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Emotional Crisis - I lost $100,000 in investments - the money which was to secure my future - i am...

Updated on February 25, 2018

Relax and Rejuvenate

Emotional Recovery

Many places and people are going through emotional devastation. Terrible things happen that change their lives. In many instances, there is nothing the world can do but try to help put the pieces back together. This outreaching of hands helps to heal.



There are times when a friendly smile or a warm hand is comfort.

There are times when a human hand is the only answer

There are times when there are no words

There are times when no amount of money will appease

There are times when people just need people

There are times when help is doing nothing

There are times keeping lifestyles and surroundings as simple as possible works

There are times when the only answer is to listen from within

There are times when the only answer is to listen

There are times when the noise of the world becomes too loud

There are times when to sit still is the answer.

Lost 100,000

First of all, I understand you lost a lot of money, but trust me, there are worse things than losing money. I will not help you nurse your wounds, no matter how hard a situation is you must get up and think and try again. When you get your finances stable again you can sit in some lovely penthouse suite and tell yourself how miserable you are. But until then you cannot have a pity party. If you do, nothing will get better.

Of course, you are devastated and frustrated, but as they say “you will feel better in the morning.” We all kick ourselves when we believe we have made decisions that are not so great, but we are not perfect and are going to make major blunders in life. Clearly you are a smart person and a planner. Not only does everyone stumble, others take advantage, but it is all a part of living life.

If you think things are lousy for you, take a good look around. Next you will say, I do not care about what is happening to the other guy. Stop there, if you care about the other guy you will realize you are not getting the worst of it and, THAT will help you pull yourself back up. If you think about others you will get up, over and over, and that is not playing the violin. Next time you fall, thinking about someone else needing your help and you will be amazed at your strength.

It is said, “if you took the worlds wealth, gave all an equal share, the wealth would end up in the same hands.” If you should decide to get up and dust yourself off you will read and find that many wealthy people in history won and lost fortunes over and over. But the thing is the ones who kept trying knew if you made money once it was easier each time, because you know how to do it.The hard part is learning how to make money in the first place. You accumulated 100,000. Let’s say you have nothing. There are people who will pay you to show them how to make that kind of money. So, clean yourself up, get dressed and know you still have that money, it is for the time being, just not visible. It is in your head. You have that amount in your mind, a 100 times over. ‘WHAT A MAN CAN CONCEIVE A MAN WILL ACHIEVE.” Stay strong.

I hope You Dance

Emotional Help on the Web

People go through changes everyday. Some find themselves in deep depression, feeling they have no recourse. Sadly getting professional help is not an option many want to take. In these cases reading the opinion of others might help. The answer each individual gives may not be the answer you are searching for but it may give you some insight. Dorothy was looking for the road to OZ but OZ never really existed. With search, and following the yellow brick road, with the help of others she was able to find her way out of depression; she found her way home.

There are thousands of writers on the Web with ideas and perhaps answers that might aid a person on their journey for answers. Some are better writers than others but the opinion of each, is valuable and each writer may be able to lend a helping hand to his fellowman by just writing a note of information and life’s experiences. Writing gets better with practice, so does being a genuine human being.

Nervous Disorders

Some nervous disorders are believed to be caused by a lack of nutrition, causing a chemical imbalance in the body. Once the body’s nutritional system is returned to normal the problem all but disappears. Certainly this is not true in every case but it is possible to help your body by simply eating correctly and by occasionally supplementing your diet with vitamins if necessary.

Many of the vitamins listed in hair food vitamins are the things that the nervous system needs to stay healthy. B complex and vitamin C seem to be important in helping nervous disorders. Eating foods rich in these vitamins help balance the nervous system. Many problems always come back to diet. When eating certain foods is difficult juicing is a wonderful way to get the nutrients into the body. Fresh vegetables grown as naturally as possible may be a good alternative to some sources. A home garden is a wonderful idea for your health.

Fight Depression

Depression and diet are interwoven. There are times when depression is an understandable feeling but it can be intensified by a lack of the proper nutrients in the diet. When the proper diet is implemented feelings of great distress are not able to devastate, and it is easier to bounce back from those down and out times that makes you feel depressed.

Certain foods are especially good for the nervous system and depression. A good diet is wonderful but some foods seem to pack more punch than others for certain problems. Try cooking with olive oil, eat more fish. During the winter months it can be difficult to be as socially active and keeping a positive outlook is important. Nuts are a good food to eat to help your mood and they are in abundance in the winter. Eat beans and eggs and eat foods with folic acid lots of green stuff; asparagus has plenty.

Watch your sugar intake, this can aggravate depression. When you eat rice your body turns it into sugar so do not load up on the starchy foods. Candy is not the only way for the body to get too much sugar. Drink water, if the body is filled with toxins it cannot get rid of it will have a difficult time fighting any illness. There are vitamin supplements in most naturally grown vegetables and nut, foods that have been eaten for generations but without all of the additives. Simplify your diet and eat healthy. Although the weather may be bleak, go out into the outdoors and remind yourself of life, this will do worlds for fighting depression.

Marriage or Divorce

Husbands and wives argue from time to time, unfortunately these arguments often leave unresolved problems stewing beneath everyday conversations. These arguments feed resentments the way wood feeds a fire. If reasonable discussion is not initiated problems only get worse. No relationship will function without some difference of opinion but couples must sit down and discuss issues.

When difficulties show themselves take the time to discuss the problem do not allow it to turn fester into something that eventually will be worse. All relationships will have disagreements but the shouting and meanness can be avoided. This is not a discussion and only cuts off communication leading to the divorce courts at a fast pace.

Leave the past in the past; this is a main reason for the break down of marriages and the refusal of a spouse to talk out situations. Forgive; this simple thing saves many relationships. People who have been married a very long time will attest to the power of FORGIVENESS.

Being the kind of person your spouse can count on is important, this means not lying or forgetting things when you have made a commitment no matter how simple the activity. Show respect for your spouse’s opinion and for the things they feel are important.

Jealousy is a terrible creature but it can be avoided when you are satisfied with yourself. Work to enhance all or your assets and ignore any negative thoughts and jealousy will stay far away from you. Be encouraging toward your spouse in their work, and in things they try to accomplish. Everyone needs support so give a little. There are no perfect people.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is that special time of the year you get to give your Mother extra appreciation. Of course she never worries about whether you appreciate her or not, because she loves you unconditionally, but, be wise, show her how much you love her. Flowers are always appreciated but they will fade, she may very well dry them and keep them, but if she likes to garden buying her seeds and helping her plant them would bring such joy.

Your Mother will enjoy anything you do together, sit with her and talk about the rain or sit with her and say nothing, you do not need an excuse, just spend time. Let her find out how your life is really going, or how it is not going. She has so many solutions to problems that you are still working on solving. Some people are too busy to stop and talk to their mother with their busy lifestyle; that is understandable to a point, but make a little time from the superficial.

There are so many thoughtful gifts to give your Mother for Mother’s Day. Making any day for her festive and relaxing is a great start. You know better than anyone the things your mother enjoys and how she prefers to spend her time. If she likes coffee you know what brand, if it is cookies you know that too. Make a basket for her of these favorites, or have a gift shop do it for you. Either way, she will enjoy using them on quiet afternoons.

Take her to her favorite eatery, going out to breakfast or dinner on Mother’s Day is very exciting, but a nice out of the way coffee shop is such a nice change. Prepare dinner for her or get her a gift certificate for popcorn and a movie. There is nothing like a two hour vacation in the middle of the week. Everything you do for your mother is beautiful, even the stupid things. You have seen her deal with the worst situations graciously, so give her a never enough I LOVE YOU.


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    • profile image

      Tiffany Latte 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for commenting, please leave any advice that will help readers reach their goal. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Neil Hampshire 

      8 years ago

      I think at the age of 34, the average person has $100,000 in Net Worth.

    • C. Stewart profile image

      C. Stewart 

      9 years ago


    • worldscope profile image

      George Chegge 

      9 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      If you lose $100,000, I would suggest you learn your mistakes first. Then hold $100 a person workshops to teach people how not to lose $100,000 like you did. Within a year, more than 1,000 people will have attended your workshops - mostly to vent their anger and to find company and shoulders to cry on - and you will recover your lost investment. Proof of your loss and the impact on your family, health, lifestyle etc will help in your marketing. Good luck!


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