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My Cousin Julie

Updated on March 13, 2011

The first time I met Julie was during my great-grandmother's funeral, I was probably thirteen years old and she was eleven. Julie was very pretty and still carrying a lot of baby fat. Julie resembled a child conceive from a bi-racial relationship. My cousin Meg adopted Julie along with her sister Arlene, when Julie was eight years old. I got the impression that Julie was not comfortable with being adopted, whenever she would meet a person for the first time, she made appoint to explain that she was adopted.

I did not see or hear from Julie until I came back to live with my great-aunt, I was sixteen years old and Julie was fourteen years old. Our friendship started out ok, then it became sort of shaking. Julie was a lot more mature than I was. Julie smoked cigarettes, dranked alcohol and she had already lost her virginity. Don't get me wrong, Julie was wild, but I believe circumstances beyond her control, made her that way.

My cousin Meg, cousin Arlene and Julie came to visit during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Julie and me found we kind of like the same thing such as music, playing cards, going to the games and boys. I convinced my great-aunt to let Julie come back to visit during the Christmas holiday. We had a great time, Julie went as a third wheel on one of my dates with a guy I met through my great-aunt. I remember so well, because we went to the movies to see the premiere of the "Wiz". It was awesome. As our vacation continued, I begin to see another side of Julie, I found out that she was taking a prescription for hyperactivity. I learned that as long as Julie would take her medicine, she was normal, well calmer. Whenever Julie stopped taking her medicine, she would become impatient, wild and she would not eat. I asked her, if she knows that her behavior gets out of control, why not make appoint to take her medicine? Julie complained that she hated taking the medicine, because it makes her sleepy and she tend to eat too much. I told her, I think I would rather eat and sleep too much than to have my behavior get out of control.

It was New Year's Day, and this time I got to visit with Julie. It was a riot. On the way to my cousin Meg's and cousin Arlene's house, cousin Meg drove us. I am sorry, I can drive better than cousin Meg, and I only had a permit. Cousin Meg made a left turn and don't ask how, but she ended up turning right onto the medium that separate oncoming traffic. I prayed all the way to their home. After we got there, we sat up most of the night and played "Gin Rummy". By midnight, cousin Arlene was toasted and cousin Meg was tried and went to bed. The next day, Julie and I went bowling with one of her friends. I cannot remember what exactly happened, but Julie and I had a nasty argument, I believe it escalated to a pushing match.  Julie ran out of the bowling alley.  I called cousin Meg to come and get us.  When we returned home, Julie and I had a chance to cool down and made peace.

We did not call or visit each other for a couple of months, until March, Julie called and asked if she could come and visit.  We went to my high school's basketball game and then hung out with some guys I knew.  They were two brothers by the names Darrius and Troy Pierson.  Julie became smitten with the brother called Darrius.  Julie and Darrius talked on the phone all while she was visiting with me.

After two weeks had past, I received a call from Darrius, he called to tell me that Julie was at his parent's house.  I asked to speak with Julie.  Julie began to tell me about the argument, she had with her mother, cousin Meg.  I tried to talk Julie into going back home.  She would not hear of it.  I told Darrius could he bring her to my great-aunt's house.  He said he would try and convince her to go.  When Julie arrive at the house, she had not been taking her medicine and I believe she was high.  My great-aunt came home from work and called cousin Meg.  Cousin Meg talked to Julie and they were able to resolve whatever the problem was.

My great-aunt sat down and told me, that she could not allow Julie to come back over unless she got help.  It was months before, we would hear from cousin Meg and Julie.  The next time I heard from them, months had turned into a year.  I found out that Julie had become a mother herself.  By the time I was beginning my senior year, I received more news about Julie.  My great-aunt and I were sitting at the table, while she read the newspaper.  In this newspaper was a picture of an unidentified female, it was my cousin, Julie.  It was the most sad and shocking thing to read about, especially it is your family.  We talk with cousin Meg and she told us that Julie had left home, leaving her two children behind.  No one knew where Julie was, until the article in the paper was printed.  Julie had been listed as Jane Doe for sometime.  We all assumed that Julie was going through one of her episodes.  Now she is listed as one of America's unsolved murder.  My cousin Arlene had passed a year before Julie was found.  My cousin Meg was living with her other side of the family, and Julie's two children were believed to be in foster homes.


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