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Cute Crib Sets for Girls

Updated on April 4, 2015
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Crib Sets for Girls

When looking for crib sets for girls parents are typically looking for bright and beautiful colors that will make their little girl feel like a princess.

Luckily it is not to hard to find baby girl crib bedding sets both online and in your local retail store. Of course you are typically going to find the best selection of crib sets online and usually at a much lower price than at your local retailer.

Typically you will find crib sets for girls come in patterns that have flowers, animals, Dr. Seuss characters, Disney characters and even Hello Kitty. When it comes to colors you will usually find that these sets will come in colors like pink, purple and green. This is not to say these are the only colors or designs but just what you will see the most of.

Additionally, you will find baby girl crib sets that have from 3 pieces all the way up to 13 pieces. A 3 piece set will typically come with a comforter, crib sheet and crib skirt whereas a 13 piece set will have a comforter, a fitted sheet, a skirt, a bumper, 2 window valances, 2 throw pillows, a diaper stacker, a toy bag and three wall art décor hangings.

Crib Sets for Girls and Your Choices

Here is a great selection of crib sets for girls for you to browse through. You will find many colors and many styles to choose from all at a very reasonable price. This is just a small example of the different girls crib sets that are available today and of course you can find a wide assortment of boys crib sets as well if you do a little searching.

Baby Girl Artist 13 Piece Crib Set

This 13 piece set includes a comforter, a bumper, a fitted sheet, a skirt, two window valances, a diaper stacker, a toy bag, two throw pillows and three wall art décor hangings. Additionally there are several other matching pieces available separately.

Boutique Baby Girl Artist 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

"This bedding is awesome as far as quality and price. It comes with all the pieces you need for your nursery. The colors are vibrant and it is very well made. I was very pleased to get so much for the price. Highly recommended."

Designer Girl Dragonfly 13 Piece Crib Set

This crib set for girls is also made by GEENY and comes with the same 13 pieces as the Baby Girl Artist set above and has additional matching accessories as well. This beautiful set comes in a Dragonfly theme that is sure to make any baby girl happy.

Purchasing Cute Crib Sets for Girls

Purchasing a one of the complete 13 piece crib sets for girls is a great way to create a beautiful nursery in one style that your daughter will love. However, purchasing one of the smaller sets allows you to mix and match and create your own style. It really depends on how much time you want to spend on decorating and what look your are going for.

Of course cribs sets for girls are not the only crib sets you can find, you will also be able to get crib sets for boys if need be. Although they are typically the same when it comes to the number of pieces and the types of pieces you get in a set, you will find that they come in styles, colors and patterns more appropriate for boys.

Below you will find a great selection of crib sets for girls. Click on any of the links to find out more information on each set.

Boutique Animal Kingdom 13 Piece Crib Set

This 13 piece animal themed baby crib set is also made by GEENY, includes the same pieces and has additional pieces sold separately.

Something to note with the three GEENY crib sets for girls feature a sewn on pattern and are not made from print. This shows the quality that is put into making these adorable crib sets.

Cocalo Daniella Eight Piece Crib Bedding Set

This is an 8 piece set that comes with a quilt, sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, window valance and a 3-piece wall hanging. Additionally this set features quilting and is appliqued

If you like this set you should think of grabbing it quick as it it has been discontinued.

Custom Baby Girl Bedding - Pink Safari 13 PCS Crib Nursery Bedding Set

Pink Safari 13 PCS Crib Nursery Bedding Set

This 13 piece set by SISI features a pink safari theme that is sure to delight your child. This set comes with a crib quilt, a crib bumper , a fitted crib sheet , a crib skirt , two window valances, a toy bag, a diaper stacker, three wall art hangings, a decorative pillow and a customs decorative pillow.

Boutique Moon and Star 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set

This GEENNY Brown Pink Star & Moon 13 piece crib set is one of my favorites and would be the one I would choose if I had a baby daughter right now. It comes with the same quality as well as same pieces as the other GEENY crib sets for girls listed here.

My Opinion

Although my children are a little older and do not sleep in a crib any longer we recently purchased the Boutique Brand New GEENNY Baby Girl Artist 13PCS crib bedding set for some friends who have just had a baby girl. We knew the colors they had used in their nursery and thought this set would match perfectly.

We had the set shipped to us so we could wrap it nicely and got to check out the set a little bit. We were very impressed with every piece that this set comes with. Once we gave it to our friends and saw everything in place we were even more impressed. Everything looks fantastic in their nursery and you really get a lot for the price.

If we ever have another child we will definitely be choosing one of the large Greeny crib sets to use in the nursery.

Crib Sets for Girls and Boys

About Cribs Sets for Girls and Boys - What You Should Know

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