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Parenting and Child Care –How to select daycare versus baby-sitter for working moms?

Updated on May 1, 2009

Hello moms,

I am a dad of a 16-month-old cute and very naughty girl, and today, I would like to share my personal experience with working moms on how to select a daycare or a baby-sitter for their kids. These tips have helped my wife to go to her new job and it has been already four months now since she is going.

So as discussed above, working moms have two options that are either you can leave your baby with a baby-sitter or try a daycare where there are many more kids.


Option #1: Daycare

You need to be very careful while selecting a daycare. Go for a famous and prominent daycare facility in your area. Try that it should be near your home. Join work only after you are sure that your daughter is settled. There will be some trouble in the beginning like she may get cold and flu and will cry a lot but do not lose heart, as this is all a process of growing up.

When you will start leaving your daughter/son in the daycare, do not put him/her there for more than one hour initially. Slowly increase the time. Also check if daycare people are handling him/her well after you have gone. In front of you anyway, they will try to entertain your kid, but later they will just keep complaining to each other. That makes kid cry all the more. Make sure that they are trained to handle kids well and do not have a negative mindset. I would suggest going for a surprise check in the daycare.

Older kids take more time to adjust. If you have plan to work, you should start putting him/her in daycare ASAP. Make it one or two months in advance of your going for the new job, so that the kid is already adjusted in the new environment when you go out for your work.

Option #2: Baby-sitter

If you do not want to send your kid to daycare, then get a full-time maidservant from your native after a thorough check of identity. Get the identity of your servant registered through your local police station and keep a photocopy of her identify proofs. Now what next????

If possible, get your parents or in laws with you, so that the servant can take care of the baby and your in-laws or parents whoever is there can monitor the servant that he/she is taking care of the baby. In this way, the maid will be also cautious and you will be also free from your baby's side. Also, you will not have the guilt that old parents have to run behind the kid. Your kid might miss you for some time, but the best part regarding the kids is that they forget very soon.

I would suggest option #1 for moms who do not live with their in-laws or any trustworthy elder person..............So all the best and join your job......Rest, God will take care, as God loves babies too..............


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