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Dragonfly Baby Accessories

Updated on May 26, 2014

Dragonfly Baby -- People Baby's Love Dragonflies Too!

Dragonfly fans are going to understand the importance of introducing our little ones to dragonflies early on. Adding even one of these items to a babies world will be a symbol of welcome for them. Something tells me they will recognize and enjoy a few dragonflies here and there in their room as well as in day to day activities.

Introducing a baby to a dragonfly or butterfly or anything in nature for that matter will give them the beginning of learning about the world around them in a way rich with nature and mystery. Dragonflies are inspirational, adorable, motivating, and they teach us about those around us as well as about ourselves.

FIND IMPORTANT Nursery Safety Tips and informational* checklist to use when decorating a baby's room (such as with mobiles for example). Thank you for visiting my pages and I hope you find them helpful.

Images courtesy of Amazon

*DISCLAIMER: The checklists are not all inclusive. They are limited to my own personal experience and memory. So please do consult more informational authorities (books, doctors, specialist, family, friends, etc) and be well informed. The ideas I have included in the checklists on this page are also personal experience and self education. So please use your common sense and your familiarity with your child (each is different as they say). Nothing on this page is intended to replace or argue other concepts and ideas.

Dragonfly Baby Accessories On Sale

Dragonfly Baby Mobile For The Nursery

Dragonfly Baby Mobile For The Nursery

There are many items in the following section which will add a dragonfly to a nursery.

Many are functional (bedding for example), some are decorative, but the theme is consistent and will allow you to choose one or a few of them to create nature moments in your baby's room.

Any of these items would also make great gifts for your friends and family members who have or are planning to welcome a baby into their lives.

Setting up your Mobile

IMPORTANT... Keep in mind you will want to check each of the following items often (once a month or so) throughout your baby's stay in the crib.Is the mobile out of reach? This is especially important. You may need to raise the mobile up from time to time to allow for growth and gradual mobility when crawling and standing.

Are all of the embellishments secure? Every piece needs to be firmly secure to ensure it will not fall off and become a choking hazard.

Are working parts working? If the mobile is mechanical be sure to check, observe, and repair any working parts promptly.

Does the item need cleaning? Daily life means a bit of cleaning especially in a baby's room. If the item become dusty this potentially can cause breathing allergy or other issues. Read the cleaning directions on everything and make a routine of cleaning or hire someone with skill in baby's room cleaning.

Is sound (if applicable) clear and pleasant? Listen to the sound (some have music) and determine if the sound is clear and pleasant. Sometimes older models of mobiles can become 'clanky' or unpleasant as the sound mechanisms become dusty or worn out.

Have you looked at the mobile from your baby's perspective? Take a few moments to gaze at the mobile from the vantage point your baby is looking at it. Observe shapes and colors. Also observe obstructions (some times we find the mobile isn't going to be enjoyed because the ceiling light is right above it causing eye strain).

Step By Step Dragon Fly Mobile Pink

Sweet JoJo Designs Musical Baby Crib Mobile

Tiger Lily - Musical Mobile

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Decor

Dragonfly Baby Accessories

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Decor

Decorations Checklist

IMPORTANT... When you are unpacking decorations these are the things you must check for before they are used. Glitter? Glitter can be an issue if it will gradually get into the child's environment. Keep items with glitter under glass or out of the room completely.

Flammable fabrics? Be sure everything you use for baby's room and surroundings is flame retardant. Especially bedding and clothing worn while sleeping.

Cleaning? Use non-chemical cleaning products. Think about natural items to clean with such as vinegar, backing soda, citrus juice, and other indigestible items. There are plenty of items which can be eaten and also used as a cleaning solution. Research!

Check for choking hazards.Think of the environment in new ways including comfortable light, sound, air, touch, etc. Each of the senses your baby uses are susceptible to the environmental presence. Your baby is depending on you to ensure all is well.

Decorative items make adding a dragonfly to the nursery easy. Think about the ways you can use these decorating accessories in your baby's nursery or anywhere in the house.

Hanging Purple Nylon dragonfly for ceiling wall décor baby nursery room wedding decor decoration (Free Shipping U.S)

Hanging Dragonfly 9" Medium Blue Nylon Dragonflies with Sequins and Glitter for Baby Nursery Bedroom Décor Girls Room Ceiling Wall Décor Wedding Birthday Party Baby Bridal Shower Decoration

Hanging Dragonfly 10" Medium Dark Pink (Fuchsia) Green Pink Hailey Nylon Dragonflies Decorations - Decorate for a Baby Nursery Bedroom Girls Room Ceiling Wall Decor Wedding Birthday Party Bridal Baby Shower Bathroom. Dragonfly Decoration 3D Art Craft

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Accessories

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Accessories

Functional and adorable furniture and items you are going to use everyday. Dragonfly themes are so delightful for both baby and parent. The theme gives any room an air of nature and inspiration.

Furniture Checklist

IMPORTANT... Checklist for Baby Furniture. Safety! Can small body parts get stuck in furniture construction? Are pieces secure and close enough so fingers, arms, or heads will not get caught?

Paint and Finishes. Is the finish non-toxic? Can the material be cleaned and disinfected?

Appropriate Size. Is the item the right size for baby to use?

Plastics? Are the plastics and other materials (stuffing, lining, metals, etc.) certified non-toxic? Some countries still do not regulate this.

JoJo Designs Hamper

Personalized Dragonfly Rocking Chair

Lulla Smith Dragonfly Moses Basket

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Bedding

Dragonfly Baby Nursery Bedding

Nursery Bedding Checklist

IMPORTANT... Checklist for Baby Bedding. Flame Retardant Fabrics! This was mentioned before but is one of the most important and overlooked factor. Be sure to have flame retardant bedding, pajamas, and anything which will be in the crib while your child is sleeping.

NO STRINGS! Make sure there are no strings or laces on anything in the bedding that might get tangled around arms, legs, or neck. Check all items after laundering and repair any threads coming lose before they are returned to the crib.

Laundering! Make sure you use non-toxic detergents, softeners, etc. so the chemicals in the laundry do not get into the baby's bed. Remember... even if your child is not allergic to the detergents they are going to likely have the fabrics in their mouths at some time. Additionally think about how the chemicals mix... I read one time where a fabric softener had become so saturated on a fabric (after multiple washing) it was hyper flammable.

Toys which are kept in the crib should be regularly washed. Many pillows and plush toys can be suffocation dangers while babies are sleeping

Check all items again and again to ensure everything is still secure and not going to present a hazard.

Decorating a baby's nursery with dragonflies? Find blankets and bedding sets with dragonfly themes for baby boys, baby girls, and in colors which will work well for both in the nursery.

Baby Blanket Petal Pink Rainbow Dragonfly

Dragonfly Dreams Lavender Baby Girl Purple Bedding 9pc Crib Set by Jojo Designs

Boutique Brand New GEENNY Designer Girl DragonFly 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

Dragonfly Keepsake Box

Dragonfly Keepsake Box

Memories are kept for years to come. They are given as gifts when the time seems right and usually that will be at a time of passage into adulthood.

Some memory boxes are kept until the next generation is born, while others are given to children on their first journey away from home (off to college for example). When you give this gift is not as important as how you preserve the memory now.


Dragonfly Dragonfly Keepsake Box by CafePress

This is a great gift for keeping tiny keepsakes. Just the right size for the hospital wrist band, a lock of hair, a small photo, or any tiny reminders to give to baby later as a symbol of admiration. Gift Cards - In a Gift Box - Free One-Day Shipping

You choose the style of the card, the amount, and the delivery method.

Have a few cards on hand for unexpected invitations to birthdays and weddings.  Keep one of these ready for the last minute gift or to add with another gift. $50 Gift Card in a Black Gift Box (Classic Black Card Design) $50 Gift Card in a Black Gift Box (Classic Black Card Design)

A Gift Card is one of the best add on gifts of all time. Each time you think about putting a gift card in with something a new opportunity arises.

When you buy something and then think of something else ... that is a gift card moment. For example: You find a great dragonfly item in the series and you just know there is something else which will compliment it.

That is A Gift Card Moment!!


Required Disclosure

Deb Bryan (aka GypsyOwl) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Dragonfly Baby Accessories On Sale


This page presented items you can use to introduce Dragonfly Themes into your Baby's Nursery. Did you find a great item for your baby or a friend?

This page also outlines several checklists to ensure safety for your baby. Did you find anything on any of the lists which was informative and helpful?

Do you have other checklist suggestions as they apply to baby safe nurseries?

Guestbook - What is your favorite Dragonfly Baby Accessory?

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  • nightbear lm profile image

    nightbear lm 

    5 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful page. Amazing amount of information. Enjoyed it very much.

  • BuckHawkcenter profile image


    5 years ago

    A new nursery decor is indeed in order for my extended family. Since I think dragonflies are so great for a baby's room, I loved this page. Your information was very helpful, too. So appreciated.

  • Orchids11 profile image


    5 years ago

    Hi, this is great, so many wonderful things for babies . Soon my 7th grandchild will be born. two weeks or less:) My daughter is all set up now and chose an animal theme.

    great job on this lens.:)

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Beautiful page and wonderful advice for new parents! Wow! The dragonfly baby accessories are lovely - such a delightful theme for a baby nursery!

  • Wednesday-Elf profile image


    5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

    Wonderfully done and very informative. I'm WAY past the nursery days, but my friend's children are now becoming 'new mothers', so this is a terrific page to share with them.

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

    5 years ago from United States

    Fabulous nursery tips! I am amazed at what seems like common sense to me now, but I very much remember being a new mother and having to "discover" things, genuinely being surprised by some even after a decade of babysitting. I do love dragonflies, so of course, I love all of the dragonfly nursery decor.

  • DecoratingEvents profile image


    5 years ago

    I honestly never thought of dragon flies for a nursery but I love the idea! The awesome products and decor you have gathered here have me arranging a nursery in my head! Thanks!


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