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Do Loyalty Exist

Updated on August 25, 2014

In today society do families loyalty exist? it doesn't take much to realize that loyalty is so much different from centuries ago.Honor and loyalty are virtues that has faded away among families, friends and nations. In today's society Nations are engross in wars and the family structure has been catch up in a world of changes.

Back in the day being loyal was embedded in the mines of children by their parents, who believed that a family's always stuck together, regardless of what the circumstances were. .

I grew Up in the South, children were raised to be respectful, honest and to valve the importance of the family. Being loyal was an important element in the lives of all families because of the family because it represented who one really was.

What is Loyalty? Being loyal is are commitments, or promises made to each other to always be there, regardless to what.

In today's society nations are at war and innocent people are being killed,because no loyalty exist . In today's society some children are not loyal to their parents,with parents-giving up on there children. Loyalty in today's society and has ended because of a adverse reaction, of jealousy and selfishness.


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