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Exercise Bike For Kids - Stationary Indoor Exercise Bikes For Children

Updated on August 15, 2014

Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities for children of all ages with a bike being an important toy and mode of transportation. It make sense then, that stationary indoor exercise bikes for children are one of the more favored forms of kid size home gym equipment.

Stationary exercise bikes for kids fall into one of two categories.

The first are basically cut down mini versions of the type you have probably used in the gym or have in your own home right now. The principle they work from is exactly the same, in that you pedal the bike just as you would an ordinary street bike and some form of resistance mechanism makes it harder or easier to do so. These are the easiest form of child size home gym equipment for kids to get into because they've probably all already own their own bike. They provide a great cardiovascular workout on those days when its too cold or wet to play outside or your child can become your exercise companion as you do your own bike workout keeping them close by so you can keep an eye on them. Mini gym bikes like these are often used for rehabilitation after injury or disease as a low impact, fun and safe way for a child to exercise their lower body using a familiar piece of equipment.

The second type of stationary indoor bikes for children are designed for fun and gaming purposes and some can even be hooked up to video games on your TV. This enables you to sneak some energy burning activity into the life of an energetic child or sneak some physical fitness into those who'd rather spend all day in front of the television.

The following selection of small child sized exercise bikes includes the gym quality models aimed at physical therapy and rehab as well as the fun interactive gaming bikes from companies like Fisher Price.

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Happy Bike
Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Happy Bike

This kids stationary cycle is designed to be just like mom and dad's gym bike complete with odometer, adjustable tension resistance and is height adjustable to grow along with your child.

It is designed to be child friendly and kid safe so you can be assured your little one is not going to harm themselves on the exposed moving parts and mechanisms often seen on adult sized gym equipment. It is self-propelled so any pedaling is performed only at a pace your child is comfortable with and it meets all CPSIA requirements.and standards.

The sturdy bike frame is made from steel which is foam wrapped in places to protect from little knocks and bruises and there is no paint used throughout.

X5 Kids Exercise Bike
X5 Kids Exercise Bike

This kids spin bike is made for children and teenagers from 40" to 63" in height. Designed for commercial applications, this is a supremely well made and hard wearing exercise bike for young girls and boys into their teenage years. Both seat and handlebars are adjustable to comfortably fit the rider ensuring a true fit for the stated height range of 40 to 63 inches. Safety is an important aspect of any fitness equipment aimed at teenagers and younger children and the Fitnex X5 spin bike doesn't take this lightly either. All moving parts in the drive train are completely enclosed and a freewheel design allows the user to cost whilst the flywheel spins enabling them to safely use the bike whilst they learn the ropes of spinning. The X5 spin bike has a generous maximum weight capacity of 250lbs and weighs in at 80lbs itself.


Exercise Bike Toys For Learning and Fitness

Learn and Have Fun With An Indoor Fitness Cycle

There are a couple of main types of stationary indoor bicycles for children on the market today: those which emulate the adult stationary bikes seen in commercial gyms and fitness centers, and those which are designed as interactive toys which also sneak a little physical exercise into indoor playtime. For many applications, such as keeping your child away from the adult exercise machines, either will no doubt suit your needs but for rehab you'll probably be more inclined to look towards those which attempt emulate the adult machines with resistance and performance feedback whilst for parents who want to burn off some of their kids' excess energy during those long, cold winter months (or 100 degree summer days) the entertainment and learning bikes may be more appealing.

The following two stationary bicycles for boys and girls are aimed towards those who are looking for a fun way to sneak some exercise into their child's lives without resorting to a full blown gym cycle. These are fun bikes which will both educate and work out their young bodies at the same time.

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  • Lady Lorelei profile image

    Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

    Kids love to exercise. It is play to them so getting the opportunity to ride a bike in the house - super! Staying fit is easy for kids if they are encouraged to do so. The bikes are perfect for in front of the television set.

  • profile image

    Dipa0706 5 years ago

    Great article for kids, especially since most of them are glued to their PSPs and Nintendos.