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Updated on September 23, 2015

Is feeding your kids a nightmare? Young mothers are finding it really difficult to feed their kids. The reasons for this may vary but it may include reasons like busy schedule of the parents, lack of awareness, health conditions of the kid, difficulty in choosing the right food. Each and every trick that you learnt from your grandma or your experienced friends or even internet, might not always work with your kid. First of all you should keep in mind that all kids are entirely different from each other. When you transform yourself into a mom never try to imitate other mom’s and also never try to do what they do with their kids. Each and every kid is unique. Try to find out what makes your kid unique. Once you find out that, half of your work is done!

There are certain things that you should keep in mind as a good parent. Do not get disappointed when your tricks are not working and that is first warning for a mom. If you get disappointed, it will surely affect your kid. Eating habits cannot be forced upon. Here is a small list of things which you can keep in mind just before getting angry with your, kid for not having healthy food.

You are best role model to your kid

The kids always have their first habits from their mom. So you must be the role model. The best practice you can follow is that both of you can have the meals at same time. It can develop the attachment between both. Though it sounds difficult, try to have same kind of food together so that the kid will that he will feel that he is accompanied by someone. Making your kid sit alone have food may raise a number of questions in his mind. He may think why he is left alone? There is a chance that he may also feel not interested in eating alone. When the kid sees you are eating the same thing he might feel happy and would have food just like that!

Fruits and veggies from the beginning

You cannot expect your kid to have new kind of food all of a sudden, especially fruits and veggies. One fine day if you give your kid a bowl of vegetables, the answer will definitely be a no! And no need to be shocked on such a rude behavior. This is not your kid’s fault but yours. These tastes are to be introduced from the beginning itself. When you start giving solid food to your kid, you can introduce mashed veggies and fruits. This can be very helpful in the future. All kinds of food are necessary for the proper mental and physical development of your kid.

A big ‘NO’ to junk food!!!

This one is not as easy as you think. To prevent your kid from having junk food, you must practice to say ‘no’ from the beginning itself. No mom is unaware of the dangerous side effects of junk food. But they simply can’t prevent the kid from having it. Try to make those at your home which may reduce certain risks. If you make them at home you can serve them fresh and it won’t be infected also. Preparing them at home gives you the maximum chance of choosing freshest things. Make your kid understand the bad factors of junk food and benefits of homely food. You can associate them with his favorite cartoon characters and make interesting stories. Mamas are great story tellers!

Know your kid’s natural appetite

Kid’s hunger varies from time to time. It is not necessary that the kid needs to be hungry when you are planning to give him food. For that you should k now your kid’s appetite. It is easy but not that easy also. You can keep noted the timing he is having food and it will be easy for you to know that how long he was starving and you can give food accordingly. There are times when we don’t feel like eating. Even kids have changes in their moods and that may affect the intake of the food. Once you find your kid is upset and not in the state to have food just leave him alone and try feeding him when he is alright. Don’t try to fill the kid’s stomach to the fullest as if it will burst at any moment. Feed little but feed healthy!

Bribing is a punishable offence!!!

Yes the same old habit of offering candy for a bowl of salad! It is time to say ‘no’ to that practice. By doing that you are spoiling your kid. So no bribing! For a healthy eating habit your kid should love the food not your offers. If it is not so, when you stop offering your kid will stop eating too. This is going to be trouble as he grows up!

No extra sugar! No extra salt!

Don’t add extra sugar or salt whenever your give your kid fruit juice or vegetable juice. It is not only unhealthy but also it may prevent your kid from recognizing the real flavor of fruits and vegetables. Avoid keeping salt and sugar on the dining table at your kid’s reach. Excess intake of sugar results in obesity, hyperactivity, poor diet, distractibility, cholesterol and heart disease which are common problems these days. Sugar intake in kids is to be limited up to 170 calories. Salt intake in kid should be limited to 2 grams per day.

Lots of fluid intake

Drinking sufficient amount of water daily helps your kid in many ways. Fluid intake can keep your dehydrated well and it can help in proper bowel movements. Water can help in proper digestion of food and it can remove toxins from the body. Drinking adequate amount of water can prevent obesity.

No punishments!

How much ever you try, sometimes your kid may not have food and it might increase your worries and you will be forced to punish your kid. But this not at all a good practice and this cannot bring any change in your kid. Punishment can affect your child very badly. He might be frightened of having food and there is a chance that he may develop dislike towards you. Avoid punishments and try to pamper him with love and care so that he may have food.

All these can help you get in terms with your kid while having food. Try to give your kid variety of food so that he does not get bored with the same items. You can make creative funny shapes with food so that the kid feel fascinated. Let you kid assist you in cooking you ask him to pick things for you. You can make interesting stories related to each food. Thus you can make each day interesting and also you can avoid making your kid upset when he is not having food.


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