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Family Ties or Family Lies?

Updated on January 30, 2017

Family Ties or Family Lies

Remember that moment in your life you couldn't afford a diaper or sanitary towel and everyone in the family wouldn't hold back those cutting remarks about you being a loser. You held your chin up all the time and promised to prove them wrong.

Finally, you get that call you've waited all your life for-you're hired! So excited, you start screaming and acting crazy, telling anyone who cares to listen that you've broken the chains. If only you could shut up for a second, you'll observe the only truly happy one is you. It seems you've literally chiseled a jaw too.

Cousin Sierra is the first to speak. Not a mind reader but accurate on this occasion. She goes, "Wow!" resting her hands on her laps. "But that was quick. Well...erm....what about the kids?" She searches your eyes for answers and reaches for her purse. Those lashes are flawless. This isn't the time to ask which of the L'Oreal brands helped in achieving that effect.

Alarmed, you ask, "What about them?" then look away, swallowing hard, knowing where this is going. "I thought you said I could count on you guys."

And your immediate older sister, Alicia, replies,"Honey, the timing isn't right. The schedule isn't flexible enough unless you want your kids on the streets."

Here we go again.

You were there for them. You babysat all their kids but now, they are asking you to go out there and pay for a service they got for free? Have they forgotten how they tagged you lazy, needy, unambitious?" Why are they selfish though?" Anyone been through this? Share your thoughts or story.


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