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Throw An Unforgettable "Construction" Themed Kids Party

Updated on January 4, 2011

If you have a little boy who loves trucks, diggers and tools as much as mine, then this kids party idea is for you!  For my son's 2nd birthday, we threw him an incredible "construction" party!  It was easy and awesome!  Here's how we did it:

Kids Party Planning

Everything you need to host a super-cool construction party

My little guy absolutely loves anything "construction". So it was a no-brainer when we were planning his 2nd birthday, to somehow include trucks and tools. We decided a theme party was the way to go.

We started with the invitations. We designed a cute card on the computer that read like this:

Foreman (child's name) wants you to report to the Construction Site! There's Work To Be Done!

Your shift is from (party start time) to (party end time) at the (child's last name) Construction Site located at (child's address)! Please wear your old work clothes 'cause we'll be making a big MESS!

If you can't make it for your shift - call Foreman (child's name) at (phone number).

Next it was time to decorate!

Favorite Sites For The Holidays

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Homemade Decorations

Add some creativity to your party!

We added a few creative touches to make the party feel like a real "construction" site.

First, we created a barricade for the front step. It was a constructed from some scrap wood we had laying around, but a couple of workbenches would work just as well. We purchased "Caution" tape from the local home building supply store. We decorated the front porch with it, as well as inside the house. **This tape doubles as decoration and barricade if there is an area in the house that you don't want the children to access. Tape it across stairways, etc. to keep the kids safe.

We also purchased cheap plastic hard hats from a party supply store and used them to hold chips, crackers and other finger foods. Our drinks for the party, mostly soda, juice boxes and water, were chilling on ice inside a large paint bucket by the food table.

Also displayed on the food table was the cake! And what a cake it was. We purchased a plastic dump truck and loaded the back with chunks of brownies and crushed chocolate cookie crumbs. It looked just like real dirt and the kids loved it! We let them eat it right out of the truck with small plastic scoops. **A great hint - be sure to put a tarp under the kids table. This gets messy!

We also created unique goody bags!

Check out These Great Kids Party Books! - Planning kids parties can be addictive!

These are great books if you plan on throwing lots of kids parties in the future!

Kids Party Favourites - The Goody Bags!

All kids want 'em!!!

We decided to do something a little more personal than just old-fashioned dollar-store loot bags. First we bought inexpensive cloth tool belts for each of the invited kids. We wrote their names on them and filled them with home baked sugar cookies cut out in the shape of tools. We decorated them to look just like the real thing and wrapped them in cellophane. We also included some construction stickers and a colouring book!

This kids party was so easy and it was a huge hit with all of our guests - parents too! Throwing a great kids party just means being creative!

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    • profile image

      AngelaHarms 11 years ago

      I have to agree with you there. We missed birthday number 2 for this one, but I'll bet birthday number 3 could be good too. :) --- I lensrolled you on my teletubby lens. :)

    • profile image

      pambrose 11 years ago

      Great party idea, Kelly!! I don't know of any two year old boy who wouldn't love it! You really provided a ton of original information! I'm sure you have just made a lot of Moms(and their little boys)very happy!