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Educational DVDs for Toddlers

Updated on November 5, 2013

Learning DVDs for Toddlers

Are you looking for educational DVDs for toddlers? As a Mom of a toddler, there are times when I need half and hour to get things done and putting a DVD on for my toddler helps give me some time. Putting him in front of an educational DVD means I feel less guilty as he is learning something and not just watching mindless TV.

There are lots of educational DVDs which are fun for toddlers to watch but are designed for toddlers to learn while they are watching.

There are DVDs which teach letters, numbers and about the world in which we live. Or why not get your toddler ready for potty training by putting a DVD on teaching them about the concepts?

My own toddler son's favorite DVDs include DVDs featuring characters he is familiar with such as Elmo. He also likes DVDs with catchy music and songs. We have also used the potty training DVDs to help train him.

Read on for lots ideas of lots of educational DVDs for toddlers.

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Brainy Baby

Baby Babble DVDs are designed to encourage speech development in babies and toddlers.

Little ones will love the simple sign language, amusing facial exercises, and beginning speech sounds and words while colorful toys and carefully arranged music stimulate their imagination. Parents will learn how to encourage speech and language at home in an educational tutorial designed by pediatric speech therapists.

My eldest son had a speech delay and I wonder now whether DVDs like the ones below would have helped him as reviews state that the toddlers that use these start saying the sounds and words from the DVDs straight away.

Baby Babble - Speech-Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers
Baby Babble - Speech-Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers

Toddlers will love the simple sign language, amusing facial exercises, and beginning speech sounds and words while colorful toys and carefully arranged music stimulate their imagination. Parents will learn how to encourage speech and language at home in an educational tutorial designed by pediatric speech therapists.Perfect from baby babblers to late talkers.

Baby Babble 2 - P B M
Baby Babble 2 - P B M

Another DVD in the baby babble range to encourage toddlers to speak. Reviewers state that their children have learned many new words because of this DVD.


Sensible TV and DVD watching for Toddlers - A Guide

Sometimes as parents we are made to feel guilty about letting young children watch TV. However, as a stay at home parent myself looking after a toddler can be extremely exhausting for 12 hours straight every day, 7 days a week. I actually find that I am a better parent if I give myself a break occasionally and letting them watch some educational DVDs can ease any guilt parents find.

Here are some guidelines that I follow for toddlers watching TV and DVDs.

- Turn off TV in the background. Background TV can be distracting to toddlers. When they're playing I turn it off and then we can engage in playing properly.

- Keep the TV out of bedrooms. Although toddlers won't want to go in their bedroom at first, habits are set early. It won't be long until they sitting in their rooms watching TV and habits are hard to break. So I always keep TVs and screens out of our bedroom.

- Set boundaries and limits. Have boundaries to the amount of screen time toddlers have. The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under 2 watch no TV at all. I admit I haven't followed this guideline but actually my own son's wouldn't watch TV for too long under the age of 2. I found that a couple of short TV programs of about 10 to 15 minutes a day was okay for us. The AAP also recommends that children over 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours of TV a day. We probably watch less than this on most days but what works for each family will vary.

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Start To Finish

Start to Finish
Start to Finish

This fun-filled DVD teaches children that everything in their world has a start and a finish. Your child will learn how milk is made, how firefighters put out fires and how both pizza and applesauce are made. This four-part educational series is hosted by two fun-loving friends, Whoops and Bubbs who bring to life the curiosity and humor children will adore. Bright colors, engaging narration as well as laugh out loud silliness make learning concepts fun!


Elmo DVDs

Elmo DVDs are a great educational tool. Most of the DVDs featured below have several episodes which last about 15 minutes each which are perfect for toddler viewing. The DVDs are about 50 minutes in total. They all have different educational themes and toddlers love Elmo and learning about the world Elmo and the rest of us live in.

Elmo's World: What Makes You Happy?
Elmo's World: What Makes You Happy?

The three episodes on this DVD are friends, singling, and dancing. Elmo's visitors include his friends from Sesame Street, an opera diva, and even a dance team!

Elmo's World - Babies, Dogs & More
Elmo's World - Babies, Dogs & More

On this DVD, the first episode is about babies. Elmo discovers what babies can do and how to play with them. Elmo also looks at family pets and the farm. Toddlers will look at daily farm chores, muppet farmers and barnyard animals.


More Resources

There are lots more resources to find educational TV and DVDS. Here are a couple of excellent websites:

Common Sense Media - this is a great website as you can search for age appropriate DVDs from age 2 and up.

YouTube - It's worth searching youtube for educational videos. If you have a favorite book, search for it on youtube and you might find there is a recording of somebody reading it. This is great as when you're tired, your toddler can have their favorite book read to them and you can relax.

Toddler Fun Learning Videos Here are some free online videos teaching nursery rhymes, counting, abcs and colors.

Potty Training DVDs for Toddlers

There are a range of potty training DVDs for toddlers. These are great for teaching about the idea of potty training before you even start to train. Also, if you are potty training your toddler, its good for reinforcing what they are learning.

My own son used to watch videos while I was potty training him and I really think it helped reinforce the message that I was trying to get across.

Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time
Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time

If you have a toddler who likes Elmo and are potty training, this DVD may be perfect for your toddler.

Once Upon a Potty For Her
Once Upon a Potty For Her

This is a music video for girls.

Once Upon a Potty for Him DVD
Once Upon a Potty for Him DVD

This is a music video for boys. It's based on a book of the same name.Reviews seem to agree this is a good choice for younger toddlers.


Benefits of Toddlers Watching DVDs and TV

Is watching TV really all that bad?

I don't think so. In actual fact, I believe there are lots of benefits of watching TV and DVDs. Here are a few.

Exposure to different subjects, cultures and worlds Through TV kids can get exposure to things they wouldn't otherwise be aware of. Toddlers can see different animals, different people, explore the rainforest or other terrain unfamiliar to them.

Promote positive aspects of social interaction TV aimed at toddlers can help reinforce good manners, sharing and caring for others,

Reinforcing new skills As I've already mentioned I used the DVDs on potty training to help reinforce the ideas I was telling him about and I think this helped.

Exposure to language If kids watch TV with an adult you can talk to them about what they're seeing to reinforce new vocabulary and language.

Brainy Baby DVDs

There are lots of brainy baby DVDs. Most of the DVDs are designed for babies and toddler from 6 months to 36 months.

The second DVD in the list is designed for toddlers aged 2 to 5 year olds and teaches phonics.

Brainy Baby Shapes & Colors DVD (Classic)
Brainy Baby Shapes & Colors DVD (Classic)

Introduces 12 shapes and 12 colors with catchy sing-along songs

Brainy Baby ABCs DVD (Classic Edition)
Brainy Baby ABCs DVD (Classic Edition)

Introduction to upper and lower-case letters and multiple letter-sounds.


Leapfrog Letter DVDs

The Leapfrog Letter DVDs are designed for kids aged between 2 and 5 years old and teaches letter names and phonics.

These are great DVDs to help your kids as they learn their phonic letter sounds at preschool and at school.

LeapFrog: Letter Factory
LeapFrog: Letter Factory

Popular LeapFrog characters, Leap, Lily and Tad go on a wild adventure to the Letter Factory. Led by wacky Professor Quigley, Tad joins Js jumping on trampolines and Ks practicing karate kicks as new letters learn their sounds. Fun songs will have kids singing letter sounds in no time.

LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory
LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory

Leap, Lily and Tad journey into the Word Factory, where the Word Whammer, Sticky-Ick-O-Rama, and more amazing machines take letters and make them into words! Features humorous songs and an out-of-control word machine.


Feedback on Educational DVDs for Toddlers

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great range of DVDs here. I highly recommend My Baby Can Talk dvd series, to teach babies (10 to 36 months old) to sign. It's very organized, effectively and engaging. Most importantly, my kids love them. You can find out more from:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      LeapFrog makes great DVDs. My kids love them.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I would like to suggest another amazing Educational DVD for Tots. It is called Start to Finish. The link to Amazon is: it out! You will not be disappointed. I'm a preschool teacher and my kids loved it. I highly recommend it.


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