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What to Expect When You Are Expecting Twins

Updated on July 26, 2010

So your doctor just told you it is not just one baby you are expecting but two. Maybe you could'nt be happier, maybe you are in a state of shock. I was eight weeks into my second pregnancy when my doctor told me that there were two little hearts beating instead of just one. I thought wow, that is how people must feel when they win the lottery. And than came the shock..

Twins are going to change your life. No doubt whatsoever. When you get the news you probably will have a million questions:

  • will I experience an especially difficult pregnancy?

  • What do I need to buy for the babies?

  • Will we be able to cope financially?

  • How will it affect our relationship?

  • How will I cope with giving birth to twins?

  • Are the babies going to be healthy?

  • How are we going to survive the first few months?

  • Is ist possible to breastfeed twins?

  • Am I a bad mother if I bottle feed them?

  • Am I ever going to sleep an entire night through?

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Pregnant With Twins: What Do I have To Expect?

Being pregnant with twins puts more stress on your body than carrying just one child. Consequently there is a possibility that you will experience the usual problems that can occur in any pregnancy somewhat more pronounced. But then: every pregnancy is different and ypu might just feel great.

You might expect any (or nothing) of the following:

  • - Nausea at the beginning of your pregnancy, there is an elevated amount of pregnancy hormones circulating in your blood. Just keep some crackers or cookies next to your bed and eat one or two before you get up, it really helped me. You also can try to eat candied ginger in little quantities. Ask your doctor about a Vitamin B6 complement.

  • One of the typical things you experience during the first weeks of your pregnnancy are sore breasts. They are due to hormonal changes and can be really annoying. Wear good fitting bras (if you feel like it even at night), you might have to buy a new size, but don't worry, you will need them anyway once you gave birth...

  • Mood swings are also due to the hormonal changes. There is not much you can do about them. Sleeping well and getting some excercise helps some, but don't overdo it, taking a walk might be enough already. Just be prepared and know that they will go away after a few weeks. And ask your husband and family for some patience.

  • Back pain... Two babies are heavier than just one...Take it easy, try to rest whenever possible

  • Swollen ankles as your body retains water. Sit down as much as possible and put your feet up

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Good information about twin pregnancies

  • Cramps: as your weight increases so does the strain on your foot and legs, this strain might result in cramps. Walking is the best exercise to avoid and relieve cramps. You can also try a massage. Ask your doctor about Calcium- and Magnesium supplements.

  • - towards the end of the pregnancy it gets really difficult to sleep. Sleeping on your back is almost impossible because the babies are cutting off the blood circulation in some important blood vessel and you can actually faint. It is a very unpleasant experience, but you will notice before it happens. You have to sleep on your side, try to put a pillow between your legs and under your belly. I got myself one of these pillows for breastfeeding, there are special ones for twins. They are great for this purpose as well. Later one you can use it for breastfeeding and I use mine now when taking a nap (my twins are four now)

  • - In the end you can't really eat very much anymore, because the babies take up so much space in your belly. During the pregnancy of my twins I put on relatively little weight

  • You might also experience heartburn, wich is actually a stomach condition caused by the growing uterus pushing the stomach upwards. Heartburn is one of the most common problems in pregnancy and it can be more severe if you are expecting twins. Avoid acid and spicy food. Eat five small meals a day rather than three big ones. When you experience heartburn, chewing a few unsalted almonds might help.

  • - you should prepare things well ahead of time, because you never know if you have to spend the last months in bed (or even in the hospital). An believe me: towards the end you won't feel like assembling furniture or spending hours and hours choosing baby stuff at the mall. Prepare Your hospital bag as well, my oldest daughter came early and I didn't have mine prepared. I made list of the things I wanted my husband to bring and he managed to forget everything except two of the things on the list (luckily one of them was my toothbrush...)

  • - ask your doctor when is the best time for you to take preparatory classes for birth, you have to do it earlier than women who just have one baby.

A twin pregnancy is considered riskier than a normal pregnancy, but keep in mind that usually all goes well and don't get stressed out. Just take it easy and listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to take a brake. Enjoy your pregnancy!

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    • profile image

      expecting twins 

      7 years ago

      Geolina hello ,

      I just want to get information that my 24 years wife at her 15 day of pregnancy with twins. What types of care I should provide her .I learnt something from your article but it is not enough can I get some more info.

      Thanks for this post..

    • Geolina profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment lightning john! Eating healthy definitely help your babies to be born healthy as well. I carried my twins to term and they almost had the weight of their older sister, who was a singleton.

      And eating good stuff makes you feel better about yourself!

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Geolina, My son is 21y.o. now.

      His mother and I went to natural child birth classes.

      She didn't take any drugs for pain through the child birth, and never drank or ingested fast foods.

      The result was a babey, that I delivered(that was stressful)! that came out looking like a bodybuilder.

      He was a ball of muscle. I never seen a babey that was as healthy as him.


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