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Eco Friendly Baby Diapers

Updated on April 15, 2011

Green Your Baby with Eco Friendly Baby Diapers, Reusable Diapers, and Chemical Free Diapering Solutions!

Pampers, Huggies, pull-ups, those are all nice and convenient, right? The problem is with regular diapers is that they aren't environmentally friendly, and take up massive amounts of space in landfills. They also never biodegrade, they're here forever. The solution to this problem is reusable diapers. Not only are reusable baby diapers an eco friendly solution to our growing landfill problems, but they're healthier for babies. Traditional disposable diapers are loaded with chemicals that can irritate the skin and cause rashes. If you can find the right reusable cloth diapers, your baby can be chemical free in no time. On this page, I'll review some of the best eco friendly baby diapers, along with some great natural diapering solutions. Read on to see some eco friendly diapers that I've recommended!

Diapering Options

There are so many choices, how do you pick the right one?

There are a substantial amount of diapering options out there these days for our children. Back in the day there were cloth diapers, then disposables were introduced changing the diaper industry. Now as people become more aware of their impact on earth there are several more options. Some of the diapers are a cross between cloth and disposables, having flushable biodegradable inserts. Diapers are now available made with more renewable or sustainable resources instead of just latex or plastic. Babies with especially sensitive skin may have reactions to the harsh chemicals used in creating some diapers. Chlorine free is an important factor to look for in your diapers, as you wouldn't want the chlorine treated cotton pressed up against your babies delicate skin, absorbing in the chlorine chemicals.

Most people use a combination of diaper types. Cloth diapers may be a great alternative while home, but biodegradable inserts or environmentally friendly disposables may work better when travelling or for use at day care, as a lot of day care centers will not use cloth diapers.

Disposable diaper babies use an average of 6,000 diapers. They all head into the landfills, and take about 500 years to starting decomposing. When it does decompose, it leaches chemicals into the ground, polluting our soil with inorganic man-made compounds.

Earth-friendly vs. Traditional Diapers - What is your preference?

What type of diapers do you use on your baby?

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Cloth Diapers

A little more work, but also a smaller impact on the environment

Cloth diapers are a popular choice these days with a lot of parents as news of BPA, latex, phthalates, etc are released. Below are some of the best organic cloth diapers out there. Have a favorite? Let us know in the guest book!

Under the Nile Cloth Diapers - An organic cloth diaper which is also fair trade!

Under the Nile organic cloth diapers are fair trade and certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards. The diaper itself is a Milton knit with a terry lining and additional diaper liners can be purchased for extra absorbancy. Some people will use the diaper linings in a diaper that would normally contain disposable liners, such as gDiapers.

Bummis Organic Diaper Kit - Not sure if you want to go all cloth or use liners?

This starter set is perfect for the parents who aren't sure if they want to go completely cloth or use disposable liners as it comes with a sampling of each. This is also great for if you want to use cloth diapers but were thinking of using the disposable liners for when you are travelling. These organic diapers are a great start for any new parents as it includes a variety of items to try out!

Baby Kicks Pre-Fold Diapers - A blend of organic cotton and hemp

This diaper is created from a blend of hemp and organic cotton fleece. One item to note about these diapers is that the snappies do need to be purchased separately. The hemp allows these diapers to be ultra absorbent, though it would also be noted as with all cloth diapers a separate cover is recommended/needed.

BabyKicks 3 Pack Prefold Diaper, Small
BabyKicks 3 Pack Prefold Diaper, Small

* Made in the USA

* Hemp fleece is super absorbant!

* Made from 2-3-2 layers of luxuriously soft 55% hemp/45% cotton fleece

* Can be used in various ways: pinned, folded in thirds in a snug fitting wrap, or as a pocket diaper stuffer


FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers - Simple to use and include 6 organic hemp wipes!

FuzziBunz is another great company making great diapers! The set comes with 6 organic hemp wipes, and a diaper sprayer, which everyone that uses cloth diapers knows is a MUST HAVE! Contributing to their greeness, is the fact that they come in gender neutral colors, which is perfect if you don't know what your little one will be, or if you are planning for them to have a brother/sister. The best part about these diapers is that they are super simple to use!

Gerber Organic Cloth Diapers - Made with 100% organic cotton!

These reasonably priced organic diapers are a great cost friendly cloth diaper! They are a great alternative to disposable diapers and can be used with many diaper covers. An alternative use for these diapers is to use them as a burp cloth-a great dual purpose item to include on your baby registry!

Eco Baby Absorb It All Organic Cotton Diapers - A set of 10 organic diapers

EcoBaby Diapers come in a variety of colors and are made with organic materials, allowing your baby to be chemical free and reducing the amount of baby rash and irritations. When ordering cloth diapers pay attention to the pounds that each diaper goes up to as each brand may have different sizing.

10 Absorb It All Organic Cotton Diapers - Natural Color - infant
10 Absorb It All Organic Cotton Diapers - Natural Color - infant

* Natural color

* Organic Indian cotton, durable, soft and silky

* Adjustable snap design contains messes

* For nighttime use, organic sherpa doublers are recommended.


bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper - The cloth diaper that will grow along with your baby

The super green diaper! Not only are they reusable, but it is one size that is adjustable and grows as your baby grows. Not only does it save green in your wallet but it saves the resources needed to create a new diaper each time your little one grows out of one size.

This diaper has a leak-proof outer cover (no need to buy another cover!) and stretch-to-fit sides for a custom shape (patent pending). The closures are very easy to use and the covered lining opening protects baby from moisture (patent pending) while the soft lining wicks moisture away from baby; Three by three snap systems adjust to fit babies 8 to 35 pounds (patent pending) and gentle leg elastic prevents leakage.

Thirsties Duo Wrap - Another diaper that grows with your baby!

Here is another great product that will grow with your baby, again eliminating the need to purchase new diapers and covers as your little one grows. These covers come in a variety of colors and are perfect when paired with an organic cloth diaper, such as Gerber. The best part-All Thirsties products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper, Unbleached - Organic cotton and hemp diaper blend, all unbleached!

A soft blend of organic cotton and hemp is super absorbent for your precious one. Hemp is known for its sturdiness and durability which is great for use in diapers and it is grown with no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers-making it more earth friendly! Hemp is typically harvested by hand and its porous nature provides superior absorbency and makes it softer with time. These soft diapers are complimented with elastics that will create a secure fit reducing leaks. There are so many cute diaper covers out there as well which compliment this diaper nicely!

The quality of these diapers and snaps are of highest quality! Kissaluvs backs up their quality cloth diapers with a guarantee on the snaps and if your snaps fail over the diaper's useful lifetime you can contact Kissaluvs and they will repair or replace for free!

Bottombumpers Hook and Loop All in One Organic Cloth Diaper - Cloth diaper with waterproof exterior in one!

BottomBumpers are a great earth friendly reusable diaper! Not only do they come with a certified organic cotton lining, they also have a quick dry snap in soaker which is lined with bamboo (a renewable resource!) velour. This diaper is easy enough for anyone to use, especially for those people not familiar with using cloth diapers-inlcuding babysitters, day care, etc. They also come in a variety of colors and three sizes. The exterior fabric is a knit waterproof material and lined with the organic cotton. Best of all special care instructions come with each diaper so you will be able to help them live as long as possible!

Kushies - Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants - A trial pack for trying out cloth diapers

Kushies offers a reasonably priced starter kit for parents on the fence about going to cloth diapers. This set is great to give to expecting parents or to buy for yourself to see how easy cloth diapering can be! The cost output in the beginning is more for cloth diapers, but in the long run if you add up all of the money related to disposaable diapers, disposables are much more expesive and have a huge impact on the environment. So go ahead, give cloth diapers a try!

Kushies Trial Pack Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants, Colors May Vary
Kushies Trial Pack Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants, Colors May Vary

* Ideal for new parents who want to explore cloth diapers as an alternative to disposable diapers

* Includes everything you need to get started: 2 Ultra diapers, 2 - washable diaper liners, 10 - biodegradable diaper liners (not recommended for septic tanks) and 2 - washcloths

* Easy to use and easy on the environment

* Five layers of 100% soft cotton flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside and waterproof shell on the outside

* Built in-flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency, and the washable liners are perfect for additional absorbency at night or for heavy wetters

* Flushable liners make diaper clean up a breeze, especially if travelling


Bumkins Bamboo Fitted Diaper Bundle - A great cloth diaper made from bamboo!

Bamboo is one of my favorite fabrics to wear! It is amazingly soft and very absorbent making it perfect to be used in diapers! Bamboo is also a renewable resource which has very little impact on the earth when it is grown, making it a very eco friendly option! Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and anti-allergic and more absorbent than organic cotton. A diaper cover will still need to be used with these diapers but this set is definitely a great start to your bamboo diapering! Very easy to wash and dry as well.

Bumkins Fitted Diaper Bundle - Size 1
Bumkins Fitted Diaper Bundle - Size 1

* Naturally soft and absorbent bamboo fibers, woven into luxury looped terry

* Naturally antibacterial and anti to allergic

* 70% more absorbent than cotton and dries 20% faster

* Maintains these unique properties and its absorbency improves even after frequent wearing and washing

* Velcro closure with overlap for more adjustment range and a removable Bamboo booster insert. Waterproof covers required.


A Combination of Cloth and Disposable Biodegradable Diapers

A unique one of a kind product which is at the top of my list!

There is one diaper that I have found to be a great compromise for my husband and I. Neither of us are on board with disposable diapers and he is not 100% on board with the cloth diapers. Along come gDiapers!! A combination that we both love! These are basically diaper pants that contain inserts-either cloth inserts or a disposable insert which is flushable and biodegradable! If you wanted to you could use the disposable in a compost pile even, though I'm not sure that I would recommend it. While it does take some skill to learn these diapers, once you are an experienced operator you will also fall in love. The diaper pants come in a variety of sizes so test out the size you feel most approriate before stocking up.

gDiaper Starter Set - A great eco friendly diaper option!

The gDiaper starter set is a great way to test these diapers out to see if they are for you! The small starter set comes with 2 gPants and 10 flushable/biodegradable liners. The small size would accommodate a baby from approx. 8-14 pounds, but they also sell starter kits in a medium and large size in case you decide to switch over later on in your babys life. Extra Cloth inserts and biodegradable inserts are also available for purchase from gDiaper that will fit the gPants perfectly!

gDiapers Little gPants 2-Pack Orange & Vanilla, Small
gDiapers Little gPants 2-Pack Orange & Vanilla, Small

What's an environmentally conscious parent to do? With gDiapers, you can have the convenience of disposable diapers and avoid doing damage to the planet. Starter set size small-8-14lbs. This is the perfect compromise between disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Very easy for anyone to use!

If you're unable to flush the liners, they can still be thrown in the trash without guilt, since they will decompose in 50 to 150 days -- a much better turnaround than their plastic counterparts. And, if you're a gardener, you can simply throw the wet liners in your compost bin.


gDiapers Small Flushable refills - Perfect for when travelling or on the go!

gDiapers Disposable Inserts Case, Newborn/Small (6-14 lbs) ( Pack May Vary )
gDiapers Disposable Inserts Case, Newborn/Small (6-14 lbs) ( Pack May Vary )

The flushable refills are biodegradable and very convenient when travelling or on the go!


Eco Friendly Disposables

If you are travelling or cloth diapers just aren't for you

If you are planning a bigtrip or cloth diapers just aren't for you here are some alternatives to a more eco friendly/baby friendly diaper. You always want to look for chlorine free diapers which won't be contributing to dioxin pollution-which affects not only soil, but also water and the air we breathe. Remember, pollution is created during the process in which the diaper is made along with when you throw it away.

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers - Skip the chlorine and give your baby a soft, cloth like comfort with these diapers

As with any diaper give them a try before investing in a large purchase. I would recommend trying one of each of the three presented and then select your favorite diaper to reorder. Remember each baby is different so diapers will have different fits on each baby.

Natural Choice Environmentally Sensitive Diapers - Another great option which is Chlorine Free!

Natural Choice Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers, Large Size 4, 22-37 Pounds (180 Diapers)
Natural Choice Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers, Large Size 4, 22-37 Pounds (180 Diapers)

* Chlorine free and also uses sustainable materials in manufacturing of these diapers

*Wide range of sizes, so again pick a size and try a small package before investing in the value pack.

* Natural Choice's environmentally-sensitive Diapers use 20-30% LESS petroleum based materials and 30-40% MORE sustainable materials than the leading brands

* If 10% of the disposable diapers in the U.S. were environmentally-sensitive Diapers, it would reduce the consumption of petrochemical based materials by more than 20 million pounds.


Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Diapers - Chlorine Free!

Nature Babycare Diapers - 4pk. (Size 4)
Nature Babycare Diapers - 4pk. (Size 4)

Another alternative for a chlorine free diaper. They have multiple stages available for purchase so determine where your baby will fall and test out a sample pack. As they are chlorine free there were no dioxins released in their manufacturing.


Thanks for stopping by! If you have your own suggestion for a diaper solution or an eco friendly diaper brand that you've used, we'd love to hear from you. The best products spread via word of mouth!

What Eco Friendly Diapers Do You Recommend? - Make a recommendation for diapers and baby products!

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      9 years ago

      Bambo Nature is the best choice for eco-friendly disposable diapers.


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