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Family Activities That Develop Togetherness

Updated on April 2, 2017

Doing Things Together as a Family

Special times of the year influence people in their thinking about their families and how much they love and appreciate them. Families should be doing things together more than just on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, other holidays, reunions, and special occasions. Parents and other family members should make it a habit to do things or activities to develop togetherness. In other words, family members should make it a daily habit of doing something together, even for a short time. Even the man of the house should be involved if there is one there. A lot of time is great! But, we all know that the busy lifestyles of the adult members of the family can hinder extended time. However, quality time could make the grade. Quality time is when you use that time with a loved one to actually listen, actively do something with them, or to show warmth, love, and acceptance. Parents show their children a lot of love when they indicate that they are interested in the child’s school work, problems, and they celebrate successes with them in all phases of education, including extra-curricular activities, art, music, and physical education and fitness. There are a number of ways to show that care, acceptance, love , and togetherness in a family unit. Take the time to think about how these things can affect your child’s self-esteem, successes in school and post-secondary life, and everyday life relationships with others. The children’s need to be a part of something is fulfilled through the family. Feeling the family togetherness will most likely decrease their need later on in life to be too clingy or seek out togetherness form the wrong sort. Peer pressure in all age groups is a big issue in this day and time. The need for friendships without the thought of what type of friendship it really is can hinder or delay life’s successes.

Togetherness Portrayed

A family making togetherness count.
A family making togetherness count.
More togetherness in action.
More togetherness in action.

Advice on Enhancing and Fostering Togetherness in the Family

This is some sound advice that many parents and family members already take advantage of and make a part of their daily lives. You should think about how you can enhance or foster togetherness within your family. Helping your child with homework is, of course, a big plus. It’s an indication to that child’s subconscious that you want them to succeed in school. You can say and do things that help children feel that they can do it. They are already successful in some areas and just need a little boost in other areas. You are there for them and willing to take the time to help. Not only are you there to help with homework and school projects, but you can also get involved with some aspect of your child’s school. Join the PTA, or yearly functions in Math, Reading, Science, or whatever it may be covering. Volunteer at your child’s school for a day reading to a group or a whole class. Do a little talk in your child’s class about your career or business. You may not be able to go to the school during the school day, but there are also after school functions that you can attend. You don’t have to do all of the above. Doing just one or two of these things can really make a difference when it comes to motivating your child and giving them the feeling of what you really care about. You would think they would already know that you care and what you care about. You provide for them, keep a roof over their head, feed them, clean, wash clothes, provide transportation, give them toys and wants, and much, much more. Unfortunately, that isn’t the real thing that fosters that togetherness spirit in a family. Children just don’t think about those things like adults do.

Other ways to foster togetherness and get that quality time in are not as complicated as one might think. You come in from a hard day’s work, tired, a little frustrated some days, and rushing to get the food on the table or to put your feet up and relax. Helping the children with their homework, doing your own work, and fitting in some ‘me’ time is quite a challenge. But, eventually you settle down and can do a few quiet things in your evening. Some habits or cool suggestions of things you can do to foster togetherness in your family are listed next. Use about 30 minutes to an hour at least on 2 or 3 days per week of your evening or weekend time

1. Watch one of your child’s 30 minute shows with them. Pop a little popcorn or some other feel-good snack.

2. Plan a movie night together. Let everyone share their ideas of the best movie to pick. Put them in a jar and close your eyes. The next pull from the jar will be our movie for the next time.

3. Play a board game with your child.

4. Challenge them to an Xbox game or PlayStation game, or whichever game they may have. A Wii is perfect for the whole family to play and get some exercise too.

5. Exercise with your child or children.

6. Play outside games with our child. For example: catch, badminton, kickball, soccer, and other such games are still fun to do. There are also inside games that can be quite active. For instance, playing the wii with your child can be quite an achievement.

7. If you don’t want to or can’t exercise or play those active games with your child, be a referee or a coach, or just be there to be seen and watch and cheer.

8. Play charades or trivia game. Go Fish is also a good game to play.

9. Make a scrapbook together.

10. Put a model together or a puzzle.

11. Eat dinner together at the same table.

12. Let your child help you clean. Doing it together with a little music can be quite fun. If they are smaller, give them simple dusting and sweeping chores. Purchase a small broom (smile).

13. Read your child a bedtime story, or let them read to you anytime.

14. Take photos. Look through the old photo album and talk about some of the pictures you all took together in the past.

15. Go for walks together.

16. Listen to our children and each member of the household. Let them share their day, feelings, or dreams.

17. Schedule family discussions.

18. Cook something together, or make something. You could also teach them a few things, cooking or cleaning tricks, finances and saving, and many other things.

19. Have a dance fest and dance with your children. Play learning games, guessing games and so much more.

20. Most of all, never forget to tell your children you love them. Give them hugs. When they are teens, leave a note, give a smile of acceptance and warmth, and make sure you listen, I mean really listen to a teen. Privacy is very important to them, but you want to be close enough to make sure they make wise choices.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do something to foster the togetherness of the family. Being a part of a family and feeling that you are a needed, useful, viable, and loved presence in that family are two different things. Make it a habit and it will come very easily to you. Life is short and the children grow up ever too quickly. Let's show them we care.

Please let me know if this hub helped anyone. I write because I want to reach out and help put a smile on as many families and people as I can everywhere. If you read below, you can check out more articles that encourage family togetherness.

Family Closeness

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    • workn2it profile imageAUTHOR

      M Peel 

      7 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them. They are a true blessing to me. I believe in the family and being close and showing that love to one another.

    • schoolmarm profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      This is a great hub! My children and I still spend quality time together and they are now grown. It's even tougher when they work and go to college, but we still manage to do things together regularly because it is a priority for us. I'm quite sure much of their success is due to the time we have spent truly enjoying and supporting each other throughout the years.

    • munirahmadmughal profile image


      7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "Family activities that develop togetherness."

      This is highly excellent,useful and informative hub.

      Everything on this earth is a favour of the Creator and the family is a favour that goes along the life and cherished even after a member is no more living. Parents and children make a family and families make a clan or tribe and clans or tribes when united make a community. All this is an identification of unity from minimum to the maximum extent. If this spirit is generated among the citizens the state propsers and advances towards success in all walks of life in gallops. The cementing force is the love and cooperation and coordination in all affairs to the extent of ability and capability. A sense of participation creates mutua confidence and the joint efforts surmount any difficulty. An atmosphere of politeness and obedience prevails and merely signals work and the situation is tackled most amicably. Knowledge and experience of the elders flows downstream and the needs and requirements and the passions and emotions of the yougsters flows upstream and a swet harmony makes it bloom like a garden of roses. Differences of opinion do arise but those are settled by mutual discaussion and debate on the dining table or at tea time. A sense of listening to the opinion of the other side counts very much in the field outside the family and people start quoting the polite behaviour and often adopt it. It costs nothing. It is simply adoption of a manner, an attitude , an approach, a way of dealing with the day to day affairs. Hearts are broken when feelings are hurt. Feelings are hurt when legitimate speech is not attended to. Legitimacy come in the speech when there is no vested interest and it is purely for the welfare, well being and well wishing of all. Vested interest is that where ignoring all norms of social behaviour and without caring the harm or injury resulting from it one becomes blind for ones own gain. Unlqwful enrichment in any manner in any feild is undesirable. The hub is so beautifully worded and set that it merits to be appreciated and acted upon to achieve the good rsults among our families.

      May God bless all.


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