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Disney Lunch Boxes

Updated on April 11, 2013

Where can I buy Disney lunch boxes?

Disney is probably the most well-loved collection of cartoon characters ever. Disney is just as popular today as it was when Walt Disney first created Mickey Mouse.

However, the difference today is that thousands upon thousands of Disney products are being manufactured - from towels to duvet sets to knives and forks to lunch boxes and lunch bags!

Plain old lunch boxes are just the thing that children don't want. So why not put some fun into your child's school day by packing their lunch in a super cool lunch box with their favourite Disney character printed on it?

Photo: sbwoodside on Flickr

Disney Princess Lunch Boxes

Disney Princesses are extremely popular with little girls - Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine - they all have their favourites.

Here is a list of websites where you can buy Disney Princess lunch boxes, and you can also find my recommendations from Amazon further down the page.

What customers have said about this product:

"I bought this for my 6 year old who loves princesses. The characters are a puffy plastic and the rest of the lunchbox is polyester nylon. The shoulder strap is adjustable which is nice. We've used it for almost half the school year so far and it has held up nicely. It is just what we wanted." - CHmom

"My daughter loves this lunch box. She uses it almost daily for lunch, and it's large enough for anything she needs to pack. I can put plastic containers inside to keep her sandwich from being crushed, along with fruit, crackers, granola bars AND a small water bottle. Just the right size (standard) and all her favorite Disney Princesses on the front. Exactly what she wanted!" - JSfromCA

"My grand daughters eyes lit up once they received these beautiful lunch boxes, they were thrilled. I found the lunch boxes to be light in weight and has durable construction. The food stays cold with an ice pack. Easy to clean and all the princess are shown on the box. Amazon has the best prices so no regrets buying these." - Norma "Grandma"

Princess : 6 Princess Lunch Box (Pink)
Princess : 6 Princess Lunch Box (Pink)

This lovely lunch box features all the Disney princesses, and with such a good price and great product reviews, what more can you ask for?

Disney Princess Insulated Lunch Bag Pink Tote 7"x8"x5"
Disney Princess Insulated Lunch Bag Pink Tote 7"x8"x5"

Customer Review:

"I bought this because I needed something insulated. It keeps things at the right temperature, it's really cute and not over sized." - Jules

Disney Princess Cinderella Embossed Metal Lunch Box/ Carry-All
Disney Princess Cinderella Embossed Metal Lunch Box/ Carry-All

For all the little girls who are fans of Cinderella, this gorgeous metal embossed lunch box is quite different from the other soft lunch boxes, but is equally beautiful.

Cinderella is featured on this lunch box, which can also be used as a carry case.

"I believe in fairy tales" is written on it.


Disney Princess Videos

Disney Mickey Mouse Lunch Boxes

When people think Disney, they think Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse and his friends are arguably the cutest Disney characters created.

And now, Mickey and Minnie Mouse can go to school with your kids, sat on the front of their lunch boxes!

Minnie Mouse Tin Box Carry All
Minnie Mouse Tin Box Carry All

Which little girl wouldn't absolutely adore this Minnie Mouse lunch box? Pink, girly, everything that a little girl could ask for!


Customer Review: "Nice soft basic zippered insulated lunch box. Looks like Codura with a plastic relief of Mickey. Inside is a single velcro strap for securing a drink. Our little one is heading off to preschool soon hope this reminds him of family since we just returned from Disney together."

Disney - Mickey Mouse Insulated Lunch Box SQ
Disney - Mickey Mouse Insulated Lunch Box SQ

This gorgeous lunch box is brilliant for Mickey Mouse fans going off to school. They're sure to be the envy of all their friends when they open their lunch box for dinner.


What customers thought about this product:

"I bought this for my niece and she loved it. Not only is it super cute, but it is super durable. She has had it for a few months and everything is still in place, even the bow on minnies head. I would definitely recommend this product." - Erica Orta Carillo

"I bought this for my daughter's second birthday because she keeps taking her brothers' backpacks. I was very impressed with the quality of the backpack. It is very well made, cute and had nice padded straps. She has received several compliments on it." - Amber J Meshburger

"I love this backpack. It is durable and has plenty of storage capacity, with a main section, a front zippered section and two side openings for water bottles." - M Adams

Disney Minnie Mouse All About Bow 12" Toddler Backpack
Disney Minnie Mouse All About Bow 12" Toddler Backpack

What's not to love about this delightful backpack? Not only perfect for putting food in, but this is a proper all-rounder for little kids going off to nursery.


Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end. - Walt Disney

Disney Peter Pan Lunch Boxes

Peter Pan is well known for his ability to fly, and his enthusiasm for never growing up. Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys are the favourite characters of children worldwide, and they are now available on cool lunch boxes and lunch bags.

Peter Pan travels to Never-Neverland, a land of adventure, pirates and what seems like ultimate fun!

What customers have said about this:

"This lunchbox is very durable and has a lot of extra room for icepacks, a thermos, etc. I've had to wash lunchboxes in the washmachine before and, though I haven't washed this one yet...It seems durable enough to sustain a few washes. And my daughter loves it!"

Tinkerbell 'Big Heart' Girls Blue & Pink Square School Lunchbox
Tinkerbell 'Big Heart' Girls Blue & Pink Square School Lunchbox

How could we forget Tinkerbell? Sprinkling her fairy dust all the way to school, your kids will love and adore this cutesy little fairy.

Peter Pan Lunch Box (Best Buy Exclusive)
Peter Pan Lunch Box (Best Buy Exclusive)

Not exactly something that your kids might take to school, as you'd probably be terrified that they'd lose it or break it. This antique is a beautiful lunchbox, and for any Disney collectors, this is a great addition.


Disney Cars Lunch Boxes

They're cute, they're cool, they're cars!

These super-cute Disney cars have become popular with children everywhere, and any child would be proud to carry a Disney Cars lunch box or bag to school with them.

The film had major success and popularity, and July 22nd will see the release of Cars 2, so Disney Cars are going to be more popular than ever.

Picture: loren javier on Flickr

Disney Cars Maximun Horse Power Insulated Lunch Tote
Disney Cars Maximun Horse Power Insulated Lunch Tote

What customers have said:

"I picked this lunch bag because of its shape to keep containers upright. Worked. The strap shortens up quite a bit, so that my 3-year-old can carry it without dragging it on the ground."


This Disney Cars lunch box is great, because it doesn't only just have one compartment, it has two! Your child will never run out of space with this cool accessory for school!

Disney Store Lightning McQueen Cars Backpack and Lunch Box Set
Disney Store Lightning McQueen Cars Backpack and Lunch Box Set

Grab one of these while you can! If your child is starting school next year, what better start than with a matching backpack and lunch box, with their favourite Disney characters on it?



High School Musical Lunch Boxes

High School Musical is still an extremely popular Disney film, and although not cartoon, little girls immediately became crazy fans of the Disney movie.

T-shirts, shoes, socks, books, pens, handbags - everything had to be High School Musical! And now, you can get a cool lunch box with all their favourite characters on it.

High School Musical Troy and Gabriella Wildcats Tin Lunch Box
High School Musical Troy and Gabriella Wildcats Tin Lunch Box

This lunch box is quite small, so it's perfect for younger children. Troy and Gabriella, the most popular characters in High School Musical can go to school with your kids now on their lunch box!

High School Musical Purple and Black Tin Lunch Box
High School Musical Purple and Black Tin Lunch Box

Featuring most of the characters from the hit musical, High School Musical, this is the ultimate HSM lunch box!


Ideas for Kids Lunch Boxes

Healthy Options

Kids don't really want to eat healthy food, and would much rather take a chocolate bar or bag of crisps to school.

If you're trying to incorporate your child's "five a day" into their lunch boxes, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Apple

A whole apple might not be manageable to your child, so why not buy some smaller packets of chopped apple? The apple is cut into smaller chunks and placed in a bag which might be a good solution for any child who tries to avoid fruit!

2. Strawberries

Strawberries are small, soft and lots of children actually like them. Adding 2-3 strawberries to your child's lunch box will help towards them getting the fruit and vegetables they need for the day, but won't seem like you're overloading them with healthy stuff.

3. Packet of Raisins

You may have seen very small packets of raisins in the supermarket. You can buy a pack of about 10 smaller boxes at relatively cheap prices. Adding one small box to your child's lunch box is a great snack throughout the day, and it's healthy too.

4. Carton of Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice counts as one of your child's five a day, so including a carton of fresh orange juice is a good idea too. If you're letting your child take soda and fizzy drinks, replace this with fruit juice. Be careful about which fruit juices you buy, as some are better than others.

Do your kids have Disney lunchboxes? - Would they like one of these?

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