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Dad's Fun Walks on the Golf Course

Updated on April 11, 2017

My Father Had Some Interesting Hobbies - Remembering Him On Father's Day

My dad had some interesting hobbies; one of them was collecting golf balls. This he regarded as somewhat of a fun hobby and family and friends saw it in this light too. Our family lived in a double storey house opposite an undeveloped park - beyond the park was a railway line then a country club with an 18 hole golf course.

Almost every afternoon after work my dad would pick up his walking stick and set off for a walk through the park and around the golf course. He took our two dogs with, a Dachshund and Labrador; they loved to walk with him. They didn't need any persuasion to go walking with him and came running soon before he departed.

After a Busy Day of Work Dad Liked to Walk

My father
My father | Source

My Father

My Dad was a psychiatrist; he practised his profession with two partners for many years in our city. Unlike me he had a good maths and science brain and studied to be a doctor then specialized in psychiatry. Over the years he had a few hobbies but this one of collecting golf balls came about through his walks on the golf course.

I guess as far as his character was concerned one could say he was sensible, diligent, had an enquiring mind as well as a desire to help his fellow man - he also had a few eccentricities, this hobby being one of them.

Occasionally I would accompany him on his walks and get involved in the finding of lost golf balls. It was in the late afternoons so there were not many golfers about due to the imminent approach of nightfall, especially in the winter months. He walked near the edge of the course where bushes grew and the grass was often longer; here he came upon golf balls that golf players had basically lost. These golf balls had been abandoned by their owners who were unable to find them.

He would never, ever pick up a ball on any hole where the golfers were still busy playing, that just would not be cricket, as the saying goes. It was a case of finder's keeper's in those years during the 1960s and a large portion of the 1970s. I suppose he could have returned them to the clubhouse although it would have been difficult for them to find the original owners. Back in those days there didn't seem to be any particular ruling regarding the finding of lost golf balls as well as the fact that he was allowed to walk freely on the course with the dogs without even playing golf.

The Collection - The Remnant

Author's photo - no copying please.
Author's photo - no copying please.

What is left of the Collection

Over the years he accumulated quite a number of golf balls, I forget how many exactly, I used some of them when I played golf for a few years. I also lost some of them while playing and never recovered them. He gave others away to different golfing enthusiasts.

Only a handful of these treasures remain, I have a few which we keep for sentimental value, as dad passed away in the mid 1980s. The above photo is all that remains of the collection, the remnant, as it were. There's one that sits in a little ceramic pot on the lounge windowsill to remind me of him and his weird and wonderful ways. If that sounds quirky let me just say that I have a few other more important memorabilia of his as well. This hobby of his was a bit of a joke with the family, they teased him about it too.

Father's Day

It is now June 2014 and nearly Father's Day - I remember this one pastime of his because of his unusual ways. Many years have passed since his passing but I have fond memories of him and much admiration for his dedication to his work and family.

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    • Dave Lynch profile image

      David Edward Lynch 3 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      @asereht1970: Thank you for your kind comment.

    • asereht1970 profile image

      asereht1970 3 years ago

      Beautiful lens about a father. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave Lynch profile image

      David Edward Lynch 3 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      @Merrci: Thanks for your comment and Squidlike, appreciate it.

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Sweet memories a lovely lens. Thanks for sharing.