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How To Throw A Fish Themed Birthday Party - Under The Sea

Updated on April 2, 2013

This article is a member of The Kid's Birthday Party Club!

Many kids just LOVE fish and and aquarium - I know mine do. Well, you can embrace this aquatic attraction, by having a birthday bash full of fish!

We recently threw a fishy birthday bash for my daughter, and it was a ton of fun.

This page will give you many ideas and resources for putting together just such an event. Whether it is strictly FISH or the whole UNDER THE SEA theme you are going for, you are sure to find what you need right here!

Photo by bechand

Fishy Invites - Aquarium Invitations

Ideas for Fish Invitations

Here are several suggestions on ways to do your invites. You can make your own, or purchase - the ideas are limited only by your creativity...


But - Whatever you choose - be sure to get the FISH theme integrated in the invitation.

  • In order to make your OWN invitations - you can simply write the words in blue font, and add a few clip art fish around them.
  • You can also do as I did, and find a computer "wallpaper" that is an aquarium or under water/under the sea scene (look for one that has some empty water) and then add words into the water area (Wallpaper is often set up with empty areas for icons to be added, and works great for make it yourself invitations)

    ~~~~~If you are not handy with photoshop, you might take a little extra time to format the words to fit in the right spot, and then run through printer 2 times, one time for pic, second time for words~~~~~

  • You can order a personalized invitation from Amazon, Ebay, Celebrate Express, Etsy, or other location online. (see some suggestions below)
  • You can also purchase invitations all done, and just hand write in the time, date and location. (You know, the typical invites) - look for ones with a fishy theme on them already, or a plain looking pattern (maybe blue) and add fish stickers
  • If your a crafty Mom, you might choose to make Fish shaped invitation (such as with craft foam sheets) and write info on that. Those are always cool
  • Can get some Fish Stickers and put them on a blue sheet of paper with party inivite info on it ...

Here are some examples of Fish Wallpaper - (To use to print your invitations on as I did)

You can do as I did, and find a computer "wallpaper" that is an aquarium or under water/under the sea scene (look for one that has some empty water) and then add words into the water area (Wallpaper is often set up with empty areas for icons to be added, and works great for make it yourself invitations)

If you are not handy with photoshop, you might take a little extra time to format the words to fit in the right spot, and then run through printer 2 times, one time for pic, second time for words ...

You can surely look for others, but here are some examples of decent Fishy Wallpapers, to give you some ideas to get started - If you gonna simply print your own ...

Customized Invitations for Under The Sea Party (printed with your info)

These are already done for you - just send your info to them and they will print them out custom for you.

Personalized Invitations or Printed - ready to fill out ...Your Choice

You can order a personalized invitation from Amazon, Ebay, Celebrate Express, Etsy, or other locations online.

Here are some options for personalized or printed (you fill in the party info) cards. - Click on pics to get purchase details...

This one comes in blue as well !

Fishy Decor - Decorating for your Fish Themed Party

How you decorate makes ALL the difference in a party!

How I Decorated For My Party

Here are the items that I used to decorate at our party - I am big on Amazon, so I got it all there - they are fast to ship.

I really did not do much more than these, but the room looked VERY aquarium-like.

(We did, of course, also purchase an aquarium that was a present for my daughter too - that was set up and running with live fish swimming of course)

Photo by bechand

Maytex Photoreal New School Waterproof PEVA Shower Curtain
Maytex Photoreal New School Waterproof PEVA Shower Curtain

We got this shower curtain, and cut it in half (left and right, not top and bottom) - We put one section on each of 2 walls. There were small groupings of blue balloons on either side, looked nice and aquarium like.

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine, Colors May Vary
Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine, Colors May Vary

Bubble machine set up in one corner, to give that bubbly aquarium feel

We had 2 of these, and put one attached to the mail box - blowing bubbles by the "fish party" sign and blue balloons at the road - the bubbles blew down the street - was great !

Anagram International Tropical Fish Cluster Foil Pack, 24"
Anagram International Tropical Fish Cluster Foil Pack, 24"

We just got one of these, and put it near the indoor bubble machine - one goes a long way with everything else for decoration


Arrival Activities

When The Kids First Arrive

You will want to keep the kids busy as you are waiting for them ALL to get there. There is always some time to wait, and the kids get restless. They also can get into what you have planned, or trash your decor. I always suggest having an Arrival activity at every kids party.

One of the best Arrival Activities is Coloring Pages. - If the kids are young enough, or just like coloring anyway, coloring pages work great. It also helps set the theme of the party as you can get creative with the designs and styles you offer. For older kids, or kids that do alot of coloring, you will want to make it a little out of the ordinary to keep their attention.

See Below for more specifics on these 2 activities :

#1 - Loot Bag Decorating and Labeling

Loot Bag Decoration

Sometimes it seems easier to just buy a bag that is already a loot bag. This is OK. It does look nice. If you do this, I suggest having the children label it once they get there so they don't get mixed up.

Yes - I did say when they get there. Traditionally people give these bags as the kids are leaving. I suggest giving an EMPTY one when they get there. And keep their attention and encourages continued participation in games by adding items throughout the party (ie something added after each game etc...)

It works great to get the cheap gift bags that are plain - one color - and they can be decorated with markers, stickers, or whatever you decide to supply. This works GREAT as an arrival activity, and provides a functional purpose in the meantime.

Photo by bechand

#2 - Coloring

Fish coloring pages for a fish party
Fish coloring pages for a fish party

Good Old Fashioned Coloring!

Most kids enjoy coloring. It is easy to plan and prepare for, and most kids will participate. The most important thing is to make the pages they color be related to the theme of the party.

Some people will do a mural, while most do coloring pages..your choice. You can even spice it up a bit as we did - and go with Stained Glass Fish Pages.

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

Stain Glass Coloring Books / Coloring Pages

For older kids, or kids that do a lot of coloring, you may want to spice it up a bit to make them interested in coloring pages. Stain Glass Coloring pages do just that. The pages are transparent, and when colored with markers, or even crayons, they look like stain glass when held up to light or hung in window. Kids that do a lot of coloring find these pages unique and love them, and also keep their attention. These also have dark black outlines of pictures, so even if not in the lines, it is not noticeable, and they come out great regardless of perfection.

Note that there is a full size and a small size. The small is about 3x5 (think index card) - the full size is a regular coloring book size. The big is nice but the little is too - as the little is mainly one fish each page, the big is an aquarium scene on each (I have all of these from our party - we put a selection on the table - we cut the perforated pages out - and put them all out for kids to choose what THEY wanted to use).

Marine Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book)
Marine Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book)

One Fish Per Page - these are aprox 3x5 size (give or take) - quite a few pages - and only 1.50 - we used on table and for prizes!

Little Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book)
Little Tropical Fish Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book)

One Fish Per Page - these are aprox 3x5 size (give or take) - quite a few pages - and only 1.50 - we used on table and for prizes!

Tropical Fish (Stained Glass Art)
Tropical Fish (Stained Glass Art)

We did not get this one so I cannot give personal review - but wanted to include it as an option.


Regular Style Coloring Books

If you want a simple coloring book to cut pages out of (no printing required, and not the stained glass...)

Free Printable Traditional Coloring Pages

If your budget just doesn't allow for coloring books - or you just want to print a few, here are some printable fishy pics. But don't forget, if your kid loves fish enough to want a fish party, I am sure they will finish any unused coloring pages - especially those cool stained glass ones!

Fish Art Projects

Fish Art Projects

You should have 1-2 hands on fish art projects. These are easy to find, and there will be some resources on this page as well. An art project can break up the caios during the active games. It sits the kids down, and gives them something to express their creativity.

Here is a list of some Fishy Art Projects that work Great. (see below specifics for more on these Projects)

  1. Stringing Beads - Bracelets, Keychains, Zipper Pulls, Backpack Tags, Necklaces, Dangle Earrings etc...
  2. Paper Plate Fish - Easy to make and can use almost anything as long as you have paper plates and scissors (eyes help too ... but you CAN draw those on if needed too ...)

1. Stringing Fish Beads

Stringing Fish Beads

You can get a bunch of beads in shapes of various fish. (I got a bunch cheap on ebay for our party). String the beads and make something that the kids can take home

This goes over especially well if it is a girls party, but could be done for a boys party as well ...depends on the kids.

I would suggest, though, having some other clips etc available. Clips, Key chains, Caribeaners etc, may be more appetizing to boys. We had a few boys at our party, and I got a variety pack of these and had them available in addition to the bracelet and necklace hardware. The boys joined right in !

Beads On Ebay

You can look at a regular store, or even on Amazon, but I found eBay to be the place for fish beads. I found a greater selection and for cheap prices. Good Luck !

Here are a few actions that are listed right now and might come in handy for you if your planning on stringing beads

(note that the holes are often very small on the pastel acrylic ones - we got those - you need a fishing line (no pun intended) to string them on, and kids big enough to do this. If you have younger kids, you might want bigger beads.

We also mixed in assorted shades of blue and green plain solid colored beads to decrease the number of "fish" beads needed. (they were cheaper in bulk and stretched the fish)

CAUTION - FYI - Ebay puts in this selection and updates it by the minute/hour - my advice is stay away from "Tibetan Silver" (which does come in fish beads as well as many other designs of beads - it can contain LEAD - and your dealing with kids here ... So I may have that listed in here, but if it is, you may want to skip that one ... --- There are also a TON more fish beads - so click on one of these "bid now" and it will take you to ebay and you can search there for FISH BEADS ! - good luck !

2. Paper Plate Fish

fish plate
fish plate

Paper Plate Fish

Paper Plate Fish are easy to make. Kids can express their creativity and have a great time doing it.

Simply cut out the mouth and use it for the tail!

You can be very creative, or not so much. You can use a multitude of materials to decorate. You can purchase special stuff, or just use what you have around the house. You can do uncooked macaroni, construction paper, tissue paper, tin foil, the list is never ending. If you can glue it on, it can be on the table as an option - Let the kids use their imagination and create the most beautiful fish to take home.

Click on the picture for simple step by step directions on how to make the simplest of paper plate fish, and then add to the selection of stuff to glue on and watch the kids create :O)

Supplies for Paper Plate Fish

The sky is the limit - be creative - you can put ANYTHING on that table, along with some glue - and the kids will make some great fish.

The essentials are of course - Plates, Eyes, Glue (and at least one pair of Scissors for Adults - or have the plates precut !)

Here are several examples to give you some ideas - Very Easy but Fun for kids !

Fish Games

The Games Are Where The Kids Have The Most Fun!

The games should be related to the theme, and make the decorations and theme make sense. Without good games, you wont have a good party (if it is a kids party that is ...)

These are all the games WE played. If you have some other great ideas, do share.

  1. Pass The Fish
  2. Pin The Fish In The Aquarium
  3. Pinata Fish
  4. Going Fishing Game

I have found it wise to have an incentive to participation at these parties. I do not hand out loot bags at end of party, but rather at the beginning and they fill them throughout the party, getting a little something after each game. Some other prizes may be issued to winners as desired, but everyone getting a little something keeps them very motivated to play along ... even those party pooper kids :O)

For this party, we gave empty fish bowls (Ivy Bowls from Craft Supply Store - cost = 46 cents). Can also use Fish Themed loot bags, or plain blue/green gift bags - anything to gather their goods. Have them labeled prior or have them label and decorate when they get there.

Pass The Fish

Fish Party Game - Pass the Fish
Fish Party Game - Pass the Fish

Pass The Fish

(Played similar to Hot Potato)

Music Plays, Kids Pass the Fish, When Music Stops, the Kid Holding the Fish gets a prize (for empty loot bag) and leaves the circle - and is welcome to dance to the music as the crowd continues. Game is over when ALL kids get a prize.

You can have the kids CHOOSE from a prize bin, or you can simply hand out something that would go in a loot bag - doesn't really matter - they are happy no matter what ...

You may also choose to call this game something like "The Swimming Fish" and say that the fish is SWIMMING from kid to kid ... that is kinda cute. I just called it "Pass The Fish" here so people understand.

I also suggest you use FISHY MUSIC for this game (see that section below)

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

Your Going Want A Cool Fish for the game: "Pass The Fish" - WEBKINS FISH are great and easy to find!

This is one of the cool games at the party, so pop for a nice fish - If your throwing this party, your kid must like fish, and I am sure they would love this as something to remember it by.

Webkins has quite a selection of stuffed fish that are nice looking, and work great for this game. Some are bigger than others so check the size so you know what your getting. (the Bigger and Smaller written here is what I believe from the ones we have - we got 3 of them)

There are more Webkins fish than the one above and the ones here below, but these are my favorite.

Of course you are welcome to find other stuffed fish, but you likely wont find ones quite as cute for a reasonable price. Believe me, I searched, and found Webkins to be the best priced and what I was looking for ! (My daughter loves them, too.)

"Pucker Fish" is awesome for "Pass The Fish"

I wanted the perfect fish for this game - and this is the one I chose! Everyone loved it - and daughter still has it! (You can see it in the pic above - held by birthday girl wearing pink and black striped dress.)

Webkinz Pucker Fish with Trading Cards
Webkinz Pucker Fish with Trading Cards

This is the fish we used for "Pass The Fish" - it is a little bigger than the ones pictured above, and it was perfect. I think he was just the right size for the game. The colors are nice and bright and can easily be seen. The others would likely work good too, especially if their design is loved by the birthday kid. We loved this guy's personality!

(The fish loving birthday kid will also love to have this little guy when the party is over - My daughter sleeps cuddling him every night now!)

You won't be disappointed!


Here is some of the Webkins Auctions on Ebay - There are plenty more, but here is a little selection. - Updated to the minute you signed on to this page - Ebay

Some of the auctions may say "with codes" or "without codes" or "used" or "unused" codes. These are for an online game. (likely something your not doing anyway ... so don't worry, it doesn't affect the stuffed animal. We got several from Ebay and some had "codes" and others didn't ... it did not matter either way to us, and likely won't to you either ... )

Even if you liked a different webkinz fish, click on "bid now" and it will take you to ebay, where you can look for a different style ... This section is monitored and updated automatically by ebay with a random 5 listings, so know there are TONS more there ... Check it out :O)

Pin The Fish In The Aquarium

Pin the Fish on the Aquarium - (played similar to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey")

Pin the fish on the aquarium party game
Pin the fish on the aquarium party game

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

Fish party aquarium activity
Fish party aquarium activity

Pin the Fish on the Aquarium

This can be played with a store bought game, or a self put together version.

We did kind of something in between.

We used a store bought large "wall sticker" set (made for a child's room or for a bathroom) and then got a large piece of blue paper (we got that from school). We made the blue paper be the huge aquarium (was 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall - off roll at the school) and then we placed the "coral" stickers and a few bubble sticker on prior to party, so it looked like an empty aquarium, not just big blue paper. Everyone could tell right away.

We then did the "pin the tail on the donkey" technique with blindfold - each child had an oversized sticker of a fish and it made it on to the blue paper somewhere.

Each child got one fish with blindfold, so it was the fun game, but there were PLENTY of fish and bubbles in the pack - so they all got one turn with the blindfold (that took plenty of time) and then the rest of the fish (and bubbles) were added by the crowd - eyes open - at end of game, to finish the aquarium. All at the same time was fine as the aquarium was big. Eyes open made for great placement of the rest of the items in the aquarium, and it made for a great decoration in the room for the rest of the party, and a great backdrop for pictures as well.

*****We did not have a winner, it was all for fun. No specific target besides the paper (less stressful anyway - kids don't feel they did it wrong if they miss the target ... We did it as a fun activity, and anywhere in the aquarium was just fine - the kids LOVED this activity.)

All kids got a small prize (for loot bag) at end - for participation, not winning.

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

Fish for Pin the Fish Game

We used Wall Stickers as they were oversized and came as a grouping for a fish scene that would look nice at end, but you could use any kind you choose. Here are a few examples.

Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals
Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

This is the set that we got - and it worked GREAT for us - you can see it in the pictures above, and on this page. There were 2 or 3 pages - each of the big fish were quite large - nearly a full page of regular paper (probably 8 inches or so) and the smaller ones ranged in sizes. We gave out one of each fish in the biggest form for the blindfold game, and the smaller ones were given to same kid to fill up the aquarium.


Fish Sticker Scene

A wonderful city is waiting to be created underwater! Each design your own fish city sticker scene package includes 12 sheets of stickers along with 12 blank 8-1/2 x 11 underwater scenes to decorate. Stickers include silly fish, turtles, sea anemones and sharks. This activity is sure to be a hit at your child's ocean, shark or little mermaid party!

Fish Pinata

Fish Pinata Game
Fish Pinata Game


Some love a Pinata, others - not so much... It is all personal preference.

Take note though, that the new pinatas are often available with ribbon pull mechanism. This means that the kids all take a turn pulling one ribbon, and one of them will bust it open... and do not necessarily require a baseball bat. (This is what we used).

They do come in great fishy styles and make for a nice addition to the decor. And kids ALWAYS love the pinatas!

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

There are many Fish Pinatas Available

Some are girly, some are big eyed, there are so many choices

Fill your Pinata

You could fill it with any fish stuff if you choose, but this is a good place to cut your costs. Get a big bag of yootsie mixed product. Or a "pinata filler" bag. The kids just love the activity, they don't care what they get.

You can get individual swedish fish if you choose. Or small rubber fish toys, etc.

You can look for cheap, day-after-Halloween mix bag of candy. (Plan ahead, you can often get a huge bag -3-5 lbs) for like 2 bucks in November. Buy and toss it in the closet. As long as it is not chocolate, it will be fine. Tootsie, Dum Dums, Sweet Tarts/Wonka Products etc.. They all last FOREVER! and are CHEAP the first week in November.

Be creative and fill it with whatever, just don't be too light - you need weight to break it.

Also if you are doing the Baseball Bat version of Pinata, take a knife to it first, make a few slits ... You will be happy you did!

Pinatas - it's a big choice - Pull String - Traditional - or None At All?

Here are some videos of pull string and regular pinatas.

From what I have seen - at my own parties, other people's parties, and many videos online - the traditional method does not always work well - but if you are going that way - make many slits in it with knife as it will likely be needed for kids to actually break the thing... If you want a successful bust - you better put quite a few slits in it with a good knife first (no one will even know they are there ... That has worked for us in the past )

Going Fishing Game

Fishing Party Game
Fishing Party Game

The Going Fishing Game

This will be one of the most memorable parts of the party. It really sets apart this party from the others. Several of the games here are Fish Twists on the popular party games, but going fishing - is very FISH!

Basically the game I am recommending is a small pool with fish in it, and fishing poles with magnets to fish them out. The fish can be marked for specific prizes, so they feel like it matters which they get (especially for bigger kids). You can also put numbers on them, to determine the order of kids in line for Pinata or to give gifts etc... Be creative.

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

The Game All Done and Ready To Go.

This game can of course be bought commercially, but these are usually small and less user friendly for kids that are in bigger groups or that are not toddlers, when compared to the same game when you make it yourself.

Here are the store bought versions:

How To Make Your Own Fishing Game - Fairly Inexpensively

I do suggest you put your own game together, It is not too expensive, and is much better and more impressive than those little store bought ones.

  1. Make your fishing poles (1-2) - for each pole you will need 1 dowel, 1 piece of kite string about 3 feet long, and one strong magnet. Basically tie one end of string to dowel at end, and one to magnet - Voila - Instant Fishing Rod! (if you have a handy man around, a little hole drilled in the dowel can keep that string in place well, if you don't, a little duct tape also does a good job)
  2. Get a Pond to fish in. A small kiddie pool (likley can find a blow up one at the dollar store) or an inflatable bath tub insert for babies (that is what we used) - basically it is a tiny kiddie pool that fits in a tub. We went with this as our living room is not that big, and didn't want to take up the whole room - needed space for kids !
  3. Get or Make some Fish. Can use blow up fish, or make your own. The Craft foam and a few googly eyes work well for making a fast fish. Whatever you choose, you need to add something metal to the mouth. A paperclip or 2 works great on the foam (that is what we did).

Stuff to make your own fish for fishing game

Just be sure to add the metal thing to the mouth of the fish so the magnets can pick them up !

Share Your Thoughts

Under the Sea - or Just Fishy Party

Under The Sea vs. Fish / Aquarium Parties

Under the Sea Parties can encompass so many sea creatures (Octopus, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks, Mermaids, Crabs, Shells, Etc...)

Fishy Parties are about the FISH - the other creatures may creep in a little, but that is it. The focus stays on the FISH !

Fishy Paper Products

Would you prefer an Under the Sea Party, or a Fishy Party (similar, but not the same...)

Ocean Party Dinner Plates

It's time to feed the fish! Sold in packages of 8, our 10-inch round Under the Sea dinner plates feature a beautiful illustration of a coral reef. Serve your guests their favorite food on plates that set the mood!

Ocean Party Napkins

Keep splashes in the ocean and away from the table with our decorative napkins. Sold in packages of 16, our 2-ply Under the Sea napkins feature images of a variety of ocean creatures swimming on the bottom of the sea. This colorful pattern will give your guests a glimpse of sea life without needing a scuba mask!

Ocean Party Table Runner

Add a splash of color to your party table instantly! Sold individually, our Under the Sea plastic table runner is 54 x 88-inches long and features an illustrated underwater seascape. Both ends of the table runner are embellished with a beaded blue tassel. Make your ocean party go swimmingly by setting the table with the rest of our matching party supplies.

Also Available on Amazon

There are lots of options for paper products - I love the ones above, but here are some more great ones !

Fishy Birthday Cake

Photos from flickr used under CC 2.0

Our Fish Cake

Birthday cake for fish party
Birthday cake for fish party

Photo by bechand - All rights reserved

Supples for OUR Cake - (shown above)

Rock candy looks like coral. It comes on sticks or strings, and we used a mixture of both for variety.

Chocolate rocks are candies that taste like M&M's, but look like tiny pebbles or rocks (gravel). We scattered these along the perimeter of cake as well as along the "bottom of the sea".

The 3D fish figures or candles (we used the Wilton Candles below) look like fish swimming in the coral reef.

How to make Coral from plain Sugar
How to make Coral from plain Sugar

How to make Coral out of Candy - yourself!

From Plain Sugar

You will need lots of ice, a large bowl, and a big pot - 4 Cups of sugar and 1 1/3 cup of water

Basically you boil water and sugar until 300 degrees and then pour it over ice.

Click on the picture for more specific directions - It comes out looking GREAT!

Photo by "Cake Baking Mom"

Jolly Rancher Coral
Jolly Rancher Coral

Coral Made at home with Jolly Ranchers

For those who do not want to use the stove top - give the microwave a try!

These are made very similarly, but with Jolly Ranchers.

Click the photo for step by step directions.

Photo Credit - Mel - "Just A Mom Cooking"

How to make Coral with frosting from Grape Stems
How to make Coral with frosting from Grape Stems

You can also make Coral from Frosting


You just pipe frosting onto Grape stems ... once done, they look like frosting Coral

For step by step directions (and a closer look) - click here.

Photo Credit:

Fishy Food

Make your food stick with the theme!

Fishy Foods for Party

You don't need to go too crazy - as you likely have cake - and maybe ice cream - Just make sure your foods are Fishy Foods!

  1. Blue Jello and Swedish Fish
  2. Fish Sticks!
  3. Peanut Butter and JellyFISH sandwiches
  4. Fruit Platter or Pepperoni and Cheese - with FISH PICS!
  5. Fish Shaped Cookies
  6. Hot Dog Octopus / Jelly Fish / Squid
  7. Ice Cream Cups - Fishy Style
  8. Fish Bowl Full of Goldfish Crackers

Fishy Jello Jigglers
Fishy Jello Jigglers

Blue Jello and Swedish Fish !

You can either make the jello in a large bowl or in clear cups, and then after an hour in fridge, add the fish (so they are suspended).

You can also do fishy jello jigglers - click on the pic for step by step directions from

Photo by Lynn E. Hazen @

Peanut Butter and JellyFISH Sandwiches

Easy PBJ - Fish Shaped

You can follow the directions on the video above or just get a fish shaped cookie cutter and cut bread before making regular peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches - use a chocolate chip for the eye! (Like they did HERE) Click link below for pictures and directions.

Good 'Ole Fish Sticks!

If you look real hard, you might just be able to find ones that are fish shaped, which would be super cool, but just regular sticks will do the trick, too. The kids all know what fish sticks are.

Photo by bechand

Regular Fruit platter or Pepperoni and Cheese platter - WITH FISH PICS!

Here is your Healthy part of the food served ...

You can serve the typical cheese and crackers - just pop a fish pick in them and your all set to go - I did this and the kids LOVED it.

Honestly, you can stick them in ANYTHING you serve and it will make it FISHY!

Click HERE to buy the Fish Pics for your party.

Fish Shaped Cookies

You can get creative here ...

You can make so many different kinds of fish, and any will do. Just get a fish cookie cutter and have fun .

These can be made early as a "get ready for the party" project with the birthday kid. You can always freeze cookies if need to make a week early.

If you just want to just buy some awesome ones, check out

Photo Credit = ETSY Seller "Lori's Place"

Ice Cream - Fishy Style

I usually recommend, for any birthday party, that if you serve ice cream, to get the prepared ice cream cups to cut down on mess, serve up fast and easy, and be an proper portion for kids. Since they have cake and other goodies, they don't need too much with all the other food, and with all that is going on, it usually gets wasted if you serve more than that anyway.)

For the Fishy Party - Add a little twist!

When serving it up, you open the cup, and then sprinkle some Blue Colored Sugar (like you decorate cookies with - red and green - at Christmas time...) and toss a Swedish fish or other fish candy on top.

psss - Even if you don't do the blue you can still stick in a fish :O)

Fish bowl full of Goldfish Crackers

Kids always love them! They are cheap, go with the theme, and can be served up in this creative way - in a simple fishbowl!

Bonus Game Idea:

Guess the number of goldfish in the fish bowl.

So Ya Gonna Do It ?

Gonna Party With The Fish?

Are you considering a fish party?

See results

Fishy Music / Video

Fish Songs

You'll want some fishy music for use during some of the games as well as background music from the in between times and while they eat.

These are some of the fun fishy songs we used at our party.

Don't have a real Aquarium? - Or Want Another?

Transform your TV into an aquarium instantly!

These DVDs can be played with or without sound. You can have a little nice background peaceful sound during party, or just use the picture - Kids will love it (parents impressed) and you can have the aquarium you WISH you could maintain in your living room - in your living room!

Most of us have a decent sized TV in the living room where the party is anyway - why not transform it into a HUGE aquarium and have it help serve as a beautiful decoration. We did this and it was very captivating!

Presents Time!

Keep Their Attention!

I always suggest that you do something special to keep the kids attention while the Birthday Boy or Girl is opening presents. You also want to divert attention enough so they are not all up in their face either.

I have found that it is a great idea, to save one special give away thing (the best you've got) and pass them out, one by one, to each kid at the time that the present they brought is presented to the Birthday Boy or Girl.

For this party, we gave away Beta Fish to each kid. We did not have them out at all during the party and it was a surprise at that time. We pulled them out, and as they brought up their gift, they got to go pick out a fish. (See Section on Fish Give-Aways!)

Photo credit: Angela Soup -

Fish Give Away!

Live Fish Giveaway - It's a huge hit at a fish party!

I strongly suggest giving away BETTA fish (not Goldfish). BETA's can live in a SMALL bowl - with no filter, for very long time. GOLDFISH require large amounts of water and a filter to live much of any time at all ! Goldfish are cheap, but you are really only saving about 75 cents - and likely breaking a child's heart within 1-2 weeks when it dies. ~~~Our party is months ago now, and everyone's fish is still alive.

This can be done at any time during the party - I suggested (above) to give out at present time, but you may choose to do as they are leaving the party, or any other time during the party. I do suggest later rather than earlier as they serve as a distraction if there during games and activities etc...

  • First you need the Fish - You can often get BETAs cheap. We got ours at Pet Smart for 1.00 each.

    (Be sure to get the BETTA FISH GUIDE from the store you buy the fish at - enough for each kid to get instructions ... they are free!)

  • Next, you will want to supply the bowl that they will live in.

    Look for "IVY BOWL" as it will be small and glass and CHEAP. If you have a craft store, ours sells them for $0.77 normally, and we got them on sale for $0.46 each. (Actual fish bowls from the fish store are more like $5 and that adds up too fast for a party ...)

  • Then, you will also want to get a bag of Gravel, and divide it up into the needed amounts for each bowl, and put in zip lock sandwich bag.
  • Lastly you will want to get them started with food.

    In order to not break the budget, you will likely get ONE decent size container of food, and break it up to put some into little zip lock bags for each kid. (We got the tiny ones that people put jewelry in so they didn't look so large, but any ziplock would likely do...)

  • Put the gravel and food in the bowl but do not dump the fish in. They will travel better in the little tub you buy them in. Let the kids put it together at home to avoid spillage in the car !
  • Optional - You can also add a little Tree if desired, but not needed. (Be sure your ivy bowl can hold it and still have enough room for fish. Some are bigger than others. The ones sold below on Amazon really are too small for that, but they do hold the fish and gravel well. The ones from the craft store can handle a tiny plant and a fish just fine) - We got $0.49 trees at Pet Smart.

Marina Decorative Gravel, 1-Pound, Purple
Marina Decorative Gravel, 1-Pound, Purple

A little goes a long way - especially in these tiny bowls. 1-2 lbs will serve a crowd!


Remote Control Flying Fish!

Maybe you can get it cheaper on eBay

These are just a few listings - you can click "bid now" and get to ebay to see if there are more.

Be sure you are getting the full thing - not a "replacement" fish balloon - just FYI. You will need the remote control mechanism.

Departure Activities

Departure Activities

When the party is winding down, and you're waiting for all the parents to pick up their kids, you could use any of the same arrival activities above. Let the kids play with the fishing game again at their leisure independently, or can do more of a wind down (which I recommend) of a FISH movie. The kids can just settle down and watch a movie until the Moms arrive. This will give you a little break too, and let you start a little light cleanup.

My Favorite Departure Activity - A Movie --- A Great Fishy Movie, of course - for UNDER $10!

To keep them calm and let them rest after the crazy party, so they can cool down while they wait until the Moms get there (and let you take a little rest, too), invite the kids to gather around the movie - fish related of course.

Here are a few popular choices. If you just want a fishy movie, and don't really care that it is Nemo - take note that the prices of all the others are under 10 bucks, and they are all big name movies as well - just not Disney.

If you have your heart set on the Nemo - (Then you probably already own it - but if not- try used from EBAY)

You usually can find Nemo on DVD - used - from Ebay for significantly cheaper than on Amazon. This module will randomly pull ONE ebay listing. If it is not actually Nemo, feel free to click "bid now" button anyway - you will be transferred to EBAY, but not actually bidding till you get there. You can always search again if needed once your there.

Other Great Fishy Things That You May Want For Party

For Decorations / Loot Bags / Prizes / Activities Etc.

Party Fish Bubbles - Great Arrow Graphics - Birthday Card

This cute fish card is the perfect way to wish your favorite person a happy birthday. Customize it with your own photos and text for a personal touch. 5" x 7" Folded Card

Fishy Feedback

Where Can I Buy Betta Fish And Supplies

Locally or Online ?

You likley will want to get the actual Betta Fish the week of the party, so you don't have a ton to take care of until party happens. You can get them at your local PETSMART. You can stock up, though, on the other supplies online before... (such as bowls, gravel, food, trees, etc...)

Actually GO Fishing

At end of party, you could even take a trip...

With a slightly older crowd, some of these ideas could be used with an actual fishing party where you take the kids fishing, and finish back at home with some of these ideas, or at the end of the party, let the little ones go home, and the big kids (or Dad's) go out fishing !

Bubble Bubble OOO 000 ooo ...

I would love to hear from you ... but my ears are full of water ... Leave your comments here so I can read them :O)

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      The stained glass coloring books are phenomenal! But just a word of advice - don't get them at Amazon! Go directly to the publisher's website - - they have many, many more fish and sea life stained glass coloring books AND they are $4 LESS than Amazon!

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      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      Ha but the blue jello is truly adorable. Being a mermaid I can think of no nicer birthday party to have then one that is under the sea. Happy Halloween.

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      With all these ideas, how can one go wrong choosing this theme?

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      @coletta lm: cool - I never got LOTD - this is first nomination that I know of .. :O) THANKS !

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      There is just something fishy going on here....and wonderfully so! Your cake is wonderful...rock candy does make great coral and those rock look real. I like that you explain that pinata's no longer need a bat or stick but most have take a turn at the right ribbon, so much safer. You don't just do a party, you do an event that will not be forgotten with ideas galore! Had to shout this on FB.

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      jdwheeler 5 years ago

      Love the fishy crafts. It's so nice when you have something you made to take from from a birthday party. It really makes the event memorable.