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Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat Review

Updated on February 12, 2013

Diono RadianR100 - Versatile and Safe Car Seat For Your Child

If you are looking for a safe, diverse and long-lasting car seat, you definitely want to check this review of Diono RadianR100 Car Seat. Thanks to its versatile design, RadianR100 might be the last seat you'll need to buy.

Diono RadianR100 Convertible plus Booster Car Seat has three different modes for growing kids. You can use it as a rear-facing car seat for children weighing under 40 pounds, as a forward-facing car seat for children from 20 to 65 pounds and as a booster seat for kids up to 100 pounds.

Diono R100 has been rigorously tested at its maximum forward-facing, rear-facing, and booster weight capacities. It exceeds the Federal crash test standards and fullfills the NCAP standards that verify the seats performance in severe accident conditions.

The foundation of the safety of Diono RadianR100 is the steel alloy frame that stands strong in accident situation. The other features of the seat like energy absorbing EPS foam, aluminum reinforced side walls, and the five-point SafeStop energy absorbing harness distribute the crash forces away from the child.

To learn more about the features of this car seat, and to check the feedback and ratings it has received from existing customers, please read the rest of this review. I hope you find it useful.

Best Deal for R100
Best Deal for R100

Diono RadianR100 Facts

Here is the RadianR100 car seat at a glance

  • rear-facing car seat for children weighing from 5 to 40 pounds
  • forward-facing car seat for children weighing from 20 to 65 pounds (and up to 57" in a 5-point harness)
  • booster car seat for children weighing up to 100 pounds
  • steel alloy frame
  • aluminum reinforced sides with EPS foam coating
  • secure LATCH installation for children weighing up to 65 pounds
  • no-slip installation due to rubber bottom grips
  • SafeStop harness
  • adjustable shoulder and buckle positions
  • expandable sides and a longer seat bottom help keep children cozy
  • washable plush cloth surface
  • two recline positions (when used as forward-facing car seat)
  • low seat profile makes the boarding easy
  • can be folded flat for travel and storage
  • FAA approved for use on airplanes
  • 10 year life
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Manufactured in China
  • Product dimensions

    Open: 28.5 x 17 x 16 inches (H x W x D)

    Folded: 28.5 x 17 x 7 inches (H x W x D)

    Weight: 23 pounds

Versatile Car Seat

Diono RadianR100 Grows With Your Child
Diono RadianR100 Grows With Your Child

Radianr100 Car Seat Grows with your child.

Solid Construction of R100
Solid Construction of R100

Safety Starts From the Solid Construction

Diono RadianR100 features a solid steel alloy frame with aluminum reinforced side walls. The side walls are coated with thick layer of EPS foam that absorbs the energy of the impact and provides excellent side protection.

The SafeStop harness of the seat offers extra protection when the seat is mounted at rear-facing position. It provides bungee-like energy absorption, reducing impact on the child.

RadianR100 is also equipped with Diono's SuperLATCH feature that allows LATCH use up to 65 pounds (in forward-facing position). If your car is equipped with LATCH anchors, then you will find out that SuperLATCH is a safe and easy way to install this car seat.


DO NOT place a child restraint in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag unless the airbag is turned off. DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY can occur. The back seat is the safest.

Narrow Desing Allows You To Install 3 Seats in a Row
Narrow Desing Allows You To Install 3 Seats in a Row

Comfy Way to Ride

The low profile of R100 means that it is easy for a child to board in. The expandable sides and a longer seat bottom ensure proper leg support while making sure that your child is comfortable.

The washable plush cloth surface of R100 feels soft against skin and is easy to clean.

The deep shell of the seat provides comfortable rear-facing ride, whereas two recline positions in forward-facing mode allow R100 to fit into a wide variety car seats.

Pros of Diono RadianR100

In general, Diono RadianR100 has recieved excellent customer reviews. There are plenty of brilliant features in this car seat that customers love. Below you'll find a list of things that customers really like in this seat.

  • easy to set up and install
  • SuperLatch system
  • slim design
  • grows with your child, versatile
  • FAA approved, can be used in airplanes
  • sturdy structure
  • you can use 5-point harness for older kids also
  • can be folded up, thus doesn't need much storage spacece
  • narrow design, you can fit 3 seats in a row in most car models
  • easy to get kids in and out
  • safe

Cons of Diono R100

Every product has its faults and downsides. Here is a list of features that the customers think are the biggesst Cons of this car seat.

  • poor attachment of optional cup holders
  • practically no armrests
  • if used for small babies, the restraints might not get tight enough
  • seat is quite tall
  • quite heavy to carry with you
  • lack of head support

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