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Fisher Price Rainforest Swing

Updated on April 5, 2016

Now Mom & Baby Can Both Relax

Every woman hopes to have the perfect baby, you know, one who sleeps through the night after just a few weeks and lays happily gurgling and laughing in his crib while mom gets on with all the things she has to do.

In reality this seldom happens, and it doesn't matter how hard you try you may end up with a baby who needs constant attention.

Dealing with a fussy baby for weeks on end will wear you out and there's one thing you'll learn about babies quickly - you can't take the batteries out!

But what you can do is find something safe, comfortable and amusing to occupy and soothe him, and that's where the Fisher Price Rainforest Swing will come to the rescue.


Here's Why This Is My Favorite Baby Swing

If you’ve ever spent half the night and most of the day rocking a fretful baby from side to side you know it can be tiring. The Rainforest Swing can do this for you and does a whole lot more you can’t do.

You have two choices of seat position. If baby is tired but refuses to go to sleep you can simply put him in the lower position and turn on the songs and sounds that will rock him to sleep. You have a choice of six soothing nature sounds and lullabies. The swing itself has six different speeds and as he nods off you can simply reduce the speed to a gentle rocking motion. Even better, you can adjust the swing to either front to back motion or side to side – you’ll soon know which one your baby prefers.

While he’s awake he’ll love watching the rainforest mobile go around. There’s a bug eyed frog, a bird and other colorful plush toys that he’ll soon be reaching for.

Baby will always be safe in the Fisher-Price rainforest swing. It has a three-point restraint system that will keep him secure while you get on with your busy day. As with all Fisher Price toys the rain forest swing is designed to be portable, lightweight and easily cleaned. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be folded down for easy storage. If you hate the thought of constantly putting in batteries there’s even an AC adapter.

I really like how you can simply lift the mobile out of the way if you need to get the baby out of the swing. With the addition of a snack tray this is the perfect substitute for a high chair.

The Fisher-Price rainforest swing plays 12 different songs in total, six for soothing baby and the other six are lively little tunes that he’ll love to hear while he’s watching the mobile. The songs and the rainforest sounds will help develop his auditory abilities and it won’t take long before you know his favorite tunes. With the mobile going around as he gets older it will help develop his hand eye coordination – he’ll soon be reaching for that bug eyed frog and laughing, while you wonder what you’ll do to keep him amused when he’s reached the 25 pound limit.

Do Babies Like It? Let's Ask Anya

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Here's Another Of My Favorite Rainforest Products

As your baby gets a little older, he may not want to sit still, he may want to bounce around. Babies have seemingly limitless energy. And that's why the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is great for both parents and pre-toddlers.

How Has/Will This Swing Or One Like It Helped You?

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