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The Fisher-Price Booster Seat Makes Eating Out With Kids Easier

Updated on March 9, 2015

Dining out with your infant or toddler and using the restaurant's high chair or booster seat is always an adventure.

Hopefully there's a high chair available, preferably one with strap buckles that aren't broken. After you find one in the back corner near the restrooms, you get to figure out how to install it. And what is that sticky stuff all over it?!

There's a better way. Bring your own portable high chair and make eating out with your kids easier!

Of all the baby gear products my wife and I tried while raising our two kids, the Fisher-Price Healthy Deluxe Booster Seat is our favorite. It's also the one we used the most. We even bought a second one for the house to replace our regular high chair because this is much easier to clean.

Our first seat is in the car to take in restaurants or when we travel to visit family or friends. It makes a great portable high chair because you can take it anywhere and it easily secures to most any chair or bench. We've taken ours to restaurants, camping trips, picnics, play dates, barbecues and many other places I can't remember.

We love how easy this high chair is to clean. The molded plastic seat has no crevices for food to hide in and is quick to wipe clean. The tray insert and cover are both dishwasher safe. Other cool features are the 3 height settings and detachable tray.

So how will this booster seat make restaurant dining easier?

  • Lightweight and easy to carry. The seat folds up and one strap can be used as a shoulder strap.
  • Always available. No wasted time finding a booster when you bring your own.
  • Easy to set up. It's yours so you'll know how to adjust it and that everything works.
  • Secure. Two straps secure the seat to the bottom and back of the chair. And there's a 3 point seat belt to hold your little one in place.
  • Best of'll know it's clean!

This booster seat also makes a great gift. We've given at least 3 as gifts to family and friends.

What do you think of the high chairs and boosters at restaurants? Have you tried a portable high chair instead?

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