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Dakine School Bags for Tweens and Teens

Updated on August 1, 2013

Fashionably Plaid School Bags for Girls

Plaid has become a popular trend with tweens, teens, and beyond, and when it comes time for back to school shopping, these trends have moved into the realm of school bags: backpacks, messenger bags, and totes. If your tween or teen loves plaid, then you'll find some great choices from Dakine, right here. Furthermore, you don't have to use any costly gasoline to browse!

Backpacks in Plaid

Backpacks are a great organizational tool!

Tweens have a huge tendency toward disorganization, and the beginning of middle school is when the challenge becomes really big. Traveling from one class to another, there's such a whirlwind of activity that it's amazing the kids keep their materials together. An backpack holds plenty of books, as well as study tools and materials, and is easy to pick up when the bell rings, and to carry on the way.

Develop some good habits, with your tween, early in the year. Designate a backpack station, a place where the bag goes on return home, and where it is returned after completion of homework. The pack will only be as tidy as its owner keeps it, so make sure that it's cleaned up regularly.

Plaid Dakine Backpack Selections

I really love the plaid varieties from Dakine. They work for girls in every age group. Whether you need to outfit an elementary school girl or a college girl, the color choices are fanciful and contemporary. You'll want to watch for sturdy straps and lots of organizational space, especially if you are dealing with a tween daughter who will be attending middle school. This is a notorious stage for organizational challenges, but Dakine plaids can really boost attitude while Dakine styling leads to better habits with a little bit of parental oversight.

Dakine Girls Prom Pack, Carmen
Dakine Girls Prom Pack, Carmen

Bold and bright, great for the middle schooler who loves color.

Dakine Girls Eden Pack, Avalon
Dakine Girls Eden Pack, Avalon

This subtle plaid features really simple colors, great for the girl who doesn't want a lot of attention drawn to her school bag.

Dakine Scooler Pack, Kernigan
Dakine Scooler Pack, Kernigan

I love coordinating sets, especially for upper elementary and early middle school.


Dakine Style...For Whom?

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More Plaid Dakine Backpacks

Okay, you really can't escape the plaids featured by Dakine. You'll also want to explore the patterns in messenger bags, especially if your child is heading into middle school. I love these contemporary color choices, but you'll definitely want to browse related options as you reach these products.

Don't Miss Dakine Print Backpacks

Print Style Backpacks by Dakine

Floral backpacks for girls by Dakine are fun and feminine. You'll find some beautiful color combinations that are great at upper elementary, middle and high school levels. These double as overnight bags for school trips, sleepovers or even family travel during the year. Many Dakine backpacks include an extra top strap for hanging in the classroom or on a hook in the bedroom.

Messenger Bags by Dakine

Messenger School Bags for Cross Body Carrying

Cross body carrying can be helpful when your tween or teen has a number of heavy books to carry. Whereas much of the weight of a backpack affects the shoulers, the crossbody style of a messenger tote allows the carrier to balance and carry that weight up front, or, if more convenient, to the side. Tote handles are generally a feature of such school bags, as well, and allow for hand carrying, if the load is light. Billed also as laptop bags, these are great if your youngster is going to need to transport a netbook or laptop.

Plaid Messenger/Laptop Bags by Dakine

Messengers are ideal for those who tend to stuff their books and papers together in a backpack. The bottomless pit syndrome is a nightmare for moms who want to keep their kids focused on academics, and messenger design is a little more practical because of wide openings, horizontal book storage and easy viewing. Check out just a few of the colorful but durable designs represented here.

Dakine Print and Solid Messenger Bags

There are colors and prints for every taste and interest. I love the paisleys and plaids, but solids are great for long-term use as well. These can last on through the college years, providing adaptability over time.

Sports Duffles and School Bags by Dakine

If your tween or teen is involved in athletics...

You'll want a good bag for sports related gear, separate from a book bag for school academic materials. There are large and not so large duffle bags in plaids, and solids or prints, available from Dakine.

Dakine Sports Bags

These are also fantastic for college students who need light luggage choices for weekend sports trips, club activities or a short trip home for a holiday. You'll appreciate bright color choices, durable design and roomy storage.

What type of school bag?

What do you prefer?

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