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Your Guide to Free Baby Shower Games

Updated on April 25, 2011

Where to Find Great Free Printable Baby Shower Games, Stat!

If you're like most people who've kindly agreed to host a baby shower, probably the first thing that comes to mind isn't "what should we eat?" or "how should I decorate?" No, it's probably "what the heck do we do for those two to three hours involved in a typical baby shower?"

Your mind's probably racing as you picture a bunch of drooping ladies watching Mom-to-be rip open her third breast pump box. In sync, as the clock hits the hour mark, 20 pairs of accusing eyes turn and bore into yours. "Why didn't you plan ACTIVITIES?" The message is unspoken, but you get it loud and clear.

In reality, your fun and supportive friends would never judge you so harshly. But with any event of any length, it's best to have some planned activities to help break the ice and pass the time.

Sure, baby shower games can be on the silly side. They're not exactly caviar and Cuban cigar material.

But if the ladies in your circle can let their hair down and handle a few giggles, they'll find that these humble little games truly make the party a success. Cool or not, most people would much rather have games than to sit there and make unstructured small talk as the hours pass by.

Okay, But Why Free Printables When the Cheap Ones Abound?

Why even spend the time looking for free printable baby shower games when you can buy mega-packs online for a reasonable cost (ranging from $5 to $15 on average)? Well, some people just enjoy the thrill of the hunt — they know that somewhere in the big, wild Internet, someone is offering the same baby games for free. Pretty savvy!

Plus, even forking over five dollars involves a big "is it worth it?" decision. No one likes to spend $5 or $10 on printables they can't really use for some reason or another. So thinking about whether you want them bad enough to plug in your credit card at some random site is kind of a hassle. Plus, what if you're known for throwing good showers and do this over and over again? The cost could add up!

No question about it — it's easier just to get them free. Especially when you have a great list like this at your fingertips!

Baby Shower Games: Love 'Em or Loathe 'Em?

How do *you* feel about playing the traditional baby shower games at showers? Do they make you laugh and pass the time, or is your experience more akin to a full-body cringe?

See results

Baby Shower Game: Cotton Ball Scoop

Here's a funny baby shower game that doesn't require any printables. Typically, this game called "Cotton Ball Scoop" is played with two bowls, and a blindfolded guest who has to transfer the cottonballs from one bowl to another using a spoon. Or in some cases, the poor guest has to scoop from one bowl on the ground to a bowl or plate they hold on their heads.

The bowl or plate is idea is good because it's harder for someone to "cheat" using a scraping action like this clever fellow below. :)

Super-Sweet Baby Shower Eye Candy

You'll be hard-pressed to resist the adorable factor of these baby shower party favors.

Baby Shower Game: Diaper the Baby Relay

Unless your guests object to being dressed in adult diapers and oversized onesies before racing to the finish line on their hands and knees, this is a game guaranteed to make your baby shower live on in legend (or infamy) forever.

How did you like these games? Do you wish you could find a free game that (gasp!) isn't here at all? Let us know!

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    • squid-janices7 profile image


      8 years ago

      Love 'em or hate 'em, I think games are a must at baby showers and these days, you can find a game suitable for just about any theme or crowd. FREE games are even better and you've listed some great resources here.


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