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Cool Ideas To Wake Up Kids Using Unique Alarm Clocks

Updated on December 13, 2013

Fun Alarm Clocks For Kids

It is soon going to be back to school and all young moms have the task of getting the kids to wake up on time for school. I would like to share how my sister found an effective way to make wake up time exciting for her kids.

She has a son and a daughter and the solution she found was giving them each their personal alarm clock. The alarm clocks were unique and unusual.They had their favorite characters near their bedside and calling out loud to wake them up.

Featured here : My nephew's favorite Spongebob Squarepants as a Retro Alarm Clock.

I am sharing here a few of the unique and cool alarm clock ideas I picked up on amazon as I was helping my sister choose hers.

Talking Alarm Clock For Kids

Children love talking nine to the dozen and let the fun clocks with the monkey,doggie or piggy wake them up with its sweet chatter. The adventurous little one may like the dino to wake him up.

Click on the talking clock image to see it larger and know more technical details from Amazon.

Ideas to make wake up time more fun for kids

1.Make it a game and give a small reward for the one who gets up first.

2.Tickle them to bring the laughter aloud and make the little one fresh.

3.Sprinkle water like rain and make it a fun time to get up

4.Have a wake up song and sing it aloud

5.Give permission to watch their favorite cartoons if they wake up early.

Disney Cars To Wake Up

Who does not love Disney?

Let the car lover have his Disney car alarm clock give him the wake up call.

The first and best choice for all car lovers.The bright red racing car zooms on top of the clock with LCD display enticing the little daredevil to wake up with earnest.

You can also have the master storyteller car putting the little darlings to sleep with soothing tales.

Set the time and be sure that the little masters will get up eagerly to watch their car light up.

Toy Story Characters

Bring home Buzz Lightyear and woody to help you with morning madness.Let them wake up your child to a morning filled with happiness.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Mini-Figure Alarm Clock


Toy Story Woody Mini-Figure Alarm Clock


Unusual Alarm Clocks-Star Wars Minifigure Clocks

Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock


The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock has movable arms and legs to delight the kids and also features a Snooze Button for some extra sleep time!

Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock


The Yoda , one of America's best - known and loved characters ,as a minifigure alarm clock makes a great bedroom accessory. Yoda has movable arms and digital display to show time.

A perfect gift for the Star Wars fans !

Novelty Alarm Clocks For Kids

Kids love novel ideas and here are some differnet unique attractions for the kids to interact with.

HELLO KITTY Alarm Clock Radio - Cute Wake Up Alarm Clock

An adorable pet shop cute alarm clock that helps you make waking up easy for your kids with the pet sound effects . Cute pets on top guard the snooze button and LCD display lights up when the snooze button is pressed.

ZAZOO Photo Clock

Multimedia photo alarm with naptime setting.

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    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 4 years ago

      Cute clocks

    • profile image

      DecoratingMom411 5 years ago

      Great lens. Wonderful selection of fun clocks to be enjoyed by children and adults too.

    • pinkrenegade lm profile image

      pinkrenegade lm 5 years ago

      Great, loved the wide variety of alarm clocks, really creative.

    • BestToysReviews profile image

      BestToysReviews 6 years ago

      Wow, that's a lot of alarm clocks :)

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 6 years ago from New York

      My lord. You have found an alarm clock to match just about any kids room decor! LOL. I just heard about a new electronic one that jumps off the table if it is not shut off and rolls around the floor. The teen then has to chase it around the room to turn it off. That's one way to get them out of bed!