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Cool School Lunch Pack Ideas for Boys

Updated on August 31, 2017

"Cool" is in the Eyes of the Beholder!

When you are checking out lunch packs for boys, they usually show preference for something that is "cool". Cool varies greatly, by age, and there are no stringent guidelines as to what is, or isn't going to satisfy the interests of your child. Add to that, peer influence, and it's advisable that you make sure that the lunch tote you purchase is one that will stand through the year as interesting and acceptable.

Of course, it would be easy enough to stick with a simple, solid colored lunch pack, but then, that is anything but cool. It may not invite teasing, but it will neither promote an interest. That's the safest route, but extreme. Try starting with your son's interests, and then examinining the selections together. Fortunately, the realm of online shopping has made it possible to peruse a multitude of options, without using a drop of expensive gasoline!

Where were you?

What was your status when the original Star Wars movie was released?

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How do you feel about the first 3 Star Wars movies, compared to the latter 3?

My teens love Star Wars, but there is a constant state of confusion over the numbering. The original movie, from 1976, will always be the first, in my mind, not the fourth, as my children insist.

How do you think of the series of Star Wars films?

Star Wars Lunch Packs for Boys

Star Wars has been a favorite theme of boys for decades! I was in 6th grade when the first Star Wars Movie was released, and since then, my brothers, and my sons, have avidly enjoyed all things Star Wars. A Star Wars lunch pack is a surefire hit, with many boys, but not always available in stores.

Superheroes Themes Make Cool Lunch Pack Choices for Boys - Batman

Older elementary school aged boys will prefer more action oriented lunch packs, whereas younger boys, at the pre-school and early elementary levels, may enjoy a more simple rendering of super hero characters.

Dinosaur Lunch Packs for Boys

Dinosaurs are a classic favorite of boys, and many carry their interests beyond childhood. Still, the available lunch pack options with dinosaurs vary in terms of age appropriate. Some are obviously geared toward younger boys, namely those in pre-school, and early elementary grades. There tends to be a transition in the middle of elementary school, and cartoonish dinosaurs may not be appreciated as much. If your child wants a dinosaur lunch box, make sure you have him look at the selections with you, and defer to his judgement.

Dinosaur Lunch Packs at Amazon

Many, though not all, lunch pack selections at Amazon are eligible Amazon Mom products. Any parent, or caregiver, can join Amazon Mom, earning 3 free months of Amazon Prime shipping, along with other special offers. The Prime benefits can be extended, with qualifying purchases in increments of $25 value.

Movie Themed Lunch Pack for Boys

When a summer movie appeals to young boys, the interest often translates into a great choice for school supplies, school bags, and lunch packs. In the summer of 2010, Buzz Lightyear was the cool character to tote to school. In the summer o 2011, Cars 2 is due to release, and is apt to be a hot choice for pre-school and early elementary aged boys, including lunch packs.

Cool School Lunch Packs for Boys: What's Your Fave?

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