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Disney Frozen Olaf Gift Ideas

Updated on February 23, 2016

Girls and Boys Tween Kids Love Olaf Frozen Movie Gifts

The Frozen Movie is such a big hit in our family! I don't remember the last time a top favorite movie came out. It is a favorite for the whole family. I was wondering what to buy tween granddaughters with the movie theme and I found out that Olaf is the favorite character from that movie.

I wouldn't have guessed. I'm partial to Anna and Elsa, but, I can see how my granddaughters would favor Olaf. So I went on a shopping spree to find the best toys, games, and accessories I could find with the Olaf theme. I am unable to choose at first since there are a lot more options than I had expected there to be. I found out the majority of boys love the Olaf games, toys, tech accessories, and action figures! There are amazing party supplies, bedding, room decorations and office supplies.

I also found a wonderful resource where to buy all the Frozen gift merchandise. I hope to add this page to that collection and hope you will find the best of Olaf from Frozen here. I wouldn't be surprised if Tween Girls and Boys are going to love just about anything on this page.

Please help me choose by telling me what your Tween girls and boys love the most. You can add your ideas to the guest book later on this page. I would love to hear from you!

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Olaf Tech Accessories Tween Tech Gift Ideas

Phone Covers, Cell Phone Cases, Stickers, Office Supplies

Older tweens boy and girl who have a cell phone (even if it is just for wi-fi games) are going to love the Olaf accessories. Each of the ideas below is a different cover case size (for different cell phones. Check the details before you choose by clicking on an image (which will take you to the complete details about each item and provide a search area so you can find exactly what you need.

Try typing in "Disney Frozen Olaf Cell Phone Cover" or for a more general search result try "Disney Frozen Olaf" to find the full selection in all departments.

Select the right size depending on the phone you have. If your phone option isn't listed click on any of the options (clicking takes you to complete details about an item) and then search when you get on the details page.

Olaf Clothing Dress Up & Wearable Accessories

This Warm Bright Colored Olaf T Shirt is the Best of Clothes for Olaf fans. Olaf is such a funny character and this T shirt has one of his most popular scene quotes. It is a warm yellow color so it will go well with most short, jeans, or even a casual skirt.

Boys and Girls love Olaf! There are more colors and styles on the way!

Olaf Tween Room Décor

Posters, Bedding, And Favorite Olaf Decorative Items For Tween Rooms

The best Olaf Posters, Bedding, Pillowcases, Stuffed Toys are on the way!

When the kids get into their tween years they still want to enjoy the things they think are "for kids" but they can do this in a more mature way by having items which any adult fan would be happy to own. While a child's toy isn't "grown up" as a tween would say, a pillow is about as grown up as it gets. We all have pillows all through our lives.

Also... room d├ęcor is always on the list for Tweens. This is one of the pillows. More decorating items are on the way!

Hands down, this is the best day of my life and quite possibly the last

— Olaf
Disney Frozen Pull Apart and Talkin' Olaf
Disney Frozen Pull Apart and Talkin' Olaf

He talks and you can pull him apart, put him back together, and listen to all of his great quotes from the Frozen movie.


Olaf Fun Games and Toys

Tweens love games and toys and these are great for girls and boys

Olaf Games, Toys, Puzzles, Action Figures.

This is a great item which talks and can be pulled apart and put back together. Olaf's version of Mr Potato Head I believe.

Roommates RMK2372SCS Frozen Olaf The Snow Man Peel and Stick Wall Decals, 25 Count
Roommates RMK2372SCS Frozen Olaf The Snow Man Peel and Stick Wall Decals, 25 Count

A stunning high rated * wall decal set.

*check out the amazing reviews for this item. Think about how this would be great in a child's room, as a party decoration, or holiday decoration.


Olaf Party Supplies

Olaf Kids Party Supplies, Balloons, Cake Toppers, Party Favors

Olaf Party Supplies, Decorations, and a Nintendo DS game. This would make a good combo for your Olaf themed party.

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