here are ten easy ways to save money and conserve resources too!

1. Shop at thrift stores and garage sales.

2. When you think you are out of toothpaste, cut the tube in half. You'll be amazed how much is left.

3. Look for “junk” thrown out by people’s mailboxes, that you could ask to take and easily paint or repair. (We have done this several times.) One time we picked up a broken wet-vac and fixed it. Another time we fixed a broken Xbox and CD player. If they are free, it doesn't hurt to fiddle with them and learn new skills!

4. Learn hobbies that can save you money and are also fun!

5. Subscribe to Netflix, and cut off your cable. (I love Netflix!)

6. Save grocery sacks to use for trashcan liners, and to carry shoes and swimwear when you go on trips.

7. Buy a tent for some of your trips, instead of staying in a hotel. (Kids love camping, so try it!)

8. Put an agreed upon amount of money from each paycheck into a savings account, instead of spending it on things you probably don't need or can do without.

9. Wash your own vehicle.

10. Sign up for email memberships online. You will receive electronic coupons throughout the year. Chili's Rewards is one of the best reward systems I have signed up for. I am frequently sent free points for free meals. On your birthday, you can get free meal certificates from places like IHOP! And Starbucks still gives me my choice of anything on their menu for free on my birthday, just for registering my gift card I was given years ago. The more online email memberships you sign up for, the more great savings you will receive. I look forward to my birthday every year, because it is a Freebie Bonanza!

Products I Recommend

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, Green
Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, Green

This tent is the perfect size for our family of four. Very roomy! And it is easy to put it up and take down! It has plenty of room to have an inflatable bed on each side with a walkway in the middle to place a fan if needed. Love, love this tent.


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    • CherryBlossomTree profile image

      CherryBlossomTree 24 months ago

      Like this hub! Many new and inventive ideas. Also like your way of writing. Please check out some of my posts, if youd like. I´m new and could use some feedback.

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 3 years ago

      Lots of good ideas. I've adopted nearly all of these over the course of more than a decade.

    • SuperBusyMama profile image

      Amanda R 3 years ago

      @Merrci: Thank you!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Good suggestions! Love the gift bags. So much fun for kids to make them too.