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DIY Kids Club Resort

Updated on September 9, 2014
Image used with public domain commercial licensed.
Image used with public domain commercial licensed. | Source

Create A Kids Club Resort Experience At Home

One of the most exciting activities for children these days is a summer camp or a kids club resort. These are opportunities for children to experience new things, engage with adults and other kids, and to make friends as well as memories. This page is an overview of the benefits and activities and how you can create this amazing experience right at home with your kids and their friends.

This is a great idea for any age children but I have a feeling it is going to appeal most to the parents of children who are too young for the mainstream kids clubs or summer camps or they have other barriers to access these events. No matter the reason (or no reason at all) this is going to spark your imagination and give you some great ideas to have your very own Do-It-Yourself at home Kids Club Resort!

Themes can be formal, casual, or anything in-between. Image: Public Domain Commercial License from
Themes can be formal, casual, or anything in-between. Image: Public Domain Commercial License from | Source

1. Select A Theme

Theme planning and the two most important elements of a Kids Club Resort

The two most important elements of a kids club resort are:

1 Menu of activities and meals, and

2 Opportunities to engage with others.

Themes are a good place to start so the rest of the details fall into place with a little bit of brainstorming.

To determine a theme think about what the children are most interested in. If it is a program on television, a sport, or an activity you could create a theme around any of those topics. Another most common and perhaps the easiest of all is to isolate one aspect of something they love and create a theme around that one element. An example of this would be if your children love Dora The Explorer you might create a theme around flash cards with english-spanish translations (make them yourself with the phrases you would like your children to learn this summer).

Another great way to choose a theme is by a favorite pet (a kitten perhaps) or photos of other events (other resort type experiences or family vacations). Create a photo memory book of this and any other family or friend get-togethers.

Once you discover a theme the next step is to make the activity menu with a brainstorm of things to do and foods to eat, make, enjoy together during their stay at your DIY kids club resort.

Activities And Supplies

Create a section for each of the activities you will offer your resort guests

As you brainstorm the activities you could offer your resort guests keep in mind I have elaborated with examples and your resort can be just amazing with the fewest props ever.

The more you encourage imagination the more enjoyable the whole experience is going to be for everyone. So, find one or two props for each resort activity you would like to create and then add more details as you are inspired.

Activities will be a mix-match of relaxation, exercise, excitement, and refreshment.

Camping Inside or Out

Find a great tent and set up a camping theme resort. Use a variety of tent designs to create a tent city. Set up the other activities around this area.

Ask each of the parents if they have tents for their kids to use while they attend.
You might have one large tent for 'indoor' activities, refreshments, or a place for kids who arrive without tents to sleep at night.

Wham-o Surf Rider Slip N Slide 16 Ft. Slide
Wham-o Surf Rider Slip N Slide 16 Ft. Slide

Another feature at most resorts is some water fun. A water slide a a great way to create this area of your resort. Provide an area, towels, and some fun water games such as water balloon toss or a wading pool duck pond game.

To expand on the idea you could set up a 'sand box' area where the kids can sit in the sand. Consider an umbrella style shade for this area and set up chairs here and there to create a 'sitting by the beach' experience.

Make The Invitations As Exciting As The Event!
Make The Invitations As Exciting As The Event!

Pick A Date -- Make Invitations -- Involve Parents

When you have the theme and activities planned out decide when you will have the kids over.

After all the brainstorming is done select a date and send out the invitations.

Be sure to give each of the guests enough time to plan ahead. Include what they should bring to the resort and what is provided. Include any information you would like the parents to be aware of. Be sure to make it clear when they can arrive, how long the parents will stay (if applicable) and have arranged any assistants you will need ahead of time. Some of the parents might like to stay and help out or you may know older children (teens for example) who would enjoy being 'resort assistants' in any number of areas they are interested in.

Any meals (or parts of the menu) you can plan and prepare ahead of time would be helpful and this part of the event could include a parent's night to get all the supplies ready. Where possible make this planning night a kids night out with grandparents while all the parents get together to make decorations, prepare refreshments, and gather the tents, fishing poles, costumes, or any other props and gear which will be used to create the at home kids club resort experience!

Use a blank greeting card to create your own personalized invitation!

Theme Favorites - Select Your Favorite And See What Others Select

Fishing Theme Kids Club Resort
Fishing Theme Kids Club Resort

Which of these is your favorite theme idea?

See results

Let Your Imagination Spark More Ideas

I hope you enjoyed this page. I enjoyed putting it together for you and I hope you are sparked with imagination and will be creating or attending one of these events soon.

The main reason I love to spark imagination is so each of us can tap into that natural creativity we have. It is one source of the joy of life. Experience your creativity and you spark your child's ability as well.

© 2014 Deb Bryan

Have you created or attended do-it-yourself at home resort experiences for kids?

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  • GypsyOwl profile image

    Deb Bryan 3 years ago from Chico California

    @Joan4: Awesome for you, Joan! It sounds like a great time of year to spend more time with the grandkids. Have fun!

  • profile image

    Joan4 3 years ago

    what a fun idea!! Granddaughter and I are having our own special camp this month. But i had not considered a theme!!