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How to Get Your Kid Ready to the First Days in the Kindergarten

Updated on September 21, 2015

The moment when your child starts attending a kindergarten is very important and responsible in your life. This is because you have to make sure your son or daughter feels comfortable and safe when you are not around. On the other hand, parents should also get ready to the process of adaptation. Why? Just because most of them also need time to realize that their babies have grown up enough to be ready to spend time without them, even if your child spends only two or three hours in the kindergarten. There are a few crucial aspects you should consider to help your child feel safe in the unusual and new “kindergarten family.” Let’s discuss each of them.

The Best “Kindergarten” Age: What Is It?

Experts point out that most children start attending pre-school educational establishments between 1.5 and 3 years old. There are also parents who can afford leaving their kids at home until they are four or five years old, but these situations are not frequent today. Those specialists who work in kindergartens and have rich experience in this area, admit that children who are around two years old usually get used to the new surrounding better than younger or elder kids.

The earlier-the better… This is probably, the best way to describe the age when a child should start attending a kindergarten. In some countries, there are even special groups for babies who are around 8-10 months old. Well, it is up to you to decide whether you are ready to take your kid to the kindergarten at this age. Specialists underline, however, that kids under three years of age get used to the new surrounding better than others. They are less close to their parents and, thus, they are ready to get acquainted with new people and socialize with other children. Kids who belong to this age group acquire new skills better than others, thus becoming more independent.

Main Adaptation Problems and Ways of Solving Them

Adaptation period is that amount of time your child needs to get used to the kindergarten, its specific atmosphere, regime and new people surrounding your kid. What you should remember is that your son or daughter is a unique personality, so it does not make any sense to try to make the process quicker. Some children (as well as parents) need around a month to get used to the kindergarten, while other may require a year to feel comfortable and safe in the pre-school educational establishment. So, there are no specific time frames associated with the process.

The most popular and widespread adaptation problems most families face during this time include:

• Daily Regime

The fact is that each child has specific needs and habits when he/she starts attending a kindergarten. It is not easy for your son or daughter to get used to the common regime existing there, when all kids have dinner, sleep, play and go for a walk at a specified time. Most children, however, adapt to the new regime quite fast, especially if you try to follow it at home as well. Even if your child stays at home for some reason, don’t break the existing rules. This is how you will help your kid to get used to the new stage in his/her life.

• Connection with Parents

Regardless the age of a child, he/she is closely connected with parents and this is quite obvious. Having spent a year or two with the parents only, any child will feel uncomfortable during the first days in the kindergarten. Most children cry, feel desperate and sad at this time. Some of them are so stressed that they try to stay away from other people. Your task is to help your son or daughter live through this period in the easiest way. Try to spend more time together and don’t ignore your kids’ questions and stories. This is how he/she shares new emotions and feelings.

• Diseases

Many parents do not hurry to take their children to pre-school education establishments just because they are afraid of frequent diseases. Meanwhile, it does not really matter whether your kid will start attending a kindergarten at 2 or 4 years old. Adaptation period is, unfortunately, impossible without illnesses. This is because children start communicating with each other more closely than before, so they are more subjected to diseases. How can you affect the situation? Make sure your child eats healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also try tempering procedures, but it is better to practice them before your kid starts attending a kindergarten.

You just have to realize that the adaptation period of your son or daughter will primarily depend upon your behavior. So, feel confident, comfortable and safe about everything you do to help your kid get ready to the first days in the kindergarten and may your attempt be successful!

How much time did your child need to get used to the kindergarten?

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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      sometimes, you don't have to choose the best well known kindy for your kids. Expensive ones does not indicate very good results

    • alekdo profile imageAUTHOR

      Aleksey Donets 

      3 years ago from Cherkassy, Ukraine

      Thanks, Kristen! I hope, it will help many parents solve their "kindergarten"-related problems:)))

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Aleksey, great hub for all parents who have children going to Kindergarten. Very helpul!

    • alekdo profile imageAUTHOR

      Aleksey Donets 

      3 years ago from Cherkassy, Ukraine

      I'm glad you liked the article and I hope that these tips will really come in handy to you. B y the way, my friend used them as well and told that they were really helpful. Good luck!

    • wiserworld profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. My nephews are attending kindy soon and there is a lot of useful reminders here to get prepared. Cheers!


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