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Fun And Engaging Toddler Learning Toys

Updated on February 20, 2013

Toddlers Having Fun With Learning Toys

The best toddler learning toys are educational and engaging, but most of all fun.

Your toddler is in the middle of the years when their minds are growing at an exponential rate, learning about language, motor skills and the basics of life knowledge that will help them better adapt to the world as they grow older. Toddler learning toys once upon a time we're so few and far between that it was hard to find the right toys to offer your child or to find one that met their interests and educational needs at all.

Below are several toddler toys that are very highly rated on Amazon, helping them to learn about counting, shapes & colors and music.

JumpStart ToddlerREAD REVIEWS

Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby and ToddlerREAD REVIEWS

LeapFrog: Letter FactoryREAD REVIEWS

Plan Toy Geometric Sorting BoardREAD REVIEWS

Lauri Toys Toddler ToteREAD REVIEWS

Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern BlocksREAD REVIEWS

The Learning Journey Early Learning Color & Shapes MonkeyREAD REVIEWS

Tolo Toys Shape Sorter Play BenchREAD REVIEWS

Melissa & Doug Stacking TrainREAD REVIEWS

Nowadays toddler learning toys come in a wide variety of subjects, styles, sizes and purposes to fully engage your child and offer them help in as many different subjects of learning as there are under the sun.

Hohner 5 Piece Toddler Music BandREAD REVIEWS

Melissa & Doug Band in a BoxREAD REVIEWS

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum - LimeREAD REVIEWS


Hohner Kids HMX3008B GlockenspielREAD REVIEWS

LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical TableREAD REVIEWS

Toddler Learning Toys Help To Broaden The Toddler's Mind

Toddler learning toys help to broaden the toddler's mind and teach them motor skills as well as the basics for subjects such as math, science, construction & building and more.

The more a child learns early on in life the more they will be able to learn a variety of different subjects and grow from them.

The importance of educational toddler toys is clear and every parent should offer toys in each of the different categories to fully engage their toddler's mind completely.

Manhattan Toy Counting and Sorting FarmREAD REVIEWS

Smart Snacks Counting CookiesREAD REVIEWS

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Piggy BankREAD REVIEWS

VTech Count and Dive Penguins Bath ToyREAD REVIEWS

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Wooden Chunky PuzzleREAD REVIEWS

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Counting MaracasREAD REVIEWS

Toddlers love to experiment and discover, toys help them to engage in problem solving and learning.

4 Categories Of Toddler Learning Toys And Why They Are So Important

Toddler learning toys are important to you child's development because children learn, especially at a young age, from doing rather than seeing or being told what to do. Toys offer that ability to learn because they are hands on educations tools that engage not only their minds but their bodies as well. Educational toys can be divided up into several different categories and it is important to offer your child at least a few toys for each category to give them a broad spectrum of learning choices to offer a fully encompassing learning experience.

1) Toys that Engage the Toddler's Physical or Muscle Development - These types of educational toddler toys are trains, cars, building blocks,

puzzles, etc. Toys such as this type help to give the child the ability to learn how to move their bodies and how their bodies move in relation

to other solid objects around them.

2) Toys that Engage the Toddler's Senses (Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Taste) - Anything that engages their senses such as electronic

sound/light games, water games, bubbles, play dough, sand toys, etc. These education toys help your toddler to differentiate between the

many different aspects of the five senses that will aid them later on in life.

3) Toys that Engage the Toddler's Imagination or Social Skills - Educational toddler toys such as dolls, dress up costumes, play houses,

imaginative games, books, etc. Toys such as these can help broaden your child's mind helping to imagine all sorts of different things as

well as begin to teach them how to socialize with children their own age.

4) Toys that Engage the Toddler's Creativity and Intellectual Mind - Educational toddler toys like paints, coloring, clay/play dough, books,

interactive games, etc. These types of toys help your toddler engage their creative and intellectual minds helping them to get accustomed

to the more creative and intellectual aspects of life that will be expanded upon as they enter school.

Red Toddler Learning Toys

Blue Toddler Learning Toys

Which toddler learning toys do you find to be the most effective?

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    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      Ones with vivid colors and those with letters & numbers.