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Crib Rail Covers for Teething - Padded Crib Edge Guards and Chew Protectors

Updated on September 29, 2013

A teething baby will gnaw on just about anything which gets close to his or her mouth which presents something of a problem when they are standing in their crib as the top rail is always just the perfect height for a good gnawing session. That can naturally damage the crib but more importantly it can be dangerous to baby too who may ingest paint chips, wood splinters etc. if you are not careful. That's why many parents like to turn to crib rail covers to provide a safer teething surface whilst keeping the crib free from scrapes and bite marks too.

Crib rail covers are marketed under a variety of different names including crib rail guards, cot edge protectors, teething rails and baby teething bumpers to name but a few of the inventive names manufacturers like to market their products by. Ultimately however, these are all aimed at performing the same action, providing a safer teething rail for babies in their crib.

There are three main styles of teething rail covers for babies to choose between and those are hard plastic covers which clip on over the edge of the crib, gummi rails which are self adhesive and offer a unique non tox phthalate free chewable surface or padded fabric rails which buckle or tie in place. All do the job of putting a non toxic barrier between your teething toddler and their wooden or metal crib but there are advantages and disadvantages of each which may make you swing your decision to one type of product over the other.

This spotlight on toddler teething rail covers aims to highlight the differences between the different types of crib side bumpers whilst highlighting some of the best reviewed teething rail guards for cribs as reviewed by real parents sharing their experiences online so you can find the best product for your needs, fast, without the blind trial and error which often accompanies buying unfamiliar products.

Fabric Teething Rail Covers For Cribs

This style of padded crib rail cover makes the most sense in my opinion. The whole idea just offers so many more advantages than the other options out there that for me, it just makes sense to buy a couple of these (put one on whilst you wash the other) to ensure your baby stays safe in their crib.

For starters, the obvious benefit comes from the padding itself. A padded crib rail cover provides a level of protection against bumped teeth and knocked heads which a hard plastic cover, or a gummi rail doesn't offer. The plastic rails are as bad as banging up against the bare wood and whilst the gummi is better, it is still a relatively hard surface. A material crib rail cover with padding is the best option to keep the tears at bay when your toddler makes one of those inevitable misteps which sends them crashing into the rail.

Another nice feature is how easy these are to install and remove when you want to wash them, or when you've moved out of the crib stage and you want to store, sell or pass it on. These attach with either ties, velcro or buckles to hold them firmly in place without them becoming a permanent fixture and without the use of adhesive which may damage the paint or strip varnish from wood. A couple of minutes of your time and hey presto, you've got a secure, non-toxic padded barrier between your teething child and the crib railing.

Then, when you want to wash them, because the other benefit of buying a material crib rail covering is that they are machine washable, you simply untie, unbuckle or erm, 'un-velcro', them, throw it in the washing machine and its ready to go again, fresh and clean. The whole tie-on system and flexibility of material makes them ideal for all types of crib railing too, so even if you don't have a standard looking rail, perhaps it has some kind of raised decoration on it, or it is particularly wide or curved oddly, then you don't have to worry about not being able to find a plastic rail which fits or worry about the adhesive on something like a gummi crib rail not sticking right.

The final thing I really like about many of the cloth or linen crib rail bumpers is that they often have little material loops and ties for tieing on your child's favorite teething toys or just general playthings so you can actually turn the side of the crib into an interactive teething station where they can do all the teething they want without you having to worry about silly things like wood chips or paint flecks being ingested.

The following selection of baby crib and cot rail covers for teething tots all get great reviews from their owners and are available in multiple colors and lengths to cover both the front and side rails of the crib.

Leachco Easy Teether Receives Consistently Great Reviews

Leachco produces a range of crib rail teethers which attach to the edge of the crib to provide an soft teething surface. Featured here are the ivory front/back and side teether covers but different colors and styles are available including sage, sand, brown, white, blue, pink and more here.

KidKushion Gummi Crib Rail Teether

One of the complaints some people have with the fabric crib edge guards is that a determined toddler can still sometimes find a way to pull at the edges hard enough to expose bare wood for them to chew on. The Gummi rail cover doesn't have this problem however as its self adhesive backing sticks down firmly onto the crib where it stays firmly in place until you decide to move it. You cut it to size, so if you make it cover the entire length of the railing then there is no chance of your child finding bare wood to chew on.

Gummi cribs rail guards by KidKushion are made of a uniquely chewable non-toxic phthalate free material which toddlers are going to love to teeth on. The material is tough and durable and can be wiped clean with a simple soap and water solution to keep it sanitary.

The Gummi teething crib rail guard fits all standard and non-standard edges whether they be fat, thin, rounded, square and even those with raised embellishments are said to be well served by this product. Buyers do seem to either love it to death or claim it doesn't stick well enough (the instructions do clearly state to not fiddle with it for a few hours so perhaps the problem lies there) so your mileage may vary on this one but when it works, it does an excellent job.

Clip On Plastic Crib Rail Guards

The final option for baby-proofing a crib against teething chompers is to go with a plastic clip on guard. These are the simplest idea but in practice parents find the least success with them without a little modification at least. The problem lies with the design itself and that fact that, because they simply push down over the crib rail without any form of adhesive or method of tieing them down it is almost just as easy for babies to pull them straight back off again...and throw them at you. You can of course use cable ties, tape etc. to hold them more firmly in place and that solves the problem but straight out of the box they may not be the solution you are looking for. Some parents have great success with them of course, it all depends on how determined your child is to gnaw on that railing.

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