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Easy Baby Digital Scrapbook Templates for Baby's Birth Story

Updated on November 8, 2012

Awesome Digital Scrapbook Baby Book Templates

There are a LOT of digital scrapbook templates out there for baby books. However, this page is dedicated to memory books that tell the story of baby's arrival in the world. You'll find links to customizable templates that are easy to add your own photos to, and add your own text so you'll remember how baby arrived forever!

Crystalize your memories of the day your baby was born

before the details start to fade and become a distant memory.

Make a Baby Book from Your iPhone!

I love this small 7 inch baby book that you can make from the pictures you take on your iPhone. They have an app that allows you to make your baby book on your iPhone (even from the hospital if you want to). This is an awesome way you can easily get a digital scrapbook quickly (your order ships in four days).

What is your favorite digital scrapbook template for telling the story of baby's birth?

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